What Do You Think of the iPad?

Ok, quick take: what do you think of the iPad? Is it truly the "third category" between your laptop and your iPhone? It is overblown, overpriced, and overhyped? Or is it like the iPod: something most people thought was "kind of neat" at first, but which ended up revolutionizing the consumer industry?

Vote below, but more importantly, expand in the comments: mind blown?

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What Do You Think of the iPad?


I don't think it's going to sell all that well.
It's a mediocre device with almost nothing to offer over the iphone and ipod touch except a bigger screen. It's already generating a "meh" from the press.
I think Apple may have struck out with this one...

its not worth buying if you already own a iphone, unless you have buku money then your good :)

You know whats the space between a laptop and an iPhone..a bigger iphone!! Fail! Egh, not even any news about iPhone 4.0. What a let down of an event. Oh well, glad to see its finally done and over with. Hype was overblown.

I am hugely disappointed in today's event. iPad is basically my 3GS but with no phone! I was hopeing for a laptop replacement device but without real on-board storage for files, native Mac apps, and other connectivity it really blows for my needs...especially with the high price tag! In addition I was hoping for some iPhone OS 4.0 announcements...UI is getting obsolete and in need of more functionality for Springboard organanization, multitasking, etc.. I feel like I wasted my time watching the live blogging and video feeds. I will be surprised if Apple stock applauds this...did not live up to all the hype!!!

we'll see what its like after its been hacked to pieces and can run all sorts of non-approved apps... probably won't buy it though...

Need to know if it does Bluetooth Tethering with iPhone (or any other phone).
At first during the presentation, wasn't impressed. The more I saw the more I wanted one.
Need to play with before I can make any decision on owning one. There's a lot to like, although I can only feel that like the iPhone the 2nd generation version will be the killer.
Oh and where was out "One More Thing"?? (iPhone 4.0)

I love Apple, I really do, but I think they may have a flop on their hands with this one.
If this is meant to compete with the netbook market out there does Apple realize that you can get a "top of the line" acer netbook for $350? Apple wants $500 for the lowest end. No multitasking? A keyboard that you have to purchase separately? Seriously, who is this aimed at? Doesn't make sense for an iPhone (or even iPod touch) owner to have one, and it can't do everything a net book does for double the price.
Don't get me wrong, this is a "neat" device but I think this isn't going to sell well or Apple will have to DRAMATICALLY drop the price.

I posted this in another thread, but since this is the official what do u think thread, I will post it again:
the iPad seems nice and everything, but tbh, I feel that the iPhone was gimped on purpose to make “room” for this 3rd category of mobile devices. Kinda disappointing to see the 4.0 not even mentioned, like its being shafted or something. the Iphone more than capable to run iBooks and iWork apps.
If this does prove to be the philosophy behind the iPhone vs. the iPad, I might have to jump to Android.
Don’t get me wrong, the iPad does sound and look amazing, but I don’t have room for it in my life. Between the iMac and iPhone, i’m pretty much covered except for very few things I wish the iPhone to have (but these little things do not warrant the purchase of a whole new device.
I hope my prediction is wrong, but when was the last firmware upgrade? :/

Probably won't be getting one anytime soon. Disappointed that there was no iPhone 4.0 new.

Apple has run out of new ideas, and they have taken to eating their own young.
Its an ipod Touch on steroids (with optional data-plan). I see this killing iPod Touch sales in a huge way. The entry level price is so close to the touch.
Its the dumbing down of the laptop, with nothing really new added. Even the e-books are nothing more than Stanza or Kindle reader super sized.
No camera, so no video conferencing.
There is certainly plenty of room for the same old Apple game of release anemic, resell new device next year.
I just see so many missed opportunities. Maybe next year.

Hmmm, nice but no camera, multi-tasking, or stylus for writing. Those are some key features that should have been included; then I think they would have had a true hit but at this point not so much...

It's going to sell very well. It's less expensive than people thought it would be, and the 3G data plan without contract at $30/month unlimited seals the deal, IMO. In my previous comments, I've mentioned that unless the data plan is around $30/month, Apple won't be able to sell millions of units. The offered 3G data plan is even better than that, because there's no contract (meaning you can activate it month to month). So, IMO, Apple will in fact sell millions of units this year.

eh.. A big overated Touch with 3G and no dialer. for a few more bucks you could get a Macbook, or a bit less and you get the same thing, a bit smaller, with a phone.
I might have been interested in a 499 model, but AT&T made sure to kill tethering in favor of their "plans." That's where it would have made the bucks. Conected to your already overpriced AT&T Data plan via BT or whatever.
I do like the look/feel of the OS and I hope most of it makes it way to iPhone 4.0

If I didn't do graphics, web, and multimedia for a living... I would buy this to replace my MacBook...
... but it doesn't look like that's gonna happen.

WHAT HAPPEND TO ALL THE OTHER STUFF I.E. IPHONE 4.0. Im very disappointed in apple today. Huge strike out for them...I dont need a bigger iphone. iflop indeed indeeed indeeeeeeeeeddddddd. Wow im mad

So far as I can tell it just seems to be a one-way passive medi distribution device. Not a single thing in the presentation about live communications: no telephony, voice apps, SMS, IM, camera/video, iChat...? I thought it would at least be a superset of the iPhone with regard to those. Very disappointing in that regard. Can't even do video iChat like my PowerBook did 5 years ago.
It's excruciating pretty, but it seems to be pointed primarily at being a means for the masses to buy and consume media. Nothing wrong with that per se, but lots of lost potential.

No-way this this device live up to it's hype. I was really hoping Apple would usher in the next evolution of computing: a computer w/h fully functioning OS mashed into a slate. What we got was an enlarged iPod Touch and Apple's more fully functional version of the Kindle.
iPad = fail. I'm disappointed in Apple.

