Which new iPad did you choose? [Poll]

It's a question we've all been asking ourselves, that we've been asked the most of others, and that we've come to different decisions on. iPad Air or iPad mini with Retina Display? The fact that it's such a touch decision is testament to how impressive both new iPads are. Both Rene and myself have come to our own individual decisions for our own individual reasons, but what about you guys; which new iPad did you choose?

The primary reason behind the tough decision is that both new iPads are basically offering the same on the hardware, and the experience front. Clock speed aside both have the same A7 chip, the same resolution display, the same storage capacities and cellular variants and the same colors. They're basically the same save for the size; one is 9.7-inches, the other 7.9-inches. Of course, the Retina iPad mini costs less than the iPad Air due to it's smaller size, but no longer are we compromised in anyway by going for the smaller option.

It basically all comes down to personal preference. Some want the larger display on the iPad Air, others the enhanced portability of going for the Retina iPad mini. There's no right, wrong or bad choice, but there is still a choice to be made. So, which did you go for? iPad Air? Retina iPad mini? Both?! Or maybe you're still undecided or purposely holding off. Drop a vote up top, and tell us what you went for and why in the comments below!

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Which new iPad did you choose? [Poll]


Even though it's great to have a new gadget year by year, my ipad 2 still does the job perfectly. So I am waiting for next year to upgrade.

Yep, it works great, I'm not a gamer so I won't have much use of the new chip and right now those new iPads don't do additionally anything that I need. I exchanged my iPad 2 for the 1st Mini just to change something about my favourite tablet, thanks to that decision I didn't have to invest more money and if Apple wants me spend more of my cash they'll have try harder.

iPad 3 still is running every app I want and performs just fine. Only reason to upgrade is if the ios won't run on it anymore I.e. iPad 1. Love the new ones but going to hold off again.

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I don't see why people find it tough to decide between these two devices. In my opinion this should be the easiest of all, they have the same exact specs so the only thing that someone should have to decide on between the two is the weight, portability, price and screen size. Opposed to the iPad 4 vs the original iPad mini last year you added to the decision, things like screen resolution and processor power was an added factor between the iPad 4 and original iPad mini compared to the iPad air and retina iPad mini. Apples made the decision much easier in my opinion.

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I replaced my ipad 3 with the iPad Air. I chose that over the new mini to get the larger screen. The lighter Air clinched the deal.

I'm still a bit peeved that the original iPad mini is a whole two generations behind the iPad 4. Bought my girls the mini and I have the new mini Retina, and the performance difference is night and day. My wife has the iPad 4, so she couldn't justify having me trade in or sell it for the new Air.

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I'm totally converted to the mini so I upgraded to the Retina Mini from the 1st Gen Mini but also got an iPad Air for all the family to use round the house. After using the mini for 8 month the Air feels huge (but gorgeous screen) but the mini for me is now perfect & so easy & accessible to take anywhere with you.

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iPad Air 16 GB LTE. I've always liked the bigger screen real estate vs the mini.

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Got a good price for my IPad3 so made the transfer to the IPad Air. No. need for for the mini as i use the IPad mainly at home and therefore prefer the larger screen. Quite happy with the item, great screen, fast and reliable for work and home.

I have both the the ipad 4 and the first mini with a data. For me to upgrade it's truly a want not a need .Since I have one more year on contract for the mini so I will not spend extra money this year and when next year comes I will upgrade both of them. I love the bigger iPads for home use only and my mini and iphone go's out the front door with me every place I go .

Except iPad mini retina has a smaller color gamut. Sure, most people don't care and will never notice but if you do, sad face. iPad Air for me.

I noticed it straight away, having longed to see the eye popping clarity and richness of myiPad3's display. I think it's disingenuous to deny the very obvious difference. Look at any high resolution photo with blue and reds - it's chalk and cheese between the two displays. The argument that "you only look at one screen so it's fine" is hogwash in my opinion. If you're looking at an rMini's display, then you're looking at a screen that isn't reproducing these colours anywhere nearly as accurately as other retina iPad displays will, even if you're only looking at that one display! I just don't think that's good enough ...nearly 40% difference in gamut is not "neither here nor there" - it's bleedingly obvious, yet Apple call it an "equivalent" level device. That is why my rMini turned into an Air, which has a much superior display, and despite what anyone might want to believe, the difference is far from subtle.

I've owned the iPad 1,2,3 and 1st Gen iPad Mini. I loved the format of the iPad Mini and assumed I would be one of the first customers for the iPad Mini with Retina Display, but I was deeply disappointed by the significant price bump!

It's not all about the price, because I actually opted to pay the extra for the iPad Air instead!

At 249 pounds, the 1st Gen iPad Mini was a great price point for an entry level iPad. If Apple had have bumped the price marginally for a retina display, it wouldn't have been too bad as long as it still started with a two but bumping the price by 80 pounds, making it only 70 pounds cheaper than the 9.7" iPad Air, in my opinion makes the Retinal Mini well overpriced.

After the post launch reports on the Mini's Retina display, I think I made the right decision!

I won't rule out being an iPad Mini customer again in the future, but hopefully that will be when Apple has corrected its price hike bungle and improved the technology and quality of the Mini's display to better than the competition. I hate Andoird with a passion and am not interested in any other tablet other than an iOS tablet, so the iPad Air at an entry level of 399 pounds is still the best value for money , quality and specification IMO!

Nexus 7 for me. It was the obvious choice. And not just because of the price either. I could afford any tablet I wanted but I prefer an open-source OS over the closed iOS any day of the week. Call me crazy but I like to think I own my device, not just the "rights" to use it as the manufacturer sees fit. Or maybe I'm not simple minded enough to enjoy iOS. I guess that's the price you pay for being a tech geek. Dammit!

