Apple introduces new 'Greetings' ads for the iPhone 5c

Continuing the marketing push that comes with a new iPhone, Apple has introduced a pair of new commercials for the iPhone 5c under the 'Greetings' moniker. What we see is a number of different 'colorful' people answering a phone call on their iPhone 5c in different ways and in different languages.

It's all part of Apple's "for the colorful" marketing strategy for the new iPhone 5c, and these new videos fit pretty perfectly into that theme. The iPhone 5c is a fun, vibrant option for the iPhone buyer. There's a couple of them, and you'll find one up top and another down below.

Let me know what you think of them. Do you think Apple is striking the right chord with their marketing for the iPhone 5c?

Source: Apple (YouTube)

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Apple introduces new 'Greetings' ads for the iPhone 5c


I like them. Even though some of us more tech minded people may not want the 5c, when it comes to most people, the internals of the 5 are far more than they will need, and they are embracing that it is about what you are doing with the phone, and how it enriches your life, not just specs and numbers.

Very true.. Was talking to my mom, she immediately wanted to look at the 5c over the 5s and started color matching cases / phones to what she wanted. lol