The propblem with saying its just an iphone/ipod touch is that I HATED typing in such a small cramped space. The larger size is very much welcomed.

Let me see here sync another device charge a new device that does about the same thing as a iphone ? Yeah no thanks.
This device I believe is to be an intro device to apple for people that have not used their items. Or people that don't use smartphones.

Icebike said it oh so well before I had a chance, lol.
This is nothing new. Nothing exciting.
Take the Nexus One hype...and flip it to Apple.
A lot of guessing and nothing to fit the bill.
I need a reason to buy this if, lets say, I already have a PC (whether Mac or Windows) and an iPhone/iPod.
Cause at this point, I'm not seeing it.
Only thing this stands out for is big screen gaming and eBook reader.
At $499...I would buy it to have a nice, colored, eBook reader. That's it.

They want $850 for a 64GB top of the line model?
I can walk into any store and get TWO real laptops or THREE net-books for that price with better stats and functionality.
Here's an idea for you get a real laptop or net-book and tether it to your cell phone and save yourself $400.
Sadly there are enough Apple fanboys to make this a success. Not to mention next years 128GB model with camera. lmao

Everyone is missing the point. This is a device "for the rest of us" and I think Apple hit the sweet-spot. I don't need this necessarily w/ an iPhone and MacBook, but my mother, grandmother and the millions of other people (many more than us geek-boys) who are minimally computer savvy will snap these up. The interface is slick, and there are enough productivity tools between the App Store and the new apps to make this more powerful than other Netbooks on the market, more user-friendly and more functional that Kindles. This will be another Apple home-run and those bitching now will see in short order that it accomplishes what Apple intended...filling that in-between market need where most consumers reside. And, it will grow as niche markets (education, medical, etc.) tap into this form-factor.

Ok so they added dropdown menus is this a hint of what 4.0 will be? Why not put the latest OS??

I'll be getting a wifi only one. Don't think this product will be for everybody but it fits a need I have perfectly

I don't know. I'm following typical fanboy protocol with the iPad right now and loving it. But as I type this on my MacBook and check the pushed Facebook notification I just got on my iPhone I honestly can't see where this device fits in my lifestyle right now. I'm a student and the thought of using the iPad in class is intriguing and would take up less space in the backpack but I need to see the McGraw Hill e-book versions running on the iPad. I've purchased a e-textbook for this quarter and it's really nice on my Mac so unless it really has something to add over that I don't think the iPad is on my horizon just yet.

One question. How are going to transfer all of your music, pics and videos with NO USB port or CD/DVD drive? iPad= NOT FOR ME

I am disappointed. What good is something to surf the web with no flash support? No multitasking, camera, phone or background apps? This isn't going to replace a laptop... so what good is it! What a bust! Guess I have to reconsider my unwillingness to jailbreak my mini-iPad.

Except that my grandmother isn't going to be rocking wifi in her home, and won't be able to afford the price/data plan.
I don't get it...are normal macs really that challenging for everyone? My father, who is about as computer illiterate as they come, has had a mac mini for 2 years with no problems...

hahaha thats it??!! this is the future of apple??!
looks like im sticking with android. something with a BRIGHT future

It's an oversized iPod Touch, whoop-dee-frickin-doo. This is gonna sell like the MacBook Air, only one person will buy it and have buyers remorse a few days later. I have buyers remorse just looking at it and I don't want it.
I guess this abomination isn't coming to Verizon then? And there's no new iPhone news? No iPhone on Verizon news? And before any fanboys say "Verizon sucks. They're not getting it because (insert whatever stupid fanboy reason here)." Shut up, I don't care what your opinion or "logic" is.

If you own a Kindle, you don't need the iPad. If you own an iPhone or iTouch, you don't need it. If you have a laptop, you don't need it. I don't really see a need for it. Maybe a hands-on might change my mind, but it seems unlikely.

No camera = no buy.
Only reason I would buy this is if it had video conferencing (iChat). I mind as well be content with my iPhone that does more.

I'm pretty disappointed that apple wasted time and money developing this. Those resources should have gone into a proven device like the iPhone. They had better do something spectacular with OS 4.0 and the 4G.... the iPad is nothing but a novelty item. Or am I being too critical?

The more I think about it, the more I like the device (Totally not an apple fan boy in fact I use linux). In many respects, this is perhaps what the iPod touch should have been in the first place.

Enormous letdown in my opinion. I was hoping for something revolutionary. I didn't listen to the entire event, but what I've seen is far from revolutionary. Unless there are some serious changes to the iPhone OS and SDK that were not mentioned, the iPad is a mere novelty. Not even close to a game changer. Why would I spend $500+ on a giant iPhone that doesn't have a phone, doesn't have a camera, can't multi-task, and restricts me in major ways? iWork? Seriously? How do you plan on getting any serious work done when you have no (official) access to the filesystem? I get 'cloud' computing is the next big thing and I'm sure there will be some way to upload your work to MobileMe or some junk. For those that think this is a great idea, good. I'm happy for you. I was hoping for a lot more (that Apple could have easily delivered). I'll spend my $500 on a laptop that allows me to do what I want. Not a glorified e-reader.
Sorry for so much negativity. I just feel let down and frankly, without the announcement of major changes to the iPhone OS, Android phones look a whole lot more attractive. As I'm sure you know from my comments here, I absolutely love my iPhone. However, that love hinges on what I can do with my phone after it's been jailbroken. To me, the phone is near worthless without iRealSMS, LockInfo, ProSwitcher+Backgrounder, and access to the filesystem with iFile, Safari Download Manager, and Attachment Saver. These are all features that should be available on any 'smartphone'. We've seen them done via the jailbreak community for a very long time now. Apple is making an incredible mistake by deciding not only to not implement these features themselves, but also continuing to make it more difficult for us to jailbreak.
I know, the fanbois will say 'good riddance' and most others will think I'm a bit over the top. That's fine. I am being a bit crazy. I'm very disappointed. I love my phone and was really hoping Apple would give me a reason to stick with it. Unfortunately, if they won't even give a tablet device multitasking ability, it's pretty obvious the phone won't be getting it anytime soon. Let alone the other features. Yes, I know it's a bit early to say it won't happen for sure. Just seems pretty clear to me. They still have until June. Here's to hoping.

