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Leave a single comment below telling us why you love Apple and iMore, and you're entered to win a $500 gift certificate to put towards a brand new iPhone 5s!

Apple will be announcing the iPhone 5s today and iMore is going to be the absolute best place to keep up-to-date with all the news and views. Seriously, have you seen our iOS 7 preview? Our history of iPhone? Our complete iPhone 5s rumor rundown? Well, wait until you see what we have in store for you next! Yeah, STILL only the beginning! So make sure you to follow us on App Store, RSS, Twitter,, Facebook, Google+iMore, YouTube, or iTunes!

And to show how much we appreciate you we want to give you one more chance to enter to win a brand new iPhone 5s - technically a $500 gift certificate, which depending on your contract situation, could be way more than enough! All you have to do to enter is:

  • Leave a single comment below telling us how much you love Apple and how much you love iMore!

That's it! What could be simpler? Usual iMore contest rules apply, contest ends Monday September 16, 2013 at 11:59pm PDT. Hurry up, enter now!!

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Reader comments

Win a new iPhone 5S contest! Comment now to enter!



Never won anything except a pair of shoes, so I'm confident my chances are nil. That said, your article inspired me to launch a free iPhone 5S contest just for unemployed jobseekers! You can see our contest details at: Thanks for the idea!

Apple is a great company with a very interesting history. Waiting here on the east coast in the US for 12:00 PST to order get a 5S, but I would love to win a second because mom wants one and cannot afford it. Watch Rene Ritchie on MBW every week and follow everything on iMore.

I love apple because they make incredibly good quality products! Love my iPhone 4 and pretty darn sure I will love this 5s.

I don't know what imore is but I'm pretty sure it's the most amazing thing ever if saying that somehow helps me win money toward the iphone I love oh so much!

Total dream come true. Apple devices are the pinnacle of technology and are always striving to find new ways of impressing their customers, with great features, great build quality and immense beauty.

imore is definitely the greateat place to come for info on anything apple, because everything is so clearly written and easy to understand. I wouldn't look anywhere else. Fantastic site.

I have been Team apple even before I had any apple. I just can't get enough of Apple. With iOS 6 I thought it was the best yet but look at iOS 7, ah loving it! I don't know why, but lots of people hate Apple but I just love it. It's perfect. I love constant updates and them trying to improve themselves. And I love iMore because I need to stay informed about my Apple and what they plan on doing. I love it and I love you. Thank you for this opportunity.

i love all apple products. They give you a way to interact with your family and friends and connect with the love ones you havent seen in a while. I had an unfortunate event of loosing my iphone sadly so hopefully i win this ... Thankyou :)

everything apple makes is like pheonix from ashes... thats the beauty and simplicity in apple which i'm attracted can think of apple as the only wellwisher of people regarding smartphones....
also an empty vessel sounds much..... APPLE IS NOT AN EMPTY VESSEL

How much I love apple? Words can't even describe it. How much I love imore? Just made an account and checked out the sites...still more to discover. I have been keeping up with you guys since months because anyone who shares news on apple or any techy(made myself) devices, I follow them. And thanks to all the hard working guys here to make everything possible to the public. You guys are amazing on what you do...Keep on sharing news on various technologies. Really thank you from bottom of my heart. If I were you, I would probably opt out to make website but you guys constantly update for us which is a blessing. Again thank you and I hope I win this giveaway.

I love apple products! they are so easy beautiful and make things so easy to use!!! the iphone 5c had me like WOW!! too bad i cant afford any of them :(((

Apple just seems like the best option to go for nowadays, the support and care from this company is far greater than any other. The fact that they even have a store for you to go in and have a technical appointment for all device troubles tells you that Apple truly cares about looking after customers even after their purchase, as opposed to other tech companies that sell you something but require going out of your way to physically have any repair done when needed usually sending away for long periods of time before receiving a replacement, but with Apple this service is instant. This is what the tech market needs, the technical support and care. The designs for apple are exceptionally simple yet elegant and sophisticated that it captures the interest and heart of the modern generation. It has revolutionised the way we listen to music through itunes, what more reasons do I need to love Apple?

iMore adds to this experience for all Apple enthusiasts for all the up to date info and news on Apple for every loyal fan!

Thank you.

i really luv apple.....its gr8..nd m jst waiting fr 5s its amazing...nd + io7 is gr8...imore is gr8 site fr all d youngsters lyk me who are gadzet luvrs lyk me...all d info abt new gadzet is displayed here...muahh luv it...

Apple devices and imore are my most favorite things. They are fast in searching things and are amazing with all there new effects. I would love to have the new iPhone 5S or the iPhone 5C because the fast speeds and features would help me 10X better then the phone I have now.

Communication is the thing wherein people interact,share their feelings,and connect with their love ones and everything starts with a phone.

