EE taking it up a notch with double-speed LTE and 802.11ac WiFi router

EE, the UK's only 4G LTE enabled network provider, has this morning officially announced the rollout of double-speed LTE beginning tomorrow. Customers in Birmingham, Bristol, Cardiff, Derby, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Leeds, Liverpool, London, Manchester, Nottingham and Sheffield will all benefit from the new super-fast mobile data. The service has already been turned on in parts of London for testing, and we've seen speeds around 50Mbps on our devices as a result.

EE is also shuffling around its tariffs, promising larger data allowances for their customers to make good use of all this extra speed. There will also be a new shared plan, which allows up to five different connections to be attached to one bill, but is set to cost £112 per month for a combined 20GB allowance. Alongside the shared plans, EE will finally launch pay-as-you-go mobile broadband tariffs, for those of us eager for some 4G on our iPads or Mac without the need for a contract.

EE also offers home broadband, and of note today is the announcement of the Bright Box 2, an improvement to their home broadband router. The new router will offer dual-band WiFi, and will be the first network supplied 802.11ac router in the UK. Perfect for putting to use with that new MacBook Air you just bought.

The new plans are set to come into effect from July 17, but the data speeds should start going up in those lucky cities tomorrow. I wish I was one of them, however sadly my city hasn't get received regular LTE from EE yet. Who's the lucky ones, and who, like me, is still waiting on any love at all?

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EE taking it up a notch with double-speed LTE and 802.11ac WiFi router


Why can't US Carriers bump their speeds, all Carriers are in much need of this, Verizon in my area (Boston) has dropped to a snail's speed. My T-Mobile HSPA speeds are 5 times faster than my Verizon's LTE Network. It's a joke.

T-Mobile is a smaller network with less customer congestion. We'll see how they do as customers bail from other carriers to them for some of that no contract love. Up to 5 devices at $112 a month for 20 GB? At double LTE speed, that won't last long. The Sheriff of Nottingham and the other rich customers won't mind but everyone else? BLIMEY!!!

£112 = $171

I don't know how this compares to US prices though...The UK has never had a shared data plan contact before as most still offer unlimited data.

They turned on 4G in Merthyr and I found it a breathe of fresh air as the 3G network had been crawling since the official launch in Oct 12. Sadly it doesn't quite reach my house and we've moved offices to an area not covered but I work a lot in Cardiff so make full use of it when I'm there. Definitely worth upgrading too.