I think this device is perfect for just sitting around the house, and for light touch web users. It's not going to replace your laptop, or your iphone yet.
But when you are sitting down in the evening, and you want to have a look at the news sites, or some basic browsing, a laptop is typically to bulky and an iphone or touch to small, so yes this device is perfect. And at the end of the day the device will just work, as proven with the iPhone.
Will I rush out and buy one, more and likely not. But I do think sooner and later one will be in our house.

Will it work for Mom and Dad?
Will it free Rene from tech support duties?
Possibly. As long as all they want is Web, email, news.
Why did they spend so much time covering the photo application if it has no Camera, or did I miss something. How do you get Pictures in it?

I was looking for a full-fledged computer to finally replace my 2007 Macbook. Considering the work I've put into this machine, followed by Apple's abandonment of the black Macbook model, I've been apprehensive to replacing it. I was really hoping that the iPad would've given me all the features of the Macbook PLUS the functionality of a tablet. And we were given a device that once again falls extremely short. I've been joking for the past couple months that, with all the apps and jailbroken capabiity of the iPhone, the only think I couldn't do on it that i could do on my Macbook was work. iPad doesn't seem to fill in that space in the slightest.

Meh, nothing to phone home about (oh wait, you can't!) The angst over the name is funny, after all it looks just like a PADD from Star Trek.
Would have preferred a full OS with the option of a modified UI and ability to run full Mac apps. I cannot say how it will do in the market. I could see myself using it, but I do not see a compelling reason to actually go out and buy it.
In regards to the price, price is not that bad. At @Steve specifically, iPad is either less than or similarly priced as your 3GS.

By hooking it up to iTunes as always.
Or using the SD Card slot....attached to the dock.
Or I'm guessing MobileMe
These are horrible ways to do it in my opinion.
For someone who has the "best ecosystem" the missed the point of a TABLET PC.
I don't see a PC. I just see a niche multimedia device.

I'm not all that impressed with this one. I will be waiting at least until v2 before I even consider it.

omg yes!!! this has already changed my life for the better!!
the ipad has shown me that ANDROID IS THE FUTURE!!!!
verizon + droid = perfect combo. ill miss you iphone...

Well, when you consider that a brand new Kindle DX is $490, this is a steal. This is all of the following:
picture frame
email/web browser
Video Player
eGame console
word processor/spreadsheet/presentation tool
PLUS every other app you already have installed on your iPhone.
(universal remote, touchpad, etc...)
I think my mother would love one. She certainly loves playing with our iPhones.
One of these without 3G coupled with my iPhone acting as a WiFi Hotspot is going to be killer.

@Anton - think you hit the nail on the head. That's what I was thinking too. It's a iPod Touch for the older crowd. Geeks everywhere are bashing all of this pretty good right now, but I think it has a spot too. Lots of folks would prefer a Touch with a bigger screen. And those same folks probably don't care for a netbook (which I persnally hate).
I like the stand and keyboard. My next question is will 4.0 allow some type of keyboard connection to the iPhone?

@Anton - think you hit the nail on the head. That's what I was thinking too. It's a iPod Touch for the older crowd. Geeks everywhere are bashing all of this pretty good right now, but I think it has a spot too. Lots of folks would prefer a Touch with a bigger screen. And those same folks probably don't care for a netbook (which I personally hate).
I like the stand and keyboard. My next question is will 4.0 allow some type of keyboard connection to the iPhone?

Wow all the negativity, its as if Apple just burned down your house, caused the quake in Haiti and made the iPad out of babies and kittens.
What I find interesting is that the price is actually a lot lower then expected. The $499 version effectively negates the Kindle DX at the same price.
I love my iPhone but it's a bit small to use as an e-reader or to watch movies on. I could totally see myself with one of these for reading books and watching movies especially when I'm traveling.
This is one of those devices similar to my iPhone where I just pick it up and use it conveniently rather then having to move my laptop around the house. It is essentially just a bigger screened iPhone, but that bigger screen is exactly what I have wanted when I'm using my iPhone for anything other than a phone and an iPod.

Personally I find this completely hilarious on ATTs part. Are they getting some kind of cut from selling these iPads other than the monthly plan?
With all the trouble of their so called data usage w/ the iphone alone , this is gonna be a disaster.

Come to think of it? What do most people do with computers?
Play light games-check
Get it?

I knew this was gonna be a joke!! I just knew it!
For weeks, as I contemplated in my imagination the idea of having one of these, I couldn't understand why Apple would even consider wasting money on something like this. I kept telling myself (and other friends too) "I bet you anything Steve Jobs won't release a tablet computer and people are gonna be blown away by something entirely new" - But today we got exactly what I knew this device would be if they dared release it: just a big ipod. I am really disappointed and frustrated. After 20 minutes of seeing the iPad, I just wanted him to get to the new iPhone OS part.. and NOTHING!! There is no way I'm spending $830 bucks.. I already own and iPhone and a MacBook Pro. The only thing I really want from what we got today, is the iBook app for the iPhone and MacBook.. nothing more!

Nothing revolutionary, really. But I see that Apple is building and expanding their iPhone platform, and that is good. Nothing in it for me now, but maybe 2-3 years from today.

@Dan, don't worry, they won't sell enough of these to affect AT&T's network lol.... I seriously hope for Apples sake I will have to eat those words.

