Apple yet again rumored to launch iPhones with larger screens, multiple colors

Apple yet again rumored to launch iPhones with larger screens, multiple colors

Rumors about Apple releasing iPhones with larger screens and multiple colors aren't anything new. This time Reuters is reporting that it could happen next year due to pressure from the market and rival handset makers, namely Samsung. According to Reuters, sources familiar with the matter say Apple could be looking at 4.7" and 5.7" models as well as up to 6 color choices instead of the standard black and white options.

Apple is looking at introducing at least two bigger iPhones next year - one with a 4.7-inch screen and one with a 5.7-inch screen - said the sources, including those in the supply chain in Asia. They said suppliers have been approached with plans for the larger screens, but noted it is still unclear whether Apple will actually launch its flagship product in the larger sizes.

With Samsung steadibly increasing their smartphone marketshare each year, it makes sense that Apple would at least consider larger iPhone variants to capture back the market that wants larger screens. The Galaxy S4 sports a 5" screen while the Galaxy Note II has a 5.5" screen. Anyone who has seen a Note II in person is probably aware that it borders tablet size.

As far as other colors are concerned, Reuters is reporting that Apple may be looking at 5-6 different colors next year instead of just the traditional black and white options.

While it may make sense for Apple to look at a larger iPhone, we also have to keep in mind that Apple hates fragmentation and that's what different screen sizes will do for developers. iOS 7 will bring with it an all new set of challenges for developers on its own. While a 4.7" or 5" screen may not be out of the question in future revisions, I can't personally see Apple ever making an iPhone that's sporting a 5.7" screen. It would cut dangerously close to cutting into iPad mini marketshare and I'm not sure Apple wants to cannibalize a fairly new product line, at this point anyways.

As for color options, a lot argue that the iPod touch has color options so why not iPhone? A lot of that can have to do with who each product is aimed at. The iPod touch is aimed mostly at a younger audience. Flashy colors attract that audience. iPhones are also sold in much larger quantities than iPods. Carrying inventory for several different carriers and capacities on top of multiple colors drastically increases overhead costs and the inventory each physical retail store must carry for warranty replacements.

Reuters didn't have any information on what would be released this year but logic dictates the "S" upgrade will most likely follow suit with previous updates with a similar form factor that features mainly internal upgrades. That being said, will you be waiting until next year for a larger iPhone that may or may not happen or picking up an iPhone 5s, or whatever they decide to call it, later this fall?

Source: Reuters

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Apple yet again rumored to launch iPhones with larger screens, multiple colors


I did not attend WWDC this year, but supposedly they were emphasizing AutoLayout much more than in the past. Was that the case? If so, that might lend some credence to different screen size rumors.

I think I may need to upgrade with whatever comes out this fall as my VZW iPhone 4 is getting a bit long in the tooth, and slower.

I've refused to upgrade to 4S or 5 due to Apple not making a larger screen size. The 5 is "larger" but really only taller. Still not impressed with that. So the "reported" 4.7" size sounds interesting to me. The 5.7 inch size would be bigger than I care for in a phone, and I also doubt Apple would make an iPhone that large.

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i REALLY want a big screen iphone, so jealous of the big screen androids! and YES i WANT to use 2 hands dammit!
Just make 2 or more sizes for the 1 handers and 2 handers

I loved my iPhone 5, but that screen and type is just too damn small once you start getting older and the eyes start going to hell. I went back to Android (HTC One, which is phenomenal) and won't switch back till Apple makes this change to bigger screens that us old blind folks can read! :-)

ya honestly its inevitable just like they needed to make an ipad mini, one they they will have to admit that a LOT of people want a big screen just do it now already

5.7" is 14% bigger than 5". Would touch targets reallly be unworkable at that size increase? The iPad Mini to iPad increase is 22% and yet they managed it without changing the resolution. As long as they don't change the resolution there's no fragmentation.

Personally while I want want want a larger phone (easier typing, larger targets, easier to read web pages, etc) I'll probably be switching to the iPhone 5S from my iPhone 4S this fall. Since AT&T isn't giving me any incentive to stay (can't get new phone early, can't get tethering without switching plans etc) I'm going to switch to Verizon at that time. Looking forward to it, other than the simultaneous voice/date thing. But hey, maybe they'll fix that with the 5S?

By all means, share your experience using iOS7 and tell us specifically why it's not good. Thanks in advance.

I'm kind of surprised, all the comments here are pro-large screen. Usually any story like this pops up, everyone says how big screens are for the unwashed android masses. I'm in the same boat, I'd need at least a 4.7" to consider an iPhone.

It always amazed me that this was even an argument. It seems so simple, make 2 phone sizes, one that is the current size and a larger one for the rest of us. It seems like an argument always materializes about one handed use versus two. It's become pretty darn obvious that a quite a few people don't care about the one handed use feature.

I left my iPhone 4 due to screensize, went to a Galaxy S3...which I loved but was borderline too big for girl hands heh. I sold my GS3 for a BlackBerry Z10 and I love this phone - and it's still easily one handed usable while being a bigger screen than the iPhone 5. The extra .2 inch makes a huge difference to my 38 year old severely near sighted eyes...I would be thrilled with even a size bump between a 4.2 - 4.5" screen on the next iPhone, but I likely will be back in the fall because iOS 7 and it's design appeals to me. Strongly. It hits every design chord in me.

i'd hope there would be options. if there was no option for around a 4 inch screen i could just go android where i have a choice. don't like the look of ios 7, phone getting too big. At some point it could simply become not ideal choice for me.

I like the smaller screen and wouldn't mind going back to the 4, if only it had full support for recent ios models. I think the iphone 5 is too big! The only thing i really wish apple would do, is make 2 models of each phone, a regular model and a model with a battery 3 times the regular model. That way i wouldn't have to spend $120 for this Mophie! And i could just throw a regular case on it and go! I want a phone again that will last 2-3 days like my old envy!

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I usually skip the "s" model iPhone and upgrade every other model. However now I've decided to skip to upgrading on the "s" model of iPhone. So since I got an iPhone 5 I will begrudingly have to skip the iPhone 5s, iPhone 6 and upgrade to the iPhone 6s if they are still even calling it that by then. If they have larger screens I would definitely consider a 5" screen but it's not that I'm unhappy with my iPhone 5. I just would because it would be an option.

If you are thinking a larger screen will help with vision problems, it will not. You will just see a fuzzy large screen. I cannot read anything on my iPhone, but cannot read the iPad, or MacBook Pro. Yes I can increase the font, but then you are scrolling all over the place. Get some eye grasses. Your 3.5 inch screen will look huge. To the post, I can see a 5 inch, but anything bigger, just starts looking funny. There has to be a fine line where it is not really a phone, but a small tablet that you can call people on.

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I can tell you that yes. It does. And I have to get $1000 per lens specially compressed glass lenses because I'm actually at the point of being legally blind without my glasses on. That extra screen size, even with glasses, helps immensely. That said, anything larger than a 4.5" screen starts to become a tad...unruly to handle.

I was on the subway yesterday and no joke i counted 4 samsung big screen phones surrounding me, i was almost embarrassed to pull out my "tiny" iP5 lol
i would never switch but i REALLY want a big screen - give us size CHOICES like on the laptops!! one reason apple likes making one model of phone is so they can buy parts in greater volume therefore they get better profit margins. i think its time apple stopped stockpiling the worlds cash and take a little smaller profit and give us better choices like more sizes and battery capacities, stop cutting corners like on the chargers have short cords, give us a charger with a power plug in it, not just a USB plug. etc......