We have an iPod 4 we bought our oldest daughter used for Christmas last year, an iPod 3G that I was fortunate enough to be given to our youngest daughter and an iPhone 4 we saved up a bought used. I love these Apple products because they help keep us in contact, especially after a 2 year court battle and my oldest daughter is living in Ohio with her dad though our son together lives with us. Being able to iMessage and FaceTime is absolutely wonderful!! We miss her so much when she's there!!! I would really love an iPhone 5 so I could give my 4 to my husband, who unfortunately is stuck with a very very old basic and frustrating phone due to us not being able to afford another yet. We want to stick with the iPhones too because it keeps us in contact as a please please please choose me for the free iPhone 5!!!!

I haven't touched an iphone 5 , but on god's grace with your help , you can give me one because i don't have money to buy it , please ..

Well, I've only had one Apple product and it was an Ipod touch. My family and I used it to communicate with each other when I was in college. We used FaceTime. Being connected with my family easily is the best reason to why I love Apple. :)

I'd love to win the Iphone 5s! My dad said he would get it for me ... if he had the money to do so. We are currently trying to hold up. And find a place to stay right now. It's really hard on me and the Iphone 5s would help me talk to friends and family if I ever needed someone to talk to. Apple has such great products!!! All of my friends ask me why don't I have an Iphone. I'm embarrassed to tell them. I want the Iphone 5s soooo much it hurts!!!!

Hmmm...why do I like Apple?
Well,this question is simple! I like Apple,because everything it releases is merely beautiful,has a very good outside&graphic design and is easy to use.
Now,why do I like iMore?
This is a more complicated question! There are uncountable reasons why I flipping love this site. Well,to start off thank you a lot for all these amazing opportunities (giveaways),they are my favourite part. Then,of course I really like all the blogs you do about how to use a phone's feature,it's really helpful. These are the top 2 reasons , this site is my bro' ;)
I'm proud to call myself a reader of iMore. I've been for a while,ever since I found out about this site. :D

To show how much I Love Apple , i would marry an Iphone .... Apple products are the best and is the best in quality, style and reliability....... Apple makes devices not only to help people but to help the world ,,, and with the addition of iMore , puts the icing on the cake , thats why i would love to win this iPhone !!! :)

I fell in love with Apple when I was young and the first iTouch had just come out. I purchased one and ever since have been buying the iPhone as it is a mix of the iTouch I fell in love with and a phone. I admit that last year I switched over to Android, but I regret it. It only made me realize how much I love Apple. They make such good quality, clean, refreshing products. It would mean a lot to me if I won this iPhone and would redeem me of my bad choice! I've never won anything, so I'm praying this will be the one time I do. I love iPhones and iMore!

God bless(:

I always loved apple but sadly i never had an iPhone I've wanted one since the first one came out. I would love to get one especially the 5s.

Apple's products are amazing and magical and imore's coverage of Apple's products are excellent!

I love apple because it has a great qulaity products and unique apps. it easy to use .. and i really love their designs it's like it's not easy to break :))) ♥ ♥ ♥

I really love apple and the way it has taken over the market and thanks to imore i can be updated with apple and all of their relatives. This would be a great opportunity for me believe it or not im stuck with my mom's phone

I really love apple because it is very unique in it's products, and they relate to their customers and use our feedback to improve their products. I just think that is AMAZING <3. Then iMore provides me with information and knowledge towards APPLE to keep me updated. I just love that as well :)

Please pick me!! Apple is the best company ever!! they put lots of hard work into their products and always make sure they deliver good service! imore is the best website I know! I always go to their website for anything apple related, I genuinely love imore, they always give me useful tips and its so great to have such an amazing website! if imore went I would cry (honestly I would) ! Winning an Iphone 5s would be a dream come true!! I beg you imore, please pick me!

I want an iphone so bad for my kid. He gets teased on the bus because he has a flip phone. I cant afford an iphone hes been wanting. Please help me. Hes very desperate. He loves apple way more than android and google play. I do too. Thank you for reading.

Apple just creates the world's best products! its so aesthetically and anthropometrically so well built!
i just love them

My number one priority when it comes to gadgets is secuity, witch the new touch reader provides. This, if I win, WILL be my first ever apple product. Which all my family, friends, and reletives have.

I can tell you how much i love apple but that is not true , i like there iPhone because they are amazing phones and yes at like a iPhone but lest get real in all my life a never win one contest and as much as i want a iPhone 4 , 4s , 5, 5s, or 5c i just can't have it because my parents can't afford it and i can't afford it so yes all still enter in contest or do crazy stuff to get a iPhone maybe is because all my friends have it or maybe is because that be the first expensive gift i all get and you can see know there is Christmas and your birthday but let me tell you that the last time a celebrity my birthday was when a was in great four and for Christmas i get what i get so know i don't love apple , i love my father , i love my mother but i don't love apple i like it a enjoy it but i don't love it end a probably just lost but i have to say that i just don't love apple

I love apple because it's been a device that has never let me or my family down I've been with apple since the first iPhone now look forward to something new and that why i love me an apple

Living in the i way side of live with apple, simple but great performance, high"i" class design that what makes us love Apple

When I think of an apple product, I think of a product with the best most outstanding features that doesn't even compare to similar products. imore has everything to know about apple products. If I ever had a question about an apple product this would be the website i would go to, no questions ask. I hope this explains my love for apple and imore.

p.s i would be very appreciative of a new iphone5 considering my iphone4s broke and I'm using my friends old lame droid phone for now, i can barely use because its not apple and very caveman like.