If I would not have bought a MacBook pro last summer, I probably would have bought this. In the absence of the MBP, I would have had a PC desktop and an iPhone. In lieu of a laptop, this would have been the perfect in-between device.

I'm disappointed that you can't tether it to an existing iPhone and use that data connection. That would have been pretty cool. I already have my iPhone with me at work, but sometimes I wish it was a bit bigger. Enter iPad. Perfect size, but it's duplicating most everything I have on my iPhone. I guess that I could use my iPhone to play Doodle Jump while watching Star Trek. :)
I could see myself using it to watch videos while I'm bored, and for doing more web browsing. I became a little more interested in it when I found out that there was a 3G data version as well.
"One question. How are going to transfer all of your music, pics and videos with NO USB port or CD/DVD drive?" - just wanted to let you know that it has a dock connection for that. :)

Totally disappointing! It is just a gigantic iPhone. I was hoping to get something in between a smartphone and a laptop. This one is a let down. I am sure it will sell to people who don't own an iPod Touch or iPhone.

I think the iPad is setting the stage for further generation of hardware targeting a true need. It occurred to me during Jobs's presentation that they have perfectly identified that need and are creating a market segment to serve it!
How many of us carry around our laptops from room to room.. sit with it on our laps or side tables while watching TV.. all that horsepower and we're watching a blog.. or youTube hilarity, maybe a news release.. updating twitter in less than two sentences.. as a techy from years ago I immediately felt a kinship to this product, it's what I need to hang out on the net! Which is where a lot of our time is spent.. right now for instance. It's also a great central point for integration and collaboration in my own home. We do it today, ever txt your teenager in the same house to get their attention?
As with the iTouch, and iPhone, I'm sure this is a launchpad for great things to come. I can easily see myself answering calls using this as my home phone, with my integrated address book no longer needing one for my cell and one for my home. Network a few at home you're passing calls back and forth between devices, collaborate online with the caller using iLife tools and online content (assuming they are on the same type of device), maybe a lifelife for AppleTv? Starting to see a larger picture here?
I feel like this is the next big thing, absolutely not going to revolutionize your office space.. yet.. but think home, think convergence.. Think the first step in mass acceptance of integration, combining media and technology and making it useful without being just one more gadget to deal with. It's priced right, it's accepted by publishers, telecoms providers and developers today, talk about positioning yourself to win! I'm in!
I wonder, if there is a larger plan, are we talking about the next generation Microsoft here? .. it would be hard to compete with such tightly integrated (and functional) product suite tied so closely to our daily lives...

It's a "womp-womp" for me too. Imagine trying to type on that keyboard...what do you do with your inactive fingers? Rest them on the screen? I think not.
One thing I was waiting for during the entire presentation was for Apple to tell me why I needed it. What can this POS do that my Palm Pre/Nook can't (besides run iApps)? It doesn't even multitask! Why bother with a 1Ghz processor if you won't be pushing its limits? Ridiculous.
If I see any fool in public with them I'll ask them what kind of phone they have. If they reply any kind of smart phone they'll get hit with the "You're-a-fanboy-huh?" smug smile I give in the face of such stupidity.

"Unfortunately, if they won’t even give a tablet device multitasking ability, it’s pretty obvious the phone won’t be getting it anytime soon. Let alone the other features." - Brian
I was going to say the same thing, you said exactly what I was thinking. I think this means Android for me, too bad.

"Unfortunately, if they won’t even give a tablet device multitasking ability, it’s pretty obvious the phone won’t be getting it anytime soon. Let alone the other features." - Brian
I was going to say the same thing, you said exactly what I was thinking. I think this means Android for me, too bad for Apple.

I don't think this will revolutionize an industry or create some magical third market. The hype surrounding the device has been ridiculous but the fact is, this doesn't do anything much better than an iPod Touch. If you have a smartphone and a laptop/netbook, why do you need this? No multitasking, no camera, no flash, only 64gb, not a full-fledged OS. Sounded like Jobs was hating on netbooks, but can somebody please tell me how this is better than one? Sure, you miss out on the fancy multitouch, but you get all the aforementioned features plus more (a card reader, usb ports, keyboard, etc.) for less money.
I was having trouble wrapping my head around how this tablet would revolutionize computing as all the blogs had assumed and fanboys wished. I was withholding judgement until Apple officially announced it to see if there was some amazing feature I wasn't thinking about. The iPad (terrible name, also) doesn't bring anything new to the table.

This thing is the ultimate All-In-One Mobile Entertainment Device. Its strengths:
1) iBooks (and hopefully soon, newspaper subscriptions and magazines as well)
2) Games
3) Movies and TV Shows
4) Social Networking (with the apps)
For a power user like me, I don't see Safari, Mail, or iWork as a big draw. This is clearly not a device made to do serious work. It cannot be someone's independent portable workstation because it requires syncing with a Mac. I don't think power users are going to be impressed with this. I am impressed by the looks of the built-in eReader, but I still want to know how good it would be for annotations, highlighting, etc, before I decided on how good it really was.
In the end, I'd still prioritize getting an iPhone over the iPad. I'm more concerned with getting stuff done than having a mobile entertainment device.
On the other hand, for someone who just needs a beautiful and dead simple device that just works, doesn't care about power user stuff, and cares about consuming media in all of its forms, this could be a seriously attractive option. I might get it just for the eReader alone, depending on how powerful it is.

My big questions. If i log in using the same "apple id" i use for my iPhone apps, do all my apps transfer to the iPad? Or do I have to buy all my apps again? Also, while they offer iBooks, there has been Kindle software for the iPhone for some time. Will the Kindle app for iPhone work on the iPad? I almost bought a Kindle over christmas. When the announcement came out about the iPad, I decided to wait. If the iPad can run the Kindle software and iBooks (and epub which Jobs said iBooks supported) then I could have an eReader that does all the formats. Also, what about PDF support? That's another issue for me...

