The case of the missing icon: Some people unable to access TV Shows on Apple TV

Some user unable to access iTunes in the Cloud TV shows

Nasty surprise today for some Apple TV users who powered up only to discover the TV Shows icon was missing from the interface. Yes, literally missing. Gone. Stolen. Since Apple has the ability to dynamically add or remove icons from the Apple TV interface - like iTunes Festival or Apple Events - this is likely a bug in their system. Hopefully Apple is aware of the issue and looking into it, and TV Shows will reappear as suddenly as it disappeared.

Can you access TV shows, either through iTunes or your Apple TV? Let us know, and if/when you get it back, let us know that too!

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The case of the missing icon: Some people unable to access TV Shows on Apple TV


The 'landing page' when you hit "TV Shows" in the iTunes Store goes nowhere... subsections under the "TV Shows" drop-down in iTunes go to their appropriate places - it seems to be the main 'landing page' that has issues in iTunes... and the AppleTV item is missing for me as well.

Grrrr! No I can not! Happy to see that my kids didn't hide it somewhere. But what the hey?!? Time for a new episode if Beware The Batman!

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Chicago area here; no TV Shows icon on our 3rd Gen TV. In iTunes on a MacBook Pro, clicking on "TV Shows" redirects (apparently) to the iTunes Store home page. There *is* still a section for TV Shows if I scroll down; I can click on TV Shows & am taken to that show's page; clicking on "See All" next to TV Shows works too, but no TV Shows home page.

Very odd. AirPlay is working ok though, as far as I can tell.

I saw it disappear about 1 PM eastern. Glad to be in the company if others.

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aTV 3rd gen working fine here, iTunes as well.

Friend has aTV 2nd gen with both TV and Movies missing, but his 3rd gen is NOT missing either channel.

Do this happen tonight? Because my Apple TV was working without any problem and no missing icons

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I am in Europe ,and was watching around 7pm when all of a sudden it disappeared. I tried everything, including full restore, but it never reappeared. My IPad and computer have no problem.

Mine is there but there is very glitchy playback on a movie I purchased this morning and while watching it my Apple TV literally shut down

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Be great to have an expert explain how the ATV CHs and how the dist agreements are set up for other countries besides the US.

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