I think Apple is a great make it makes great disigns and also the people who design them must have wild imaginations But Imore covers specifys them:)

I LOVE APPLE ........because IT reflects STEVE JOBS EFFORTS AND PASSION......which enables us TO FEEL AND LOVE THE ECSTACY OF IPHONE ........I M CRAZY ABOUT IT.............


If i am look for perfection i come here
and Apple apsalutly amazing without apple i would be nothink


im new here and hope to win it would be awesome to win because i dont know what it's like to win please lord help me win god bless and god bless iMore

I love iMore because they are just like me and many other people, they love Apple products, and they are so dedicated to bring us information about the new Apple products as they come out. I also love Apple because, well, just look at their design in their products! Their products look very classy and sharp, and not to mention they are very simple to use!

Hi iMore ,
I've never had a iPhone of any sort , i love the way the Apple iPhone 5s looks , it is very compact and look's alot better. i would love to win this device. Oh Yeah and about your what can i say your website open my eyes to seeing Apple products in a different way. iMore is probably the best site i've been on for all my needs about Apple to everything . iMore i would be very Grateful if i win this device.
- Thanks . . . KTD = ]

Apple is just in a league of their own. its like watching a movie with all this crazy technology and your eyes pop out of your head. I LOVE APPLE AND WOULD LOVE TO WIN THE NEW IPHONE 5s! its just ridiculous and a winner for sure !

what a great website you get always to stay in touch with these great and smart phones iphones are the best with their high quality and all the application we can get i really love this iphone


I love apple company and I like its products it makes a good quality and beautiful designs for its product, I hope that I could afford anew iphone 5s, it is the best mobile around compare between apple and other companies
love you apple

I am really want phone 5s because apple have the top class technology and everyone give priority over than brand.
I love imore because of a well designed site,latest product of apple and great coverage.

I love apple and everything they do is so innovative and leading in every aspect. The Iphone 5s is just another step in the future with a fingerprint reader!! I would have never thought Iphones would come so far along...and having IMore as a leading site for all the latest apple news. #CantGetAnyBetter

I Love Apple, According to me its a revolution in technology, Its features just cant be described in words! Its the best and no one can ever beat it !

I have been using my apple iPod touch from 2008 and it never had any problem till date. This is one good reason why I like apple. They din't make it complicated it's easy to use and the interface and clarity are remarkable. The reason I like iMore is because it keep's me updated with latest apple gadgets and also the software updates.

Apple is awesome..
Like all of his devices,one of the best.
I-phone 5s is cool and i think better then android,more like it.
For your imore website of 5 stars i'm giving you 5 stars lol beacuse we got contest like this,thats the reason ;) <3 !

I like apple because they are the best smartphone manufactures in the world, they make good quality product. The reason why I made an account in imore is it actually give something 'more' to costumers, that's why it is still amazing

I Love Iphone...
Its Style And Design Makes People Love It..!
And Even The New iOS7 Is The #1 OS In SmartPhones... <3
CONTACT : +971563095964

I would love to win a iPhone 5s .my mum works part time and does not have enough money to get me it on contract.i dont have anything from the apple brand and this would make so happy and make my dreams come true to have a phone that doesn't cost £10 from tesco.

I love apple because of its style and unique quality of iPhones. I love imore because it is a reliable website to be informed or updated on news. :)

Apple makes the greatest products BY FAR, and the amount of care and work they put into products to makes them great is a cause for admiration. iMore is an awesome site to keep up to date with the products I like to know about.

I LOVE aPPLE BEACUSE they make THE BEST PHONES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE MAKE ME WIN >THIS PHONE I WOULD GIVE TO MY SON HIS FIRST PHONE IN HIS LIFE>> PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

I love apple because they are a great company with great products and imore because all you need yo know about apple is there :D

"I PHONE" by just hearing this word..there comes the greatest and biggest smile on my face..i really love i phones and m soo much fond of these phones..its my lifes biggest dream to have an i phone..i would be the most luckiest and person in this world if i got an iphone..its features,looks everything is just awsum..plzz let me get an i phone and make my dream come true..:) ;)

I love Apple because it has all you need. I also like that the company is doing a great job in honour of the late Steve Jobs.

I love apple because it had so much more to offer than android. And imore provides the latest info on electronics that I love.

Please, I would lik to win. I lov the apple company, eventhough never had an iphone before. I lik the features, the way it looks, the feel of it! I just lov the phone so much, please pick me, pretty please!!!!!!!!!!!!

