Microsoft SkyDrive wakes up, brings iPhone 5 and iPad mini support

Microsoft SkyDrive updated after almost a year, brings iPhone 5 and iPad mini support

The Microsoft SkyDrive app has finally been updated to version 3.0, ten months and two days after its last update, bringing support for the iPhone 5 and iPad mini. Other enhancements include letting users download their photos in their full resolution, better support for SkyDrive-connected apps for uploading and opening files, and bug fixes.

The update to SkyDrive was delayed almost a year while Apple and Microsoft argued over Apple’s cut of in-app purchases. Apple demands a 30% cut for anything sold in the App Store, and Microsoft was attempting to get a better deal. SkyDrive users can purchase a subscription for more storage on the web, but Microsoft does not offer the option to pay through its iOS app due to Apple’s policies. It is likely that Microsoft ultimately relented in order to get their app updated to support the iPhone 5.

If you’re a SkyDrive user, grab the update and tell us what you think.

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Reader comments

Microsoft SkyDrive wakes up, brings iPhone 5 and iPad mini support


The title is misleading... "skydrive wakes up" makes it sound like its skydrives fault, it was the disagreement tht caused it to be delayed.

I didn't know that was the reason. I just thought they were taking their time due to having their priorities on something more important. Good to know.

Indeed, Microsoft wanted to release it months ago, Apple is just too greedy and wanted some of their profits from Skydrive, disregarding the fact that Skydrive paid extention is not a feature of the app but a Microsoft service across all platforms and Apple should not get a cent of that.
Glad the app is finally here, since Microsoft has best privacy practices of the bunch.

I've had the old app for awhile but never use it because I need full offline viewing of documents (like google drive). Will have to check if this upgrade added that feature.

What took sky drive so long! Finally iPhone 5 support and seems a bit faster, overall a good update but the option to set a passcode is still missing.

Now if they would update OneNote I would have something to be happy about. Talk about an app that seems like it was released and forgotten, so sad.

There's very little new in this update. I'll take your word for the fact that an added feature is downloading full res pics but i didn't know you couldn't before. I downloaded pics and they look good. Regardless other than that it's damn near the same as the old skydrive app. That said skydrive is great. I got 50GBs free on there.

Well Microsoft had every right to get a better deal from Apple on the apps cut which Apple rightly demand for using it store ..but in all this, the losers have been the customers..Since it's launched, I'm gonna give a try & see how it works for me..

Having migrated back to iOS from Windows Phone 8, I forgot how much I enjoyed Skydrive over my other "clouds". I don't ever get on, Google Drive works well and I can share items easily, but I just like the Skydrive look and feel better.