I think there is definitely a market for this in schools. Can get multiple for the price of one iMac, and they may be able to get better costs on textbooks, not to mention word processing and presentation software.
This is also a direct competitor to the Kindle. It may not kill the Kindle market, but it's certainly going to hurt it (especially since Amazon has a Kindle app, they're hurting their own business).
I cannot see myself buying one personally. The price is very good (cheaper than or around the same as iPhone 3GS) but I just wouldn't use it on a regular basis vs my MBP. Maybe if it had a full OS X and optional simple UI.

It will be useful to a few people. Just like a few people think Apple TV is useful.
It really is an awkwardly sized iPod touch that you can connect with 3G.
No camera? Seriously?
You lay it down on your knee and pretend you have a real keyboard? Seriously?
You can't multitask? SERIOUSLY?!
I mean the last is just inexplicable for a device that apple thinks may fit in between the iPhone and a macbook. People already think the iPhone seriously needs multitasking. And the iPad doesn't? wow, just epic fail.
I mean yes, it is pretty, and seems to do a couple of things very well. But I read my news just fine on my iPhone, thank you. And it can take pictures, and text, and call people, and fit in my pocket.

Does using the same OS as the iPhone means it will get hacked as easily as the iPhone?
Great potential ahead then :P

I'm going to buy one I like it !! I think apple did a good job on it !!!! I have a laptop that I hate taking to work the ipad is just the right size and I don't see it being cumbersome like alot of laptops I see. Just woundering should I get the Wift with 3g version or just the wifi ?????

i think it is a typically great apple product and obviously already the best e reader out there and will do wonders for media like magazines and newspapers but i was surprised and disappointed by the huge bezel around the screen and that it didn't have a front facing camera particularly for ichat. they mentioned several times how intimate the ipad was and it was like having the internet in your hands, it would be great and quite intimate to have your friends, family and loved ones in your hands with video ichat. major fail there as far i am concerned. also no dashboard widgets that i saw or multitasking. maybe with iphone os 4.0, hopefully.

As a salesman I'm tired of other salespeople telling me how great of an experience something is without offering description.
The whole time all I heard was opinions from Jobs/Schiller/etc. "It's the greatest browsing experience yada yada yada" Really? Cuz in a month I'll have Flash (thus a complete web experience) on my phone, and this will have what?

Stooovie Says:
January 27th, 2010 at 3:31 pm
Come to think of it? What do most people do with computers?
Music-check Mail-check Photos-Check Video-check Web/books-check Play light games-check
Get it?
Yeah, but we do all these things AT THE SAME TIME on our computer (or $300 netbook). Get it?

Been saying right along... wish I had a bigger iPhone. I will be getting the loaded one wi-fi version. This thing will rarely leave the house... I'll use my iPhone for phone calls. iPhone is too small for web browsing and my macbook pro is too big in bed. Perfect...!!!
Can't wait.

A couple of people here have said that Mom and Dad will love the iPad. Well, not this Mom (old enough to be Grandma). I already have a desktop, a laptop, a Kindle, an iPod and an iPhone. What do I need an iPad for? It won't even fit in my purse! I was hoping they'd come up with a device with a stylus that could replace my journal, something for making handwritten notes. But just another way to access the web? No thanks.

The only people who dislike today's event as much as I do is Amazon. This is going to kill Kindle sales. I hope Amazon has something similar in the works.

@Stooovie: Think you hit the nail on the head. This does everything the average home user uses the computer or internet for, plus looks like a pretty good ebook reader. I am tempted to get one for my in-laws so I don't have to deal with support for them.
I don't know what kind of advantage this has over a netbook (I don't think there is much of one), but there is definitely a rather large market for something that does these things well.


With all the trouble of their so called data usage w/ the iphone alone , this is gonna be a disaster.

Not so fast there...
First we don't know if it has the iPhone's nasty infineon chipset, and we don't know if it ever drops to Edge (which is what causes the problem with dropped calls).
Plus AT&T now gets to introduce their Tiered pricing plan as well as sell an unlimited plan.
AT&T is providing network services for the nook and the new kindle. (At no cost to the user, but limited to accessing the respective stores and little else).
They are slowly building paying customer base with devices that are less troublesome than phones. They are slowly turning themselves into the Dumb Pipe Network.
I'm betting this thing (and nook/kindle) uses some bAstardized-3G connection scheme that is way less problematic for the carrier than the Voice And Data full on 3G that phones require.
I don't think this hurts them much.

I strongly disagree with those who say the iPad will "kill" the Kindle. The Kindle feels like a 'real' book; it's great in your hands and on your eyes. But no way is a 10-inch touch screen just as good. It's just not as portable or as easy to hold. (My Kindle fits in my purse, easy, and has a nice cover. But the iPad? Come on!)

Let's face it, is is basically a tablet sized iPod Touch.
With that out of the way, it's a compelling product for those who are looking to buy a Kindle. eBook reading and more.
Also, it looks like a great device for my parents. My dad basically browses the web, listens to music, and writes the occasional e-mail. With his eyesight, an iPod Touch is a non-starter. The ability to buy an eBook and increase the text size is huge for him. All iBooks on this device instantly become Large Print. For the older crowd (and that's a growing demographic), that's an important feature.
I would expect that the target market for this is NOT the phone/computer geek. As a result, the best selling model will probably be the base model. 16GB, no 3G.

I'm gonna buy one for sure. All the things I kind of wished were better on my iPhone should be better on the iPad. The keyboard is bigger so typing should be sweet, except for the fingerprints. The web should be awesome to browse now that there is more screen to display, but brings up the question of flash since it's lacking on the iPhone. It's lighter than my laptop for checking emails, etc. and it should be better than my netbook so I'm all set and waiting. The only thing I'm not sure about is the memory eventually in the next gen that will be more and also comparing the 1st gen iPhone to the 3G or 3Gs I'm thinking should I wait for the next versions?

