Samsung unveils Gear 2, Gear 2 Neo smartwatches. World still waiting for iWatch...

Gear 2 and Gear 2 Neo are Samsung's second-generation smartwatches. They've lost both the Android operating system and the "Galaxy" brand, but gained Samsung's own, home-grown, Linux-based Tizen operating system instead. What exactly that means will take a while — and a series of reviews — to figure out. Jerry Hildenbrand for Smartwatch Fans:

There are some substaintial changes since last year's Galaxy Gear, but at first glance they look very similar. We're OK with that, because we want the Gear to keep it's unique style and exceptional build-quality. The software, while completely different, also has a familiar look and users should be comfortable with the changes.

When Samsung announced the original Galaxy Gear smartwatch, I joked that it was a study of what an Apple iWatch wouldn't be. That part at least doesn't appear to have changed. If the Pebble is the Palm V of smartwatches, this feels like the Windows Mobile. That's not a bad thing, it's simply a reminder of just how new the entire category still is.

Apple, for their part, seems content to be patient as usual. They weren't the first smartphone and they weren't the first tablet. They don't care a flying flip about first. They want to be best. Just like Apple waited for the Treo and the BlackBerry, and the Tablet PC to identify problems they deeply believed they were uniquely position to solve, I imagine they'll wait for early smartwatches to frustrate us before they release an iWatch.

So, while we continue to wait and speculate, check out the new Samsung Gear 2 family and let me know — what do you think?

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Samsung unveils Gear 2, Gear 2 Neo smartwatches. World still waiting for iWatch...


Apple isn't making a product no one cares about and is not exactly selling in droves? I'm shocked. Shocked i tell you.

Exactly. Besides I don't think Apple's wearable device is going to be a "smart watch". I think it's going to be geared towards health/fitness. Something that isn't a complete duplication of their phone.

well they are better looking than the new Pebble watches in my opinion. They don't make for such a bad looking fitness watch, though they are a little large for my taste.

Well Apple is having fun watching Samsung do something completely wrong .. And for once they are doing something without copying them .. But they brought out the gear because of the apple rumor so In a way they are copying ... Wait for the gear 3 it's gong to look like the iwatch

Lol they make something before apple it's copying, they make something after apple it's copying. The fact that they got a mini tablet is copying even though they had a mini tablet over a year a go. The fact that Samsung make TV is copying too right.

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Yeah because in the 3 months of apple watch rumors Samsung completely designed, tested, and everything that goes into releasing a product. If you really think they did it because of *rumors* then you really are gullible.

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I think they're attractive. Without iOS support, though, I'm not interested. It appears to be nothing more than a Sumsung lock in attempt. Not that Apple isn't guilty of that, too. This device will only function apparently with other Galaxy phones. Poor.

Once flexible phones and tablets are mainstream, the Smartwatch will be kicked to the kerb.

Being able to put your phone on your wrist is what I'm looking forward too.

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I still don't see the value in the product. They are waiting for apple to release their product so they can copy and design their product to be similar. This has been Samsung strategy for the longest. I've notice it with their TV's would be similar to sony TV's except it would be a plastic version of it.

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"... Samsung's own, home-grown, Linux-based Tizen operating system instead."

I've seen exactly one Tizen-based smartphone, and it was godawful.
It really felt like a beta test unit. And, actually, I think it was.
Looked and felt like a cross between Windows XP and Palm OS 5.0.

Honestly it doesn't matter if it's Samsung or Apple. I'm not prepared to be locked into a device ecosystem based on my choice of watch. Which is why I'll continue to stick with Pebble.

I also have the Note 3 & the 1st Galaxy Gear, they work fantastic as a team, I run my business off those two great devices. The new Gear looks even better and has updated specs. If you own the Note 3 the Galaxy Gear is a must have. Samsund doesn't need to build their SmartWatch to work with any other companies phones, they have such a large share of the Smart Phone market, no need to build for anyone else but Samsung.
PS I also have the iPhone 5S and iPad mini. Just a tech fool always looking for the latest and greatest.

Ive always thought the gear and the smart tv were knee-jerk reactions based on a rumor. That's a lot of R&D dollars spent trying to beat another company to market. Take the time to study the consumer and scratch their itch. I don't think there was a real itch in the first place. They can't "revolutionize" and "disrupt" something every single year, that's crazy.

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You also can't go years without revolutionizing anything, like Apple has. It makes people start to consider other v options. In using a Nexus 5 now and not turning back until the iPhone provides a new experience at a lower cost. The Moto X and the Nexus 5 are threats to the carrier subsidy oligopoly. We need a bigger threat.

They took out the word camera bulge and moved it to the face, and took out the screws. Looks better. Still locked to Galaxy homes though, which I'll never buy. At least they removed the absolute mess of firmware it was running and replaced it with something purely Samsung. I'm still waiting on Google to sell an at-cost wearable. I would love to be able to search anything anywhere just by talking to my wrist