Apple is the future, its what makes is century so remarkable. My life revolves around apple products, and so do most teens now. I would love for a new iphone 5s more than anything, since my iphone got stolen from my locker last year. Love you imore:)

I love my iPhone 5, mac air, apple tv, ipad mini so much I dont know what I would do without them....just dont tell the wife I said that.

Generally it is said that an apple a day keeps a Doctor away.But this apple keeps the world with me.....So i luv it.....

I love apple for it good looking design and wonderful apps in the app store. I also loves imore because it tells about this contest and imore is one of the greatest app in the app store......................

I love apple for its beautiful design and wonderful apps in the app store. I also loves imore because it tells us about thos wonderful contests and imore is one of the greatest app in the app store...


I love Apple because it gots all these cool apps and the style is just amazing.The quuality is better than any other brand I've seen/used.It's a popular brand I'd say and who wouldn't want it.And it has good coverage an dbeyond that it has the best design.

I love apple so much and I think they have great products! I'm in school an I could really use an iPhone for BYOD and iPhones are great for that purpose.

I love apple because of its operating system, it's very easy to use and it has various apps that other brand doesn't have.
What I love about iMore is because your website enrich me with information about apple stuffs easier!

Apple is the best for all because it can different android OS user and other smart phone users.Thus,I Love Apple products forever and I Love iMore because it give a chance for our.

I love Apple very much. I never used one and would love to have one. I have been dreaming to have on from long time. And I can see that iMore is a great site and every single person who owns an iphone , ipad or any Mac products loves to use iMore. Personally I love the forums on iMore. Keeping my fingers crossed.

i am really in love with apple products, have always wanted one as all my friends have, but my parents cant afford it, i am stuck with a crap phone :(
i alwys watch yr videos on YouTube just to look up the new things in the apple world as i am very confident that one day i will get one and i would like to be prepared :)
i have entered lots of give away videos in the past but never seem to win
hope i win this one tho :)

Never had an iPhone but would love my first Apple device to be this one! Each year apple always put a good terms and create innovative phone that would blow everyone's mind. It's easy to use, user friendly and lots to be surprised about on each features. Thats why more people are getting iPhones nowadays, Ive noticed alot of people are more excited about the new iPhone than any other phones guess why? Because of it's sleek, sossy, absolutely companion than any other phone. I love iPhone because of it's straight forward features that definitely hooked me up! I've been a follower of iMore as far as I could remember just like iPhone it's a good companion on any scoop about Apple. I love apple products so much! I enjoy the quality. The usability. And most of all. The design. n I'd lyk to handle new iphone 5s as my first girlfrind.....

Apple has been simply great when it says "well if you don't have an iphone, you don't have an iphone" and so I just wish I have a 64 Gb iphone5s.

I love apple and imore soooooo much. Apple makes amazingly refined and detailed digital devices that are just so easy to use, they are complex and sofisticated in every way but are still so simple. Imore always gives me the useful information that I need. It's like a Godsend.

I like the processor, touch id, camera, ios 7, look and feel of the phone. The hardware and software integration on this device is amazing :)
The most attract me is the finger print <3 I hope I'll be the lucky person ^^

I Iove how apple keeps making all of its devices better and better and have new features. I like imore because you have these cool contests and giveaways. I love this website and it is awesome.

I LOVE imore because they keep you upon the latest electronics and it's really fun to me. I really want this ipone 5s tho because I really never had a good phone so to have this I would be really happy and my life would change lol. thx:}

I love iMore because they keep you up on the latest electronics and the latest apple product. I also love apple because their items are so rare and delicately put together. They take care of their reputations. I really want this iphone 5s because I really never had a nice phone so this phone would change my life lol. Thx :D

I love it because it's the only company to make a correctly and have a store for me to go to no other phone company can say that. They put the best of the best into everything. And for imore they have told me and shown me everything iPhone I need to know. New stuff about iPhone iOS how to's ECT if I didn't have Imore I'd be in the blind and not know what to do. Thank u imore for all the hard work and knowledge u have.

apple is hands down the best even though my Iphone 4 is a little busted I refuse to change from Apple To me Apple is more safistacated and its not like the rest i would love to have the Iphone 5

I would like an iphone 5 because there such good quality you get good apps and you can get some really funky cases and personalise them to the way you love them.

I would be so happy to win a iPhone 5s. I have about every apple product. I would like to show you a picture of them but i cant. The only apple product i don't have it the iPhone 5s. But, again i would love a iPhone 5s. So i would be so thankful to get one. Thank you

Out of all the products I have to say apple is my favorite. I wouldn't replace any of my apple products with any other product. Apple has fast running and good looking software. I love apple products so much that I would do anything just for my apple products. I also love Imore it is an awesome! It is easy to navigate and I wouldn't want to go any other place for a contest. Apple and IMore is the top product and sites that I have ever been on or used!

Having an iPhone makes me feel more important. I feel like I actually am connected with the world. And quite honestly, I feel really good about myself because it is a premium product. I can not afford one, but I would appreciate it the most.

