Flickr gets overhauled with a new UI and 1TB free storage. For everyone!

Yahoo! sure has been busy, as the very same day as they announced their acquisition of Tumblr, Flickr got a major overhaul at a press event in New York City. The headlines; a brand new and much better looking UI and 1TB of storage. For free. For everyone. That's right, 1TB. Yahoo CEO Marissa Meyer writes:

"Photos tell the stories — stories we’re inspired to relive, share with our friends, or capture simply to express ourselves. Collecting these moments is a part of our everyday. Since 2005, Flickr has become synonymous with inspiring imagery. Today, we’re thrilled to take Flickr even further with a beautiful, completely re-imagined experience that puts photos front and center. When it comes to photography, technology and its limits shouldn’t hinder the experience. So we’re also giving our Flickr users one terabyte of space — for free. That’s enough for a lifetime of photos — more than 500,000 original, full-resolution, pixel-perfect, brilliant photos. Flickr users will never have to worry about running out of space."

Flickr is also adding support for 3 minute video clips shot at full 1080p resolution. And, because you've got all that space to fill, as with photos, you get to upload as many video clips as your storage will allow. And, as part of the new photostream experience, the new slideshow mode lets you kick back and enjoy your photos without touching the computer.

With all this free goodness, it would be easy to pass over the two paid options that Flickr now employs. Free accounts will see advertisements, but if you really don't like them and want them to go away, it'll cost you $49.99 a year. If 1TB of space just isn't quite enough for you, there is an option to double it to 2TB, and that'll run you for $499.99 a year. For an insane amount of photographs.

So, have you taken a look around the new-look Flickr yet? How do you like it?

Source: Yahoo!

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Reader comments

Flickr gets overhauled with a new UI and 1TB free storage. For everyone!


Am I weird for knowing the free option is better than my paid pro account now, but still not wanting to switch because I can never get that back?

I too have a Pro account with unlimited storage, which I'm using as online backup for all my photos. That's more storage than 1 TB and at $24.95 a year cheaper than the upgrade to 2 TB. I'm tempted but probably won't switch to the free option.

As one who barely used flickr before, I tried it out last night. I'll stay free. Ad supported is not a big issue to me.

So, for S&Gs, I took the 330+ photos I took at Disneyland last year, and tried to "Share" them from Aperture. Sadly, looks like we need either an Aperture update to allow full resolution uploads directly from the app (currently only supported by Pro accounts), or flickr needs to update everyone's account to be tagged as "Pro" for these APIs. I will give them time, then submit a request to both Yahoo! and Apple if an update doesn't come.

So I went with the web upload, and have to say, aside from the 200 at a time limit? It is pretty fast uploading full resolution pictures. Even handled my panorama of California Adventure (taken with that Microsoft app) fine, which I then set as my flickr cover photo.

This is a welcome change, and my cause me to use flickr as my primary account for photo sharing.

I just wish the Facebook integration was better. As it is now, it just shows up as a link.

Have to say I'm with you on wanting to use it as my go-to photo tool. The new UI just invites you to want to look at it more, and considering the storage is the same as two of my Macs combined, I think the free account will be fine for me too :)

The only "problem" I have found so far is that some of the Share options in Aperture are labeled "Pro" only and greyed out for me. Not sure if it is an Apple issue, requiring an update to the app, or (the more likely, in my opinion) an issue flickr/Yahoo! needs to address. Since Aperture routinely calls flickr, I am guessing that it will take some time to update, and have the API response just tag everyone as a "Pro" so that all the features (specifically the upload at full resolution option) are enabled.

Not that I think the implementation will take long, just that it is probably a smaller population, and thus, a lower priority.

This has long been the best photo hosting solution for me. I like the changes in getting attention for itself attracting the free users and offering one TB. But I don't like the "downgrade" to longtime pro users like myself. At least I can keep renewing it.

Flickr is a nobrainer if you want to keep your full res photos or share full res pics. Not the crap pics you see on facebook or instagram that look like garbage.

I'm thinking about selling my pro account. What I'm paying $24/year for now would cost $50/year or $550/year. I only had pro for the full res pics and unlimited uploads. Now the free has full res and 1 TB is basically unlimited for me.

As I understand it, you can continue to renew your Pro account at the existing cost, at least for the time being:

"I’ve heard that Flickr Pro is no longer being offered. How does that affect me?

Starting on 5/20/2013, we will no longer be offering new Flickr Pro subscriptions. After that point, the following things will happen:

•Recurring Pro users currently have the ability to renew.
•Eligible Pro members have the option to switch to a Free account until 8/20/2013."


I've never used Flickr and I'm concerned about privacy: can anyone tell me if one's photos are safe and not data mined (a la google) or tagged (a la Facebook)? When deleted, is it permanent? Sorry, but I've never been inclined to upload personal data, but the 1TB deal is tempting for backup etc. Thanks!

Shutterfly is my go to online storage also, but it doesn't hurt to have an extra back up. Also Shutterfly only allows 10 vid uploads on their basic video plan, the Flickr offer sounds like as many videos as it can hold.

Thanks, but a quick question: with Shutterfly's unlimited storage, why is everyone making such a big deal about Flickr's free 1TB?! What's the catch at Shutterfly?

I haven't had any issues with Shutterfly *knock on wood* so I am not sure. Maybe because Flickr is somewhat of a social site whereas Shutterfly is only a storage site. It could also be that Shutterfly compresses your pictures and Flickr will allow you to upload at the highest quality. With that said though, when you download your pics back from Shutterfly I noticed that it saves back to your iPhone at what seems to be the same high quality as when you took it, or I just don't have the eye to notice the difference if there is one. Does anyone else know?