Apple credits new customers who bought apps on the cusp of iOS 7's release

Apple credits new customers who bought apps on the cusp of iOS 7's release

Apple is now giving away its iOS iWorks, iPhoto and iMovie apps to customers who activate new iOS 7 devices; the plan was announced during Apple's September event when the company unveiled the iPhone 5c and 5s. Apple rolled back the eligibility period to September 1st. For those customers who were caught in that week and a half period, Apple's now issuing iTunes Store credits.

This is excerpted from an e-mail some iMore readers have received:

Our records indicate that you purchased one or more of these apps on or after September 1, 2013 so we have provided you with the iTunes code below in the amount of [amount omitted]. This credit can be used towards the purchase of any content on the iTunes Store, App Store, or iBooks Store.

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simonyunes says:

I bought a new 5S and I used to own those apps, and not getting the redeem, why?

Antrikshy says:

Email iTunes support. They reply quickly and have good support. They'll probably help you out.

Some people also say that it doesn't show "Free" in the search but is free when you go to the apps by Apple category.

Cameron Bales says:

Interesting. Unopened, sealed new iPod with AppleCare + seems to have given me the free downloads. Can't imagine anything else. I thought Christmas would come before getting these.

Antrikshy says:

Any newly activated device that is iOS 7-compatible gets the downloads.

sanibel says:

Not the entire iWork suite (comprising of Pages, Numbers, and Keynote) is showing free; Numbers isn't.

BBGary says:

Just purchased a phone(5s) here in Toronto and got the entire iWork suite, but I also got the AppleCare package

ankush77 says:

goodies from apple but many are having issue with redeeming it

GlennRuss says:

Did they fix the blue screen of death, that some were getting after closing out pages?

gp48 says:

Get to the apps from the icon "apps by Apple" in the App Store. They all show free there, including Numbers.