As a student studying in the field of Computers & Technology, Apple brings the best features where I can work on. It really helps and eases me in my studies. That is why I am loving it a lot! Together with iMore, they make a great combination—on-the-date updates and keeps Apple on my reach. :)

Apple is the status symbol :)
i love apple coz apple gives the comfort. its touch,processing and way to show everything to user is different and awesome.
it gives you the quality in each & every feature such as picture,video , sound quality.
and its about user friendly not too much complicated to use if once u operate it succesfuly.

I love apple because their products have changed my life, if I win this contest I will make my iPhone my life, and I love imore because they have the best things for your iProducts, everything the best.

I love Apple and iMore so Much! I probably like iMore 1% more because Apple doesnt do give aways or inform us like iMore! Amazing I hope I win! And good luck to all!

Apple is my love.... and imore is my life. I have written many a sonnet of my love for both, but, alas, no words, no matter the eloquence, could hope to stand equal to my unmatched endearment of these two pillars of my life...

Apples are red
My life is blue
That's mainly because I want an iPhone too. :(

Apple products have had me at hello. I wanna be on the level of awesomeness that is being strictly Apple. Help?

Guys, you don't know about the South Sudan as a new born baby, really I personally loved Apps product whatever a type.

im only 16 and I love apple. it has made amazing history and has been successful with the "iphone" generations especially. im a apple purchaser because of imore's great updates! its helpful how imore keeps the news up to date and releases details plus further info of what new astonishing technology has been created by apple. I recommend imore for people who love purchasing apple electronics. its worth it!

I-phone has been the best thing ever that happened in the lives of many people. It really made an impact in the lives of everyone and it really defined the word "high" in high technology. It is really driving a LOT of people crazy over i phones now and I am one of them. i phone plus i more would definitely make my choice and i am addicted to apple's i phone!

I have been with apple products for more than 10 years and truly am amazed with this fast growing and fast selling company. Apple has never let me down yet and am hoping they never will. Along with this amazing website where there are many sweepstakes, once you come to this website you are at the state of peace. This website is a very populated website due to many sweepstakes and should stay that way. As this website continues to make peoples lives happy i truly hope it will make mine too.

i love imore they give the best stuff and someone just stole ipod so i would really be happy if you gave the iphone 5s


i the biggest fan of i phone 5 but i never won something and i love i more a lot and i hope it will provide me a iphone its my first time even i don't win a single lottray '' My hopes are in the sky
but don;t let me down , even i know they are very high"

Apple is the best phone company.the iPhone really simple not hard to use why buy a samsung! Samsung sucks!!!!!
Apple rocks so I want to win the iPhone 5S. I hop I win !!!
Imore is the best site to look for apple news and all news. They choose the best reporters to write in they re site all clear have the best site I ever seen!!!!!
Thanks for iPhone and all news.

Well i KNOW apple is the best company because Apple is pretty easy to get things done.
Unlike other companys apple has many various apps with you can use for anything.The new things apple is making are so amazing (finger print- scanner) very soon apple with the best product with sells and more.

i really love iphone since it was released and i'm always dreaming of it. i hope i can have some of those. especially, the new iphone 5S:) good job imore!:D

I LOVE APPLE SO MUCH why? BECAUSE THERE PRODUCTS ARE THE BEST !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NO OTHER PRODUCTS CAN BEAT APPLES PROUDUCTS

I was happy to find that imore has so much information in one place that include both the apple products as well as accessories. This is great. I would love to have an iPhone. I like the colors and I like the new fingerprint reader.

Hi my name is Bianca McCloud
I just wanted to say that apple is actually my favorite company for any electronics. My mom had an ipod and ipad, but ive never had one for myself one that i could call my own. Apple has been great since the first ipod came out and now they have a ipod 5 and phone its all great and imore. Because they give other people a chance to win what they cant get for themselves

<3 APPLE IS MY DRUG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I love Apple and their products! They always seem to put out a strong showing in everything that they do. iMore is the best site to find out more about Apple and iOS. They bring a diverse view of the tech world.

Apple is just a good product its more updated then an android and apple has better quality and more style thats why apple is the best product for people  

apple is one of the only brand. where one can keep a certain phone for a longer period of time.. unlike samsung where they introduce a new phone every now n then.. which also gives zero resell value.. so i would actually prefer an apple iphone any given day!! and its simpler to use..

I think I should receive the iPhone 5s because I will be capable of looking after it responsibly .
It will go into the care of a caring owner, and if I did win the iPhone I will spread the news of I more website so you can receive more contestants and more views and to even be known EVERYWHERE! So please please please pick me apple is my best company I love it please pick me

I love apple so much. I would really enjoy to have an iPhone 5! Apple has made life honestly so much easier and exciting. The iPhone is seriously very amazing and fun to play with. I love all apple products and It would really make me super happy if I had an iPhone 5. Hopefully I win one because I would be the happiest girl on the planet!!

