Sprint announces activation of LTE in 22 more cities

Sprint announces activation of LTE in 22 more cities

Sprint has announced a major expansion of its LTE rollout, adding coverage to 22 more cities today, bringing the number of markets with access to Sprint's high-speed network up to 110. The new cities include Tampa, Florida, New Orleans, and Miami. In a statement, Sprint touted the speed and energy efficiency of their network.

Today’s announcement means that more Americans will experience the speed and power of Sprint 4G LTE,” said Bob Azzi, senior vice president-Network, Sprint. "Sprint is committed to delivering the latest technology through a nationwide LTE buildout, and providing new cell sites that are more compact and energy efficient.

An additional 13 cities, including Ann Arbor, Laredo, and Corpus Christi, are scheduled to receive coverage "in the coming months". Sprint stated that their LTE network would be available to 200 million people by the end of 2013, a number mostly theoretical, as many of them would undoubtedly be customers of Sprints competition. But it shows that Sprint is serious about their LTE rollout, an effort that should become even more aggressive after they are finally purchased by either SoftBank or DISH.

Source: Sprint

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Sprint announces activation of LTE in 22 more cities


WHERE IS LONG ISLAND???? It is so annoying when Long Island is a larger market than these other locations. There are over seven million people and there is no LTE.

Dumb ass sprint is going to put 4g lte in clarksville tn and not on hilton head island bunch of Fking dumb asses

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I am so happy that i left them for t-mobile. T-mobile although having some edge zones has been far more reliable than they have, and now with At&T announcing their new rate plans i may just continue to move on up.

Been waiting since last fall when the iPhone 5 came out for LTE to be activated here in the Twin Cities; however, it's still only spotty and mostly not available. Really getting annoying....but do like the unlimited voice and data, though.

i read a good article about the difficulty rolling out LTE. One issue is these antennaes are leasing space on buildings and rooftops and towers. So in many cases they have to renegotiate with a building owner, a city etc, to put new machines in. Because the old ones aren't going anywhere they are still being used. Also every town has different building codes so if your town isn't involved one major issue is likely navigating the hurdles of the various building codes, city and state building restrictions, contract negotiations for each and every tower or building in your area. Also in places like San Francisco where i used to live it's one of the most difficult cell network markets because of both building laws and to geography. It's buildings, a giant bay in the middle, bridges, tunnels all tucked in valley's an mountains blocking signals. So apparently that's a difficult rollout. I hope they get it done because if so unlimited data will be a massive plus.

Keep it coming Sprint. Been pretty happy with the LTE coverage in Dallas. No I don't get mind blowing 40 Mbps per second down, but it's usually at least around 10 Mbps, which is more than sufficient for just about anything I do on my smartphone right now.