Write for Dropbox goes free on iPhone to celebrate launch of iPad edition

Write for Dropbox is a pretty fantastic text editor for the iPhone. When we first reviewed it, we loved the UI, the gesture control, the vast sharing options and fast syncing. What we weren't so fond of was the lack of iPad support, as an app as good as Write is crying out to be used on the iPad. Those days are behind us now, with the launch of the Write for Dropbox iPad edition. And, to celebrate, the iPhone version is free for a limited time.

The iPad edition is a separate app, and while we would have preferred a universal solution, we're just happy to see it on the iPad at all. Anyone that's used the iPhone version of Write will feel right at home. We get the same basic layout, gesture controls, sharing options, everything from the iPhone version but optimized for the iPad.

Write for Dropbox iPad edition is available now in the App Store, priced at $1.99.

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Reader comments

Write for Dropbox goes free on iPhone to celebrate launch of iPad edition


What a great way to reward those of us who purchased the iPhone version, ask us to pony up another two bucks for the iPad version and give everyone else the iPhone version free. Granted, it's only $1.99, but I'm still feeling like a sucker right now...

Hey Captobie,

I know how that feels but it's only for maximum 2-3 days and it's never going to be free again.I seriously wish there was someway Apple allowed us to reward certain people with unique functionality.

Okay can someone tell me why this is worth having over and above Evernote? It seems to be a slimmed down version of that app with the only advantage being instantaneous uploading to Dropbox.