I love Apple because,when ever i see it,
looks unique with its design,apps and technology.

I just love iphones & ipads 2
just love it

I would love love love to win this Iphone 5s, I have bought previous imore products and their still working. My brother and mother bought their iphones off here after I told them about it and my sister wants to get a new Iphone 5s and she's going to buy one off you because I let her know about you. Please let all my hard work pay off and choose me!!! please pretty please. I am a loyal and faithful follower of Imore and Apple. Please

When I hear the word apple its begins a inspiration in my head it guides me through life. It makes me feel like my life is complete when I hold an apple product the pure integrity that cones with these products sets a high standard in my life it gives me a sense of relief when I hold an Poole I live it somuch

The iPhone's has been around for quite some time in America and has changed many lives as we speak. iMore is a great website to come and check on daily news feed on Apple and their new devices!! We all love the technology and hope that each and every one of use gets to experience this new and improved skilled machinery.

I m big fan of imore website. I in my daily life use
To get information and knowlege. It is a great source of knowlege and wisdom. It is a storehouse of news. I love apple company too. I will be very happy if my favourite website will give a chance to win iphone 5s. Waiting for it. ...

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In the World Apple Mean luxury and Rich look.....And then IOS taking us higher experience...I more , I Sight are increasing the interest with Apple.... I Love Apple Iphone...

I love Apple because the quality is great and it's very accommodating to my needs! I love iMore because of all the giveaways and advice they give out!

Ive been trying on every single web page for a phone cause in my little island of paradise its very hard to get a phone ive studied hard in school just for an iphone ive taking a lot chances and still no luck i even tried saving money they said no in my room i have pictures of steve job for me he was as famouse as michael jackson :'( well i have a Apple i pad the first all i want is that i phone 5s

This answer is easy. Apple makes innovative and very user friendly and high tech devices. I own an iPod which i use each and everyday. Nothing compares to an apple product. I depend on my apple iPod and iMore to keep me up to date with the best apple products and how to get the most successful use of them :-)

IThe only way I could love Apple and iMore MORE, is if you can somehow figure out a way to add bacon, thick cut, smokey bacon

I don't know how to tell you how much I love iPhone. It's loke very cool and iMore is the most good place that can produce stuff for iPhone. Lastly, I'm very love iPhone and iMore :)

I love iMore it gives people the chance to enter in fun contests and win prizes, I love seeing the weekly contests and all the pictures. I love all the apple products, just when you think that apple has created the perfect device they wow us with something new! The misture of both of them is amazing!

My friend fell and broke her phone and then spilled water on it on her way to work from my house. I'd love to get her a new iphone as a gift. I think she would love me forever.

I love Apple so much, because you get more options to do on apple devices and you get more new technology to use and my most favorite thing iMore.......!

first of all thanks to imore for giving this chance to win iphone this is my dream phone....praying god... N love you imore

I just made an account with imore and already there
Great. The iPhone 5s is a fabulous style statement and
Everyone really wants one just to show off but
They do actually have a great purpose to help
You find things u want and has apps for entertainment
So why treat it as if its a pet.

Apple is the new black for me i have been watching everyone else get the apple products apple produst are just so mew and different easy to use getting on to everything is so easy charging it is so perfect i hate charging my old crappy phone but ipone charging is so easy and apple also look good and can be used for so many differnt things not just a phone a gaming device a camera i love how good it camera is that is one of my fav parts

Apple products
Looks good
Easy to use
Good camera
These are the main reasons i love apple a product hasnt been tjis big before now it seems because of ipads ipones ipod i just love it i dont know what more to say cause i have said it all in my many other comments ive been going all day

Apple and imore what can i say i just love them so much i am alway checking out i more everyday and looking at apple products everyday i obssesd like i am with facebook

I love apple so much i cant even explain how much i love it. And iMore i love it so much i'll go crazy over it !!!!!!!!!!!!!

I so love apple i look at apple's website almost everyday checking for new thing i love iphone 5s feature especially the finger scanner thanks imore for letting me enter

Apple is just so much easyer to use than other products ot feels and looks so much smoother they can be used for so more than just what its is. Imore bring you all u need with apple products which i love thats why i love imore cause it brings all i nee to k ow about apple

Apple is my life i honeslty can not get over how its such a smart product it is and imore helps me find everything new good and bad about apple i would love to win this ipone i love ipone i dont have one but omg i wish i did there perfects looks good and its so smooth and not awkward and it can be ised as more than just a phone i love apple and i more

I would love to win this phone never had a ipone before i have the same slide phone for 3 years i just love the apple profucts causr thete so smooth and can be ised as more than just a phone. Imore i great because it keeps me up to date with all the amazing and sometimes ba things with apple products. Also when is this being annouced

the iMore I use an Apple product, the iMore I love them. Nothing is iMore stunning, iMore fluid, and definitely no one has iMore apps than the IOS. And there is nothing better to read anything on Apple than iMore. That's why I love Apple and iMore.

