Sprint reports Q3 2013 earnings, 1.4 million iPhones sold

Quarterly earnings season continues, and this time it's the turn of Sprint with their Q3 2013 results. All-in-all it isn't a great quarter for the carrier, though operating losses may have shrunk, it's the declining subscriber numbers that will potentially sound the most alarm bells. On a positive note for Sprint, and for Apple, it seems iPhone sales are doing OK.

Sprint sold nearly 1.4 million iPhones® during the quarter of which 40 percent were to new customers.

Perhaps the full effect of the iPhone 5s launch is yet to be felt, but the iPhone does at least continue to attract a healthy number of new customers to Sprint. And for Apple, that's 1.4 million units to throw into their own figures.

Did you pick up a new iPhone on Sprint this quarter? How's your experience been with both phone and carrier?

Source: Sprint

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Sprint reports Q3 2013 earnings, 1.4 million iPhones sold


Got my space grey 64g on launch day. I have been on Sprint for almost 20 years and have always had great service. Perhaps it's the area I live in, but network speed and signal strength have been good. LTE is a little inconsistent in that it will fluctuate between 3g and LTE at times.

Also been with Sprint for a long time and things are getting better. LTE is rolling out slowly but surely, and 3G is now faster than wi-fi in many places I stop for a bite to eat. But the main thing is I have unlimited everything except landline calls during business hours--yet with 4 lines, we never go over that limit. I really appreciate not having to worry about data limits etc.

I have been hopeful for the long term because of the Japanese company that bought Sprint recently; does iMore know anything more about that deal and what's going on? Thanks!

I've been with Sprint since January of 2012. Started out with the iPhone 4S and another iPhone 4 on my plan. Typically we are connected to wifi majority of the time. However, when out and about we were typically hit or miss with the 3G service around town. Plus with working out of town about 45 minutes away I was having connectivity issues on my 4S. But since the launch of the new iPhones we both upgraded to the 5c. Both are blue in the 16GB and a 32GB. Since getting the 5c we finally have LTE in town (though it can be spotty at times), it's great to see faster speeds than before. Even better coverage 45 minutes out of town at work when it comes to the web. LTE at work is getting better. And my call quality has always been good. I'm loving my blue 32GB 5c even more everyday. I'm very hopefully for Sprint in the coming year especially after the deal with SoftBank.

I switched from AT&T to Sprint a couple of months ago. I can finally get a signal while I'm at work! In fact, I was able to stream the iPad event without any problem.

I picked up my first ever iPhone with sprint. Ive been with Sprint for around 8 years. I'm much happier with the antenna strength of my 5S compared to my galaxy S2. I get better reception in most places. I still have issues with the data coverage though. 3G can be painfully slow in some places. I keep hanging on because they keep dangling the carrot in front of me.

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I got a Space Grey 64 a few days after launch. Been with Sprint for 4 years. No complaints here. The just started LTE in July here in Philadelphia and there are more areas with it than not. Based on what I've read in the forums a lot of folks are leaving Sprint. But every one has a carrier horror story with every carrier. For me it was AT

I got my new space gray 5s on launch day from Sprint. I have been with them for 6 years now and the coverage where I live is great. The LTE at my house is faster than my wifi so I am happy.

I had left sprint for t-mobile and the. T-mobile for att. One of my better decisions in life. Just did a 700 mile road trip and boy att gets service in the middle of no-where

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