Iron Man 3 now available on iTunes, JARVIS app for iPhone coming soon

Iron Man 3 now available on iTunes, JARVIS app for iPhone coming soon

Iron Man 3, the Shane Black-directed sequel to last year's phenomenal Avengers movie, is now available on iTunes and comes complete with iTunes Extras. What's more, a JARVIS app is coming next week for iPhone as well. Jarvis was originally Tony Stark's - very human - butler. When Marvel made the Iron Man movie, however, they re-imagined JARVIS as an artificially intelligent computer system to run Tony's house, and eventually his armor. Think Super Siri. While an actual JARVIS-class digital assistant with holographic multi dynamic gesture support is still the realm of Sci-Fi, here's what the iPhone app will do. From Marvel:

-Like Tony Stark, users can engage JARVIS through voice-activated commands -Receive messages from JARVIS, download ringtones, post to Facebook and more -Check time, local weather as well as set alarms through the integrated Clock mode -Initiate media delivered in messages, including video, audio, image, ringtone or website -Install unique ringtones -Unlock 42 unique Iron Man suits (plus additional "Ghost" file) -When connected to the same network as the Blu-ray player, JARVIS will function as the Blu-ray remote control, or the user can simply "say what you see" and the app will do the rest.

No idea if it'll actually be any good, but for Iron Man fans, it should at least be fun. It arrives on September 10 with the Blu-ray. In the meantime, you can grab Iron Man in HD off iTunes now.

Source: Marvel, thanks Nilesh

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Iron Man 3 now available on iTunes, JARVIS app for iPhone coming soon


I'd take an Iron Man-branded iPhone 5S, with a Jarvis app that rivals or surpasses Google Now and Siri functionality. Me thinks, that would be amazing.

I loved all three movies and thought that the third was the best. Can't wait to talk to Jarvis

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They all kind of intertwine with each other. It's hard to figure out what the sequel to was to each movie. All I know is all of the Marvel movies have been amazing. Time for DC Comics to do something crazy. I hope for a spin off of the Dark Night trilogy featuring Robin...Man, this post makes me sound like a nerd!!!

Horrible movie. Had to fast forward through 80% of it.

They could at least try and make it realistic. That was originally the whole point of Iron Man as a character.

Considering all of these films are based on Comic books, reality was not an option... Just sayin

Thanks to my 12 year old rambling on the app to JARVIS, I found out how to unlock all of the suits (Mark 1-42) without buying the DVD and scanning the hidden Easter eggs. Say, "JARVIS, rough house." Voila, you now have all of the armor, their specs, the ability to save the suits as pictures on your phone and the scenes from the movie. Talk about random!! Cool, eh?

Thanks for the article but I tried and I tried the "JARVIS, rough house" comand but couldn't get it to work. Soooooo, after hours of searching countless sites I found one that revealed two of the AR codes - that when scanned - gave me the first 10 Suits = Mark I-X (site for those codes at the end of this comment). However, unsatisfied with just 10 of 42, I started trying every verbal command I could think of - and like Boxcop's luck I found it... In the Armor Suit screen, hit the mic icon and simply say "JARVIS, Show All Suits" ! It not only opened the remaining Panels but the "Classified" 2:27 minute Video File as well. It may take a couple tries but it works! Good luck and I look forward to your feedback. Here's the mentioned site for the first 10 Suits: Go to / forums / iron-man-3 / and search for BladeStorke's post titled Iron Man 3 Blue-Ray hidden codes for JARVIS app