I'm trying to picture this as a day to day device and I just can't get my head around it. It's one thing to type an email, but it's another to edit a document and really work away like on my macbook. It seems that I would be giving too much up in terms of speed and ease of use. Copy paste was not even shown - will it be the clunky magnifying glass like on the iphone? Hopefully there will be muti-touch to select and edit text.
Also, there was a study done at universities where a class was given a kindle instead of their textbooks. It failed because the students couldn't bookmark or notate on the kindle like they did with a textbook. I fear that without a stylus or something, the ipad will fall short in this area as well. It seems great as a viewing/playing device, but as an input device it has a long way to go before it replaces a keyboard & mouse or even a paper & pen.
I also expected some kind of aTV functionality - like HDMI output so you could link it to your television.
All in all I feel it would not replace my Macbook in terms of ease of use and would not offer significantly more than my iphone to justify the purchase.
That said, I think what Apple didn't show is more telling than what they did. Let the ipad update rumors commence...

Apple is beginning to be like Quentin Tarrantino. The iPhone was Pulp Fiction, but the iPad is Death Proof! :p

@Samantha - I agree if you're talking about the base Kindle device. But vs. the Kindle DX? Same size screen, color, more capabilities, $10 more. Size? Slightly shorter, slightly wider, slightly thicker. The iPad is weighs a bit more than twice the Kindle DX's weight. Library - probably pretty much the same since I figure that the iPhone Kindle app will probably work on the iPad. I figure that eInk is probably a bit easier on the eyes and does better outside in sunlight than a backlit LED screen. I still think that vs. the Kindle DX, the iPad looks to be a much more compelling device.

I'm so dissapointed! Too many limitation to list. I could save a fortune and buy a netbook/laptop for less than half the price and it will do so much more. I'm an apple fanboy and believe in their great products but I believe this really is a rotten apple. Only radical changes to hardware and software will make me change my mind.

I really cannot think of a single reason for why I would buy one of these. Let's move on to wwdc hype now and iPhone 4.

I said last week that Apple had until today to convince me to stick with my iPhone.
I want:
- a decent email client (at the moment I've resorted to giving my google details to a third party and use the gmail webapp);
- notifications that work;
- flash;
- customisation (I have this at the moment with my jailbroken 3G - if I upgrade it will be tethered and who knows what the deal will be with iphone 4); and
- a modern OS - iphone OS was revolutionary a couple of years back, but its badly in need of an overhaul now.
The only thing the iphone has as a unique feature is the scale of the app store. However, if we're being honest, most of the apps in the store are crap, half of them are a glorified web interface and very few people have an more than a couple of apps they would really miss if they had another phone.
The new iPad continues with the dated OS, and offers nothing new at all, except a bigger screen. Price wise its reasonable for what it is, but its money I won't be paying. I have a phone and a laptop - I just can't see why I would need this new device.
I'll be using Android by this time next week.

What a flop. I have to pay another $30 data plan with AT&T when I'm already paying for one for my phone? And I'm going to do this because.....?

Everone on this forum has multiple devices...including SOME Moms/Grandmas. However, the VAST MAJORITY of people have a POS PC (and thus bad computing experiences) and just need something that works for basic media and productivity. That's what Apple is shooting for...not to please every gadget fan-boy on the planet.
This device doesn't blow me away, but I can see it appealing to a very large number of people who don't spend their days working on computers but want/need a useful "appliance" to consume media. Ultimately, this will be the "convergence" device, but to start Apple will lasso in all the fan-boys, plus get MANY non-traditional, non-power users to look at this product at these price points.
G2 & G3 of the iPad will start to add the other functionality...that's how these things work. In the meantime enjoy your laptop/iPhone and let the non-power users start playing with the new iPad media "appliance". There are millions who will find the product,in it's current state and price competitive to less snazzy products, to their liking. 1-2 Generations from now, everyone complaining about it not being this or not being that will have one by late 2011.

What do I think of the iPad?
Well, I don't think I'll be getting one after all. Shame about that, too, as I was really looking forward to it. I can see how some people would find it convenient as a super-e-reader/MID. But with no front-facing camera, plus everything else Apple should've included in it but didn't (which I won't bother repeating here), its usefulness to me personally is severly limited. So I'll wait til its deficiencies get corrected, before I seriously consider getting one. PEACE

I would love to use one and if someone brought me an iPad, I would use it around the house and maybe take it with me some places, but I am not going to pay ~ $600-$1000 Aussie Dollars for such a device. All it is is a giant iPod Touch with a larger screen and 3G data. There is no real point of difference at all. If you travel alot where you don't have to drive, like a train, tram, bus or plane, then I would see a purpose in purchasing one. I have a iPhone 3G and a Plastic MacBook and I personally do not have a need to purchase this. Apple can't do the "put in features periodically" game for this device. It needed to do stuff that other devices can't. What can the device do that is unique to it? Lets see. Read books, work on documents, presentations and spreadsheets. Thats about it. The rest is just all enhanced. Like for example, where is the stylus and handwriting recognition? Not everyone likes or wants to use a keyboard to write on devices like this. The only thing that is good about the iPad for the iPhone is that future iPhone OS versions should have custom backgrounds for your home screen, you can buy books, and minor enhanced features like terrain view in Google Maps. I think Apple needed to develop this product some more before releasing it in my opinion.

You'll need to ask yourself a couple of questions before buying this...
1. If you want to read how heavy will it feel after reading for 30 minutes and will it feel too warm.
2. if you surf, are you going to care about the lack of flash and being tied to safari
3. If you want to watch movies, what if your videos are in divx, xvid or mkv format, it ain't gonna work
4. I'll assume the hdmi output is on the dock but you should make sure thats the case if you want to hook it up to you tv
5. $499 is for 16 gigs, thats about 7 HD movies and I doubt all 16 gigs will be available. So you do need to buy the 64 gig version which is still iffy capacity. If you dump all your music you would probably use 6-10 gigs.

