Dress Up Your iPhone With Efiko's Wallpaper Packs


For those of you who have grown weary of iPhone's default wallpaper gallery, Efiko has a supreme four-pack collection that will satisfy your craving. These image packs feature rich, vibrantly colored wallpapers that will have you hitting the sleep/wake button all day.

At just $4.95, it's the best way to blow a fiver.


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Reader comments

Dress Up Your iPhone With Efiko's Wallpaper Packs


A better way yet is to go to Flickr and search the tags "iphone" and "wallpaper". There are hundreds out there and more are being made every day. All for free.
I'm sorry, but to charge $5 for 320x480 pictures is just crazy to me. That's like paying $2 for 10 seconds of a popular piece of music so that you can use it for a ringtone. (Not mentioning the weekly/monthly fee's that go along with that!)

So unlike a lot of other such things I've encountered on the internet, the website is actually paying KoL for his art. It's good. I'm gonna buy.