Why do you have to be simpleminded because you prefer one operating system over the other? The fact that you care so much is quite frankly simpleminded. These corporations should be fighting over's not the other way around.

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I agree with you. I like tech as much as the next guy, but the one thing I'll never do is bash someone or use a condescending tone over their preference of product. There's enough room in the world for choice.

I made the mistake of getting a Nexus 7 too. The app selection is pathetic. The Google Play store won't even let me download the ones I want. So much for being open. It's quad core but much slower and cheaper feeling than my iPad Air. Overall the Nexus was a waste of money. It looks like junk, feels like junk and works like junk. Wish I had my $200 back.

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Well consider your self lucky. Had you went out and bought an ipad, you'd really be mad at yourself. I had an ipad, I still can't get over how overpriced they are.

There are many reasons I'm dying to have an iPad again - from Tweetbot to iMessage to video apps like Amazon Instant Video to Safari sync (I feel stuck on Chrome) to tablet apps like Paper and having my full pick of productivity services instead of only those that are cross platform.

That said I have an original N7 that runs fine, and calling it junk is very much a gross overstatement IMO unless you're simply allergic to Android. I'd just like better, especially now that the retina Mini exists.

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You say about open source OS, but this is not true. You always have the user interface - UI of the company (nexus, samsung, sony, lenovo, LG, etc). Android has the more security problems. Instead IOS is peace of mind. Regarding the rights,when you pay then the rights are yours. Any quality software has rights and that is fair.

Going all in on IOS, changed my Nexus 4 for an iPhone 5 and picked up an iPad Air to replace my Sony Tablet Z. Can't have it until Xmas though (there are times when I really don't like my wife...)

I got the regular mini. I needed one to run lexicomp for pharmacy school and with the 100$ gift card it was 200 at Walmart on Black Friday.

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I upgraded to the iPad air 64g + lte from the iPad 4. The weight size and performance difference is really astonishing to me!

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My iPad 3 still runs great. Maybe next year or the year after, I'll get a new one, maybe the Mini version. But anything can happen in 2 years. :)

I gave my iPad 3 to my wife and got the Air. She had been using a Kindle Fire so did not know what a real tablet was like. Now she's hooked and loves her iPad. The Kindle is long gone thanks to eBay.

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Sold my iPad 3 and iPad Mini 1st gen to buy a Surface 2, three weeks later, sold the Surface 2 to buy a 64gb Ipad Air.. Happy to be back!

It looks like a lot more people like iPad air more then any other iPads and I'm my park parents just bought me one on Friday for Christmas that I asked for for Christmas so I'm GETING and iPad air on Christmas only 24 more days till I get my iPad Air yayayayyayay

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I want the iPad Air!! Hopefully I get one for my birthday (which is in 6 days) or for Christmas.

It was a difficult decision this time around since the only difference is the screen size. I purchased the Air and my wife got the Mini with retina display. After using both for the last week I am super happy I went with Air. I'm a big fan of the larger real estate. My wife is happy with her Mini for the smaller screen size.

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Wow, 47% of votes for the iPad Air.
I'm with the minority on this one and go with the retina iPad Mini simply because portability is king for me.

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I still have an iPad 2 which has a new lease of life since iOS 7. I also had 2 iPad mini's both 16gb, one of which I won from iMore coloured red. I sold both my iPad mini's and upgraded to an iPad mini retina space grey 128gb and it is awesome. Don't mind the slight weight diff and it still fits snug into my fave case.

Had it for 2 weeks and it is full of games, music and movies. Over 500 apps and still have 34gb spare. It's runs so fast and the screen is amazing. It's only rebooted once so little drama there. I absolutely love it!!

If I had the cash I'd upgrade my iPad 2 to an air but am holding off for a new MAC instead :)

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iPad Air 64G wifi. The screen real estate is why I have a tablet. Otherwise, I'll use my iPhone. I connect to the web via the iPhone personal hot spot. My iPad 4th gen has LTE but turns out I never had a use for it as I always have my iPhone with me to connect my iPad to the web.

I'm not picking up a new iPad. I'm perfectly happy with my iPad Mini. I don't get the hype over the retina display. For what I use my tablet for, the regular iPad Mini does just fine.

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iPad mini with retina. I am not using my iPad 2 that much only because of the weight. It is just too heavy

Didn't choose one because I'm still financing my new MacBook Pro, but if I did, I would do the Air. Haven't really been a fan of the Mini. I feel as though if you're going to use a tablet, may as well make it larger. That's just me though. Plus the Air's design is just simply unmatched. It's so awesome and iOS 7 looks GREAT on it.

But for future reference, can anyone give me valid reasons to WHY I should purchase a tablet? I've been wanting one mainly for reading and drawing purposes but have been able to make do with my iPhone 5 and MacBook Pro..

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I went with the Retina iPad Mini. I've had the full sized iPad from the first gen to 3rd gen. So it was like a "been there done that". When I sold my iPad 3 I wasn't going to get another full sized iPad until I tried a Mini. I wasn't going to get a Mini until it went Retina so this year was my year. I tried an iPad Air and although for a few minutes I almost faltered because it was so damn light. I waited and got the rMini. I love it and the only thing that would have made me pass it up would have been a fingerprint scanner on the iPad Air. So next year depending on what the two models have now that I've tried the Mini. I might be swayed back to the darkside.

I am new to Apple but I am loving this Ipad Air that I have. Really thinking about replacing My Z10 for an Iphone. Not there yet