More and more i Love IMORE.....because of it is more than others....more and more i Love iphone5s because it is more than other mobiles....imore is a TREND SETTER

I love Apple mostly more than anything! It's very easy to use and you can download lots of free apps! I also love imore because they give you great prizes, etc. I really really want to win a iPhone 5s! So please make my dream come true please! I can't afford one, and now I'm going to leave the best comment for you guys. :) hope you enjoy! I've had Apple all my life! It's awsome! #teamiphone #forlife! I HOPE YOU READ THIS. Thankyou! ❤️ *i hope I get picked*

I love Apple devices because they sweat the details, and I love iMore because they sweat the details. How's that? :)

one greatest thing i like about iphone 5s is that its the fastest and with enhanced camera quality its the best i could have today. and i like imore because he is the first one to get me information about all the cool products

I love APPLE becouse their products and also for Steve jobs.... And I love iMore because it gives me the information about APPLE...!!

Apple Iphone 5s is a winner in each and every sense, Apple specially keeps an eye on their devices size, feel, looks and weight.

apple is the only device which you will feel is proportionate in every manner.

apple rocks!!!!!!!


I love apple just because of all its unique features , and awesome app store, ive always wanted an apple product but my mom could never afford it for me , if I could win thisni would so appreciate it and would not sleep for days im sure of it

i love apple because is very elegant i love it it looks great the electronics devices are great never had problems with one !! i simply love it!

Actually, Apple devices are the most stable in performance and quality comparing to other vendors. But when I discover the iPhone, I loved since the first time and I love it more when I hear my friends complaining about their smartphones from other vendors. Another thing that keeps me in love with iPhone is that they are always coming with the newest ideas and improvements.


I really want a I phone 5s because u can do a lot of really cool stuff I'm in love with I phones I really need a iphons 5s

i love imore i have the app on my ipod touch i have always wanted an iphone but have never had an iphone ever i have only ever owned apple products. plus when i become king i will say this is the best website ever

I love iMore, it always keeps me updated on the lastest iPhone news and i always come back because I know its reliable. I wanted the iPhone ever since it came out. The iPhone 5 is seriously the best phone out there, so quick and easy to use.

I love apple so much! They are so awesome and smart! Their new creations are always AMAZING. They have so many new & awesome creations, without iMore I would be so behind in the tech world!!!

i love apple my mom said i could not get one because of how much money but there so awsome i more is so awsome they gave me a chance to get one i love you i more

i have always checked out new models of apple products and the best i have seen so far is the new iPhone 5 s. with its remarkable size, quality and technology, i have to say that it is one of the top smartphones. forget Samsung, Apple is the best.

i just love iphone 5s it have style,passion,great word to describe iphone 5s is INCREDIBLE....just awsome if i win this contest it will be like a dream come true fr an INDIAN products are always come with exciting product thats why its a branded product all over the world and i phone 5s has gr8 features easy to access os support is also short i love imore and apple than any thing

I LOVE APPLE SO MUCH compare to windows or android, android can easily be hacked by hackers by just pushing 3 buttons or 2 buttons at the same time and other phones dont have the capability to locate when ever it is lost. but in apple your device was so unique that it is being monitored everyday

APPLE was the best OS, APP, GADGETS, and everything

it will enhance self and faster development personally as the laptop is not easy to carry about and the present phone is far way beyond, its for betterment

I love Apple sooooooooo much!!!!!!!!!!!!! But I just can't tell you how much more I love IMORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i love apple products , because i think they are like 3Ds , when you use the phone , you feel like you are already in it haha ^^
i actually want to win it, because , it will help me in my studies , but unfortunatly my parents don't have money to buy it for me , how embarrassing to be 20 years old and does't have a cellphone !!

words can't explain how much i have been wanting an iphone and doing so many compititions to try and receive one but didn't get one. i still have hope . now the amazing iMore have given me a next opportunity and im sooo thankful. I hope i do win ANYY iphone 5. i will be sooo grateful!

I've always been a dedicated Android user, and refused for the longest time to be what I referred to as a "conformist". I currently have a Galaxy S3, and google store is always shutting down and freezing my phone, the dial pad feature is r e a l l y s l o w to react. I was able to explore one of my co-workers IPhone recently, and I have to say WOW! The reaction time was lightning speed, no freezes, and the easy boot up on the phone is amazing. If I have to restart my S3, I'm out of a phone for at least 5 minutes while I wait on it to load up. I'm definitely ready to become a "conformist".

Dear Sir,
Apple is future, plain and simple. iMore gives great insight into Apple's doings, therefore, we got an insight into future! Thanks for everything, great job!
Binny Singh

I love Apple SO MUCH it's insane!! And I can't even begin to explain how much I love iMore! Great place to find out about the great products I love!
Manoj Kumar

I begging all to read this plz I want a Iphone 5S you know my cell phone is old plz I'm begging you all I want iMORE SOMEONE WHO GAVES ME.... god bless to all,, take care of your self always.. I hope that some day I am the winner....

