Microsoft launches Xbox Music web player, iOS app still nowhere to be seen

Microsoft has taken another step forward with its Xbox Music service by launching the much rumored web player, though any iOS app is still very much absent. With a web client now active, it means that Mac using Xbox Music subscribers, of which we're sure there's a few, can listen to their music. Until now, only Windows users had been able to get their music on their desktops.

But, we heard in late 2012 when Xbox Music first emerged, that Microsoft planned to take the service cross-platform, which includes apps for Android and iOS. Almost 9 months later, there's still no sign of any announcement while we await the official launches of iTunes Radio and Google Music All Access for iOS. A web player is a nice stop gap for Mac users, but is a total no-go for mobile. Xbox Music will not work within the browser on iOS, but is compatible with Firefox 18 and above, Google Chrome 24 and above and Safari 5.1 and above on OS X 10.6 and up on the Mac.

A subscription is still required for Xbox Music on the web, though new customers do get the option of a free 30 day trial before the $10 a month fee kicks in. After spending a short amount of time with it — and being completely new to Xbox Music — a few things spring to mind. It looks very nice, but feels a little too much a case of 'all show, no go.' For instance, there appears to be no music discovery aspect to the web player at all. Instead, you have to manually search for artists, albums or songs. You can manage playlists and access everything you already have saved as part of your Xbox Music Pass, but if you're new to the service as I am, the web player may not be the place to start. Playing music is also somewhat frustrating; selecting a track half way through an album just plays that track, it doesn't then carry on through the album to the end. Compared to web offerings from Google and Spotify in particular, this feels distinctly lacking.

So, for now this is as close as you can get to proper Xbox Music support on any of your Apple devices, even if it does feel flawed. Hit the link below to give it a try or to sign up for a free 30 day trial and do share your thoughts with us. I'd also like to hear from any longer term Xbox Music users; how does the web player compare to your experience on other platforms?

via Windows Phone Central

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Microsoft launches Xbox Music web player, iOS app still nowhere to be seen


Smart DJ (I believe it's now Radio) is a good way of discovering some new tracks. It does a pretty good job. I haven't tried Music All Access but it also sounds great but I'll just stick with Xbox Music as there will never be a WP version of All Access.

I've been subscribed to Xbox Music Pass for since 2007 when it was the Zune Pass (later Zune Music Pass). The web player works great for me but for new customers, I can see the lack of discovery an issue, but I'm sure it's only temporary. Interesting oversight, no shuffle button. As comparison to other cloud players, as far as playing music it seems on par with Google Play Music and Amazon Music Cloud. Would be nice if it utilized background audio APIs, with that and a mobile layout, they'd have a perfect interim mobile player.

IS XBOX MUSIC A JOKE ? ... no seriously, are people actually paying a monthly subscription ?

I just joined up for a 30 day free trial.. and it is complete utter CRAP!.. and why is that, you may wonder ?

Well when I use XBOX MUSIC PLAYER in my " MICROSOFT INTERNET EXPLORER " browser via my MICROSOFT WINDOWS 7 PC, there is no way to skip to the next track while listening to an album, the "next " button on the web player is faded out - QUITE AN OVERSIGHT I'D SAY!

Oh and if that wasn't enough, the SHUFFLE button doesn't ! .. yes that's right, the shuffle button is just a button that says " shuffle " .. So I click on one songs and it plays till the end then stops.

..On my xbox app " music " I have more funcionality, I can watch music videos and create artist radio stations - on my web player I can't !

Although I use Xbox Music on my xbox, I thought I'd try using it via the Internet explorer on my Xbox - CANT DO! .. because it needs a flash update which Microsoft won't allow.

Why do companies make things so confusing ? ... because there is more money in mistakes than in products / services that are simple, smooth, functional and compatiable.

Hey guess what we aren't stupid, we ain't buying it.