iPhone 2.0 is Live: Start your Updates NOW!

You can grab the 2.0 update a little early, MacRumors notes, you can grab it directly by downloading this file from Apple. Let's get it on!

Note: since this is a separate file, make sure you're backed up to iTunes before you start, this full update will erase all your data and you'll need to have your data backed up in order to restore afterwards.

In order to install the firmware, you will have to do it manually by pressing the Option key when pressing the "Check for Update" button in iTunes. Then select the .ipsw file manually. If for some reason your download is a ".zip" file, rename it to ".ipsw" before proceeding.

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Bad Ash says:

For PC users you have to hold the shift key down while hitting check for update.

Bad Ash says:

Yes, it works fine. For more info check out the thread I started in the forums.

FJR says:

so I do the update manually, then just sync it again after that and that restores all my data with the 2.0 upgrade?

FJR says:

I got an "unknown error" and then had to restore. For a brief second I thought I had bricked the sucker.

Cool Cat says:

My brother just ran the update on his iPhone and now it appears to be deactivated and iTunes won't recognize it. NOOOOOOO!!!!!

FJR says:

itunes won't recognize it at all? My iTunes wouldn't recognize it as my iphone, but it did recognize it as an iphone, at that point I could just hit restore, and it gave me the option of restoring as "FJR's iPhone".

FJR says:

bad ash, did you already have itunes 7.7 installed?

Evan says:

anyone else get the error (-9808)

Evan says:

I did the update and it all ran well..when I try to connect it back to itunes I get the error (-9808)..I think it is some firewall that won't let me access my account information on the iTunes store..someone please help..

Bad Ash says:

@FJR Yes I had 7.7 installed. That is a must.

allison says:

Thank you restored to 2.0 and syncing --no problem. Except, you have to hold down option + alt to get the manual load....Maybe that's a "given"...but I am a lurker on these tech blogs, and not as savvy as "all that"
Successful anyway thanks to those much more savvy than I!

FJR says:

yeah, when I originally read this thread, I didn't even know 7.7 had come out, because it wasn't finding it on the check for updates part of itunes, I had to manually go to apple.com and download it there.

FJR says:

for a free game, cube runner is pretty wicked sweet

TJ says:

FJR Once you downloaded 7.7 have you had any other problems? I'm thinking about updating but I want to make sure I won't do any damage to my phone

john says:

can you download 2.0 to a jailbrooken iphone with out unjailbreaking it ?

FJR says:

no problems whatsoever thus far.
I've downloaded around 8 free apps. Cube Runner, though very basic, is pretty sweet and its free.
Facebook doesn't seem to be working yet, it seems like facebook itself isn't set up to take the connection yet, which I guess is the price we pay for doing it before 2.0 is really available.
Also of note is that contacts has its own seperate icon now, you dont just access it from phone.
mass delete works well.
The remote works like a charm for iTunes.
AOL Radio also works very well.
But again, worked like a dream after downloading 7.7

Adam says:

I installed 2.0 on a jailbroken 1.4 and no problems.
The only issue I am having is my AIM app worked only once and now doesnt and I cant get mail anymore? But everything else so far is sweet. I think I need to delete and re setup mails.
No uninstall feature?

Doug says:

after downloading 2.0... do i need to restore first, then update?

aden says:

can i uprgade to 2.0 on a iphone using tmobile sevice?

Adam says:

followup... still havent been able to get my mail working, cant delete the accounts, cant update the information, can't even open the mail icon...

Adam says:

update 2...needed to restore as a NEW IPHONE and not backup from existing backup

FJR says:

hmm, that is weird, I from from my existing backup with no problems. Contacts, calendar, music email, etc worked perfectly.

DKT says:

I downloaded the file and it came down as a zip file. I changed the extension to .ipsw and the download is still a folder that has other files contained in it. I click on the 'firmware' folder and get two more folders with numerous files in them. What am I doing wrong?

mrlakesjr says:

I'm not able to download the .ipsw version..... I get two other file types in the firmware folder. What am I doing wrong?

mrlakesjr says:

Is what i'm experiencing a OS 10.4 problem?

owen says:

Help! I'm trying to update to 2.0 through iTunes and it has gotten halfway through, restarted my iphone, and now iTunes is giving me a message "We cannot complete your iTunes store request. Please check you network connections" blah blah. My iphone is in emergency mode (slide for emergency on the screen) and I can go directly to the itunes store and download, but when I go to the Phone section of itunes, I keep getting that message. I'm afraid to restart or anything with my phone in emergency mode!! help!

soonershane says:

Owen, I am having the exact same problem! Now I can't even use my iphone!! Anyone know of any fixes?

Valo649 says:

I got the same error right now, this sucks

Valo649 says:

I got this off of apple's website:
I just got off of the phone with iPhone tech support. (had to use my landline!)
After a 20 minute wait, I got to talk to Ashley. She said there are 1100 people on hold and everyone she talked to so far is having the same "accessing iTunes" problem.
She said DO NOT disconnect your phone. Intead, when you get the message saying it timed out, click ok. Then click on any other heading, Music for example, in your itunes. Then go back and click on your iPhone icon.
Keep doing this repeatedly to keep your place in line.
I did this for the past 10 minutes STRAIGHT through and I am now done!!! Honest to god! I dont know how to do screen shots or whatever, but I'm done.
FYI...I called off sick! I thought I was done earlier and was about to leave when the whole "accessing iTunes" debacle began!

SoSickOfThis says:

Man, I'm having such a hard time updating today. They shouldn't have released the update on the same day they launched the 3G. Now I can't use my phone. It's been like 5 hours. For the longest time I couldn't get anything done, it was completely gone... error 1604. Then I plugged into one of my employees Mac's and finally got it to give me some sign there is software on it. Now, thanks to Apple's poor planning and bad customer service I have to wait until iTunes is accessible. This is a disaster!

Stop Hating says:

Everyone needs to stop hating apple. This happens to all companies. Just deal with it and be patient. After all, it's Apple great planning that made the iPhone possible. It is not their fault that all of us decided to be impatient and overload their systems.

patrick says:

can i update ver 2 with my GSM singapore service provider?

patrick says:

does it work on GSM in Singapore