I absolutely love Iphone5s or either Iphone 5c, and I super like it. Why? Because I don't have any phone yet, even thought I'm 14 years old. I want it because I also want it so share with my siblings. And I will use it in a good way. And I promise it, swear to God. I'm hoping to win it, I wish it's deserves to me. And even it's not deserves to me. it's okay, i'll just pray to God that sooner I'll win it. THINK POSITIVE!! :))) Praise the Lord ^^

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I love love love imore because it gave me chance to participate in this!!! I really love all of what imore does and and Also really really love apple products...the only phones my dad and mom ever got were iphones!! They can't afford to get me one right now And I really want this iphone!! It would be soo amazing and I would be so excited!! This product is number 1 and I support it with all of my heart!! I just love apple products!!

I really love apple because i like all the features they make on all apple products it works swiftly and i would love to own an apple iphone i love imore because its such an amazing website hands down i really really want this phone also

The World of apple and imore has changed my life in ways indescribable. I am a missionary kid in thailand and my family only buys apple products, the one thing thats not apple right now is the TV. Apple has let us send updates back to our family and friends, has let us skype with churches back home on sundays. And my mom has started an orphanage for HIV positive children called ALH (abundant life home) and the kids there LOVE it when i pull out my iphone4 to play templerun or fruitninja or just pressing the buttons is fun for them. i love it for how beautifully and unintentionally it brings people closer together like no other product.

The reason I LOVE apple because I think the features of the phone are amazing and the design of it are unique and diffrent.The owner of apple seems very creative,over a billion people want a phone from apple the company.But some of us can't afford it like I can't ,thas why I have a flip phone.I never had a touch screen in my life,and apple is the company I want to be the first.THATS WHY IS LOVE APPLE....

Apple is the best brand in this entire planet..Even a slum boy can tell it...Now iMore is doing very welll..I love to have a apple device with me...Everyone in this planet want to have one....Rock and Roll..Awesome..etcc etc.

apple is the best ! i really respect steve jobs for what he did for people.. he was a great man ..and i love apple , because apple has been my favourite ever since the iphone 3gs came... i love the way that apple have been coming up with even better inventions.. and to be honest imore is the best site for people who are really intrested in apple since it gives you all the info that you need about apple and above all this contest.. lve imore for that :'D
a person who loves using apple can't use android like me.. every thing about apple is too good.. aahhh i'm quit a big fan you know... and i realy want iphone 5s ... and i beleive you will take a look at what i said and..... if i will get an iphone 5s i promise i won't just be happy but i'll promote this awsome site to as many people as i can :)

It's no surprise that most fans rave about Apple's sleek designs. Steve Jobs once said "simplicity is the ultimate sophistication," and many of Apple's products take this motto to the extreme. Simple buttons, touch screens that "feel" good, and intuitive user interfaces make Apple products a snap to use. [9 Odd Ways Your Tech Devices May Injure You]

"Apple developed a reputation as a product that is extremely easy to use and that has become part of the brand," said Scott Thorne, a marketing professor at Southeast Missouri State University.

2. Limited control

But simplicity can also be limiting. Apple's famously easy-to-use interfaces don't allow for a lot of customization and prevent "power users" from making many changes.

The company also tightly controls the specifications for developers of apps for the iPhone and the iPad, and sells only a few models of smartphones, tablets and computers.

For people looking for options, this lack of choice can seem downright totalitarian.

But from a marketing standpoint, constricting choice may not be a bad thing.

"In reality I don't think consumers want as many choices as possible," said Lynn Kahle, a marketing professor at the University of Oregon. "We are so overwhelmed with decisions that we want to limit our options."

3. Image

Apple also has one of the strongest, most recognizable brands in the world. [13 Iconic Brands Still Made in America]

"It is much more widely known than Android is, even though Android has a much larger market share," Thorne told LiveScience. "Part of it is that there was an iconic figure at the brand pyramid and that was Steve Jobs."

Apple has also consciously marketed itself as the product for high-tech, glamorous creators and innovators, Kahle said.

"When they first started producing their personal computers they talked about them being insanely great and different from anybody else," Kahle said, referring to personal computers (PCs).

4. Insulated world

Apple products are compatible with other Apple products, making it a breeze to download songs from iTunes onto a computer, and onto an iPod or iPhone.

But while this insulated world is great for people who want to buy all their products from the company, it can be a burden for people mixing their Samsung phone with their Macbook Air, Kahle said.

I love Apple more because it always one step ahead of others and also associating with apple is like getting a whole package where you get every thing you need its uniqueness and simplicity makes it more desirable and IMORE gives you that in one place

I was convinced to get a Samsung and was very disappointed, cannot compare to iphone! hope I get the chance to really see how much better they are..

i love apple mac os...its proccessor s awesome...iphone s so much handy and userfriendly....retina touch display gives its classy so desperate to hav iphone 5s....<3