Doom Resurrection, iTunes Movies, Tap Tap Revenge, IM+,, Autostich - TiPb Picks of the Week


Every week a few of us from team TiPb, bloggers and forum crew alike, will bring you our current favorite, funnest, most useful App Store apps, WebApps, jailbreak apps, even the occasional accessory, web site, or desktop app if the mood strikes us. As long as they're iPhone (or iPod touch) related, they're fair game.

So who's on deck this week and what are our picks? Find out after the break!

Chad's Pick: Doom Resurrection

I was a little apprehensive about this on-rails First Person Shooter (FPS) but id did a great job with it. It controls great, has a nice environment and all the weapons you love from the original. The ability to dodge adds an extra level of immersion as well. This is a fine hold-me-over until Doom Classic gets released soon...[$9.99 - iTunes link]

DOOM Resurrection

Chris' Pick: iTunes Movie Rentals

I was just out in the field, and my hotel didn't have a TV or anything. Luckilly I had planned in advance and rented some movies through iTunes, so I was able to watch them on my iPhone while in the hotel room. [Variable - <a href=""">iTunes link]


Jeremy's Pick: Tap Tap Revenge 2.6

I scored 428,486 on Wrong by Depeche Mode, in Tap Tap Revenge 2, the hot music rhythm game for the iPhone and iPod touch. If you are on your iPhone or iPod touch and have Tap Tap Revenge 2 installed, click the link below: Open Tap Tap Revenge 2 and play the challenge! [free - iTunes link]

Tap Tap Revenge 2

Leanna's Pick: IM+

I've been hesitant to spend the money on an IM client, but IM+ won me over with the integration of Twitter push. Now, I'm not going to say that IM+ perfectly pushes Twitter, because it doesn't, but it's an impressive first attempt. Every direct message and @ mention gets pushed to me 1 to 4 minutes after it was sent. Every once in awhile some random tweet gets pushed through as well, but not often. What about normal IM? It's works great! I will have a full review of IM+ soon, so stay tuned! {$9.99/month - iTunes link]


Matt's Pick: has recently updated their site so that you can now log in to your own account and add apps that you have bought. will then notify you (optional) when updates come out for your apps. You can also create a wish list for apps that you want to purchase in the future (an also receive updates about price changes). The website also allows different sorting options and rankings of your apps in your collections. [Web link]

Rene's Pick: Autostich

My photographic aspirations far exceed my talents, and while my experiments at iPhone 3GS HDR are still resulting in misaligned ghost worlds, my iPhone 3GS panoramas have taken a step towards... well, if not the better, at least the easier. Previously, I would take my shots and bring them into Photoshop to assemble a pano. Now, I just use Autostich right on the iPhone, and the results have been excellent. If they could add a cropping feature, my on-device workflow would be complete. [$1.99 - iTunes link]


Your Pick?

You're part of team TiPb too, so what's your pick? What app was your absolute fav last week? Let us -- and everyone -- know in the comments!

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Reader comments

Doom Resurrection, iTunes Movies, Tap Tap Revenge, IM+,, Autostich - TiPb Picks of the Week


I already have BeeJive and although I have been spending my $$$ on apps I don't need or will probably never use, I have a dislike for IM+ stemming from the BlackBerry days. It may change if someone can show me reasons why.
BeeJive when these bugs get ironed out will be my primary IM app again.

Note re IM+:
According to tech support, IM+ can only remain logged into Skype for 15 minutes after you close IM+. They said this was for "technical reasons". They must have worked for Apple at one time to come up with such an enlightening answer.
It remains logged into other services for as long as you choose.
Anyway, I like it, and have not seen any reason to buy the more expensive BeeJive.

A hotel with no TV or anything?.....oh I get where at the south pole were you staying? Vostok Station??

Warning about Doom Resurrection, it's an "on rails" game, there is no freedom on the movements you can do and most images are "pre-rendered". This is not to say the game is not worth the price, but if you expect Doom 3 iPhone-version it's not the case...

I prefer Pano over Autostitch.
My pick this week is Flycast. It can be set to run in the background now.