AT&T want to buy Leap Wireless, get all your Cricket iPhones

AT&T buying Leap Wireless, getting all your Cricket iPhones

AT&T and Leap Wireless have announced their intention to get hitched, spectrum wise. $15 a share, cash, is the acquisition price, and AT&T will get the Cricket brand and customers along with it. AT&T, in a prepared statement, said:

The combined company will have the financial resources, scale and spectrum to better compete with other major national providers for customers interested in low-cost prepaid service. Cricket’s employees, operations and distribution will jump start AT&T’s expansion into the highly competitive prepaid segment.

Of course, that's all subject to regulator approval, which has sometimes favored these kinds of deals, and sometimes killed them dead. If you're a Cricket customer, or an AT&T customer for that matter, what do you think? Will AT&T and Cricket be better together, or should they stay well apart? Get the full press release via the link below.

Source: Yahoo! news

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AT&T want to buy Leap Wireless, get all your Cricket iPhones


Hopefully it means cricket iPhone customers can now get service replacement iPhones at Genius Bar.... Currently apple genius tells customers of cricket wireless to go back to cricket to get a replacement

Under the buyers remorse time frame, yes, Apple only takes back phones they have sold. But for warranty transactions, Apple handles them all.

Apple does not do exchanges for warranty replacements on cricket phones. First hand experience. Went with a friend to get an iPhone 5 replaced by an apple genius (home button broke) was told by genius that they don't carry replacements of the iPhone 5 running on cricket and there's no way to "wipe" the software of the current stock phones to install the cricket software lock... Was told to go contact cricket...

Why even bother giving cricket a license to sell the phone if they can't even get warranty exchanges in the apple store.

Makes no sense

Just pure run around

Apples website says "people choose iPhone because you get to talk to real people... You don't get the run around" ... Has to have an asterisks next to it saying you need to be an unlocked phone or on a major carrier.

Maybe things have changed since you tried, or maybe the ppl you talked to didn't know what they were talking about, but I definitely exchanged my wife's Cricket iphone 5 at an Apple Store last year. It took the guy a few minutes because he had never done one before, but in the end I walked out with a brand new iphone 5 that worked as before.

So, this won't change anything for Cricket customers regarding their warranty. They'll go to Cricket and Cricket will send their iPhones to Apple. But will this improve or expand Cricket's service, or is it just a wireless spectrum grab that really does nothing for Cricket customers, AT&T customers, but helps AT&T? The FCC might not be so keen to allow this if it only helps AT&T but does nothing for customers.