If it were a fully functional MacBook in tablet form, I'd be interested but his seems to be a vehicle for Apple's vendors to sell games and media. No problem with that but the machine's not for me. It's good to see Steve back though.

OK. Is it a phone?? No. Is it an ipod?? Not really. Ereader?? Maybe. This thing is going to have an identity crisis. What do they expect people to do with it?? Carry it everywhere they go?? It is not exactly portable. If you have to "case it", get a laptop. Hand held?? Not at 1.5 pounds. I don't even want to think what would happen if you dropped it. I think Apple made a cool gadget for a market that does not exist. And as usual, we wait, and wait to get ANOTHER half way done product, with the "promise" of more. This REALLY makes me worry that the 4th gen phone will not be much of a leap from what we have now. Apple seems willing to hold back function to promote form. I'm sure there are a dozen reasons it does not do the things it doesn't. And I bet "couldn't make it fit / drained the battery too fast" will be at the top of the list.

I'm no fan boy, I have and use PC and Mac, and I love my phone, but I think the IPad a big fart! It has nothing that would compel me to go out and buy it. I can surf the web very nicely from my 13" MBP, thank you... Likewise, if I'm on the go I can use my iphone. I'm really disappointed that Phone 4.0 was not released!!!!!!! I want multitasking!!!

You know I think I just figured out the target market for the iPad. Aging iphone/iTouch/iPod users. Once they stop being "mobile" and stay at home more, they will still want to listen to their tunes and browse the web, but those aging backs, are not going to want to sit in desk chairs for long periods of time.
And the screen size is perfect for those aging eyes. Sure it's a little weighty, but stick an iTable on your wheelchair or scooter/easy chair and POOF, a stable surface to surf and maybe even download from your home media center to watch movies from.
As for multitasking, I'm sure that will come in an update or two, especially if the next gen iPhone has it.
I will say, I'd would not mind having, if only to have something different to play with. Can't say that it would replace anything I own now, but I can see that it will appeal to many people, even if only to have the next Apple offering.

Hm, I don't know, the jury's still out for me, but I think it's pretty solidly in the not-quite-good-enough-for-me-to-buy-it category.
For those who expect this to kill Kindles...I love my Kindle, and there are at least two things that make me skeptical that the iPad would dominate over the Kindle: 1) 10 hour usage battery life can't hold a candle to the Kindle's 2 week battery life, 2) as a backlit screen, it'll be harder on the eyes than eInk screen. Maybe that last doesn't affect everyone, but I think it makes a difference to my eyes.
For the other features...I dunno...maybe.
...though, I definitely don't like that I have to sync it for content. I'd much rather just directly get wifi access to shared resources (music, photos, videos, documents) on my home network when I'm at home, I'd think.

stick a cd drive on it and you got yourself a buyer, other than that, it's fantastic, but without a cd drive, it's a bit rubbish really, just an iphone, and i don't even like iphones

Definitely a letdown after all the hype, but I still want one. I'll use it at home for web browsing and email and such. Same things I use my iPhone for, but when I'm sitting at home, it'll be nice to have the bigger screen. I don't see myself carrying one around town, when my iPhone fits in my pocket.
I definitely like it better than a laptop or a desktop.
I don't have internet access at home, so I'll have to decide whether I want to spring for another data plan or get by with tethering. At $30/month it almost makes more sense to get home internet service and use with Wifi, but maybe I'll want to take it on trips with me, in which case 3G would be handy. Hmmm, decisions.
It's too bad it won't accept my iPhone's SIM card.
I'm assuming it will use EDGE when 3G's not available?

I just wish it had a stylus. I wanted to use it for taking notes in math and science classes where typing isn't practical. Maybe you can get away with typing notes for a history class, but not for math. So many people use Tablet PCs for that and I really wanted a mac version. I bet the art people wish the same thing. Without a stylus, I probably won't get one. I wonder if some third party company can come up with a stylus that works well, or if the touchscreen just isn't set up for it.

@RJD: Because the Lenovo (1) weighs 3.8 pounds, (2) has a 5-hour battery, (3) runs Windows, and (4) costs $999. Compared with the iPad, I'd call the Lenovo an epic fail.

Complain Complain everyone wants to complain about Apple because they didn't produce what was rumored. Duh it was rumors that got your hopes up not Apple so blame all your frustrations on the blog and tech sites not Apple. The iPad will turn out to be better than you think just give it time just like we have to give the iPhone more time, what the iPhone is two years old and your still wanting more from it.

Whoever even thinks about getting this biggest piece of crap is an ideot. What the hell are you going to do? Its just big enough that you need a backpack to carry it around and to take up some significant counter space if you leave it home. If your the type to get out a lot are you really going to carry a backpack around wherever you go? Id rather carry around my $350 dollar Acer laptop that has significantly More storage space and does a lot more than this POS. "Hey. I've got an idea. Let's take what we already have and make it bigger! They'll never expect that!" Well no duh! I want sleeker and the ability to carry it around without weighing me down. What retards. My phone does more.

Try some deep breathing, O Angrily Disappointed Ones. In. Out. In. Out. In. Out. Hey, it's okay if you don't like the iPad and don't want to buy it. It's okay.... There are other technological items out there.... Relax.... Relax....

It seems to be another frustrating new product deserving no consideration. Is there really any space between the pocket phone and the netbook??

I think this product has been designed for a very specific part of the population and certainly not for us 'geek' always looking for the best of the best in what could be done.
I agree with most of you that Apple could have had delivered better product I would have loved to have a 'real' mac os running on that stuff !!
but at the same time they're trying to get 'mom' and 'dad' and other people not really interested by technology to have a new device slim easy to use which fulfill they're basic needs which are internet mail picture whatching movies and stuff !!!
plus the staring price is pretty cool !!
For me before buying it I will have couple concerns:
price of the Iwork suite ...
can I use my bluetooth apple keyboard
can we jailbreak it

Kinda disapointed in this release. I get that its more a web based device than a conventional Laptop, but it doesn't even have a built in webcam, which seems to be a huge gap in its own web book reason to be.
I think i'll give this one a pass and stick with my iphone and mac book pro until something better comes along. Surprised Apple missed the mark with this one..

Come on folks.
The people out here moaning are the ones who were on the cusp of really wanting to buy Apple's new toy but also wanted a fully-featured product.
That's just not the way they do things.
The iPhone only really hit its stride by its 3rd iteration. Most folks only really got into it when the 3G and 3GS came out and the app store was proven to be a success.
I suspect that the iPad will follow a similar pattern where the Apple sheep (who absolutely, positively MUST have it) will buy the product and field test it for the rest of us.
Meanwhile, we'll all be waiting in the wings until the iPad 3.0 comes out with the features we were expecting (i.e. hoping for) in the initial release.

This is a nice home internet browser that is more convenient than a laptop (always on) and much more readable than a iPod/phone. I would buy one for £150 and no more. It doesnt replace my pc, laptop, blackberry or IPod so doesn't warrant a higher price tag.

It's an iPod Touch on steroids. It is a nice unit and all but I was hoping for OS-X on it so it could be a laptop replacement. It would probably work for 80% of what I do but it's the other 20% that the iPad won't do. Comparing it to EARLY netbooks might work but not to the ones out today. I have an Acer netbook and it's way more capable than the iPad with considerably more storage. It's really a full-blown laptop that's been shrunk to a very small form factor. I was hoping that the iPad was going to be the same thing but in tablet form. For now, I think I'll pass and get the Macbook Pro. It will do what I need to do mainly because it has the full Mac OS, multi-tasking, camera, etc.

It¡¦s all therefore terribly Jean Luc from Star Trek when he¡¦d scan Shakespeare on his gadget. With that said, I don¡¦t recognize about this. I grasp I can¡¦t afford either the Kindle and also the iPad at this period of time however I do grasp that I¡¦m watching what is visiting happen with this in the following eighteen months.

Man, I'm so tired about hearing "where's the PHYSICAL KEYBOARD" bull crap! People need to give that a rest. I love the virtual keyboard, its always worked great for me. I think the Ipad will be a tremendous hit; they will be all over town for sure. I do wish they would have put a camera on for video conferencing, they probably left that off for the next Ipad. Tempted to wait for that camera, but will probably get the Ipad with 3G, not sure how much memory yet though.

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the only thing u people know how to do well is critize!! do u know how much time it took to create thiss !!maybe its not for u because u have an iphone and ipod touchh etcc.. but still it is something pretty cool ! this is the beginning of the ipad well just have to wait a little until it gets upadated ( gets camera, adobe flash player ... )
i have an ipod touchh and i dont want to get an ipad beacause its too similar to what i have but that does not mean that the ipad is a bad creation !!

I am writing on an iPad right now!! So sad to read this blog...
You know why? Everyone of you want one!! The more you down it, the more u want it!! And you know it.
This iPad is awesome, I love it. Great footprint, great keyboard, OMG am I happy I bought it.
Just as good as anything. Every moment I spend with it just reminds me of how much easier it is to use and SEE then an iPhone and or a iPod touch.
The device is fabulous period. You others are not so. Bunch of kids I swear. U spend so much time downing it and so little time trying it.
Apple has computers and then apple has devices. This happens to be a device. Enjoy it!! I do!! Yippie

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The ipad is basicly a tablet laptop but it can't use word and other things like that so to me and to everyone else it's just a usless price of garbage

With bluetooth, pair the ipad with the iphone and you have a complete game console wherever you go (SNES HD, PadRacer). If it's to use as a additional monitor, it's big enough for that! (DisplayLink, iDisplay, Air Display). For your photos from negatives and slides, HelloPhoto is a must. On your ipad as a table and your iphone for this respective camera. Wanna read those bestsellers and at the same time help contribute to the defense of those trees being used for pulp for papers? It's an investment worth considering, and i could agree with it

I didn't buy one due to the lack of memory, even at 512 on the iPad 2 I wish for more, the the several apps I run everyday wouldn't need to refresh so much. .

This is not just a big iPhone. This is one of the most revolutionary devices of our time. For the record, I have never been a Mac person, and own an Android phone and a Dell laptop (for now anyway). Getting an iPad 2 has changed much of my life... organization, information consumption, research, education, productivity, communication, travel, and so much more. I would never have imagined a single electronic device being so flexible and valuable, and this comes from someone who has been using personal computers for over 30 years. Buy one today... you will not regret it!!

Just bought one a few days ago and I am normally a windows girl (win 7 phone and laptop) but LOVE my iPad. It is slowly changing my life!

As a result of buying an iPad when they first come out, I now have a MacBook Pro and an iMac but I love the iPad for it's complete versatile.

A great tool. I use my iPhone so much I think I might not have any juice left for a call. The wifi version is enough but if not then I am able to tether it to my iPhone.

Huge Steve Jobs fan right here. If anyone would ask if I'd buy the iPad, I'd say right away. Apple has pleased me and and a few consumers for years already. Maybe part of why other people talk about Apple's products negatively is because they haven't really given the products time and they don't have the patience to do so.

Changed my life?? Where is the Kool aid? Former rim devotee turned Android user I do have to say the iPad is a nice device broke down an bought one the day before Black Friday. It sucks that apps I was able to get for my old Storm an now my HTC Thunderbolt cost a lot more but I can come to terms. One thing about the iPhone though... Why is it so damn small, it needs a bigger screen.