The 10 best deals in the Amazon Big Spring Sale: What I'd actually buy

Amazon Spring Deals Days
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Lambs are a frolicking in the fields, fluffy chicks are bursting forth from their shell prisons, and the Easter bunny is (we presume, anyway) preparing chocolate eggs that last approximately ten minutes after they’ve been opened — that’s right, it’s Spring! And with Spring comes Amazon with another sales event, dropping the prices on loads of different items.

This time the event is called the Big Spring Sale, and while the deals might not be as plentiful as they might be for one of Amazon’s other sales throughout the year, there are still some big savings to be had. There’s a big bonus this time around as well: You don’t need to be a Prime member to enjoy the savings.

Now, I've covered Amazon sales for longer than I care to admit, and I’ve gained a certain set of skills — a certain set of skills that I can put to good use so that you can find some of the best prices and deals for you. I asked myself a question this time around; if I were to buy any of the items in Amazon’s Big Spring Sale, what would I actually put my money down for? Here are the ten items you should actually buy in Amazon's Big Spring Sale.

Sonos Move 2

Sonos Move 2

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Sonos makes some of my favorite smart speakers, and the Move 2 is the most portable of the line. I gave it four and a half stars in my review, where the only real downside to the speaker was the price — something which has plummeted in the Amazon Big Spring Sale. At the moment there’s a $70 saving on the Move 2, which brings the price down to $359. That makes the portable speaker finally less than Sonos’ excellent Era 300, making for the perfect pre-summer barbecue music purchase.

I love my Move 2, and it’s become my defacto ‘grab and go’ speaker when I’m moving around the house, working in the garden, or going for a picnic. Battery life is a wicked 24 hours, sound quality is stellar, and it looks good too. While it might not be the cheapest Bluetooth speaker that money can buy, it offers enough excellent sound quality and sturdy build to make it well worth the asking price.

1More Sonoflow

1More Sonoflow

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Most of the best deals in this year’s Big Spring Sale are on audio gear, and this deal on the already well-priced 1More Sonoflow is a belter. They’re usually only $96, but with $32 off they’re now only $64. That’s a great price for a pair of headphones that got 5 stars in my review, where I called them “the best headphones for under $100”. While there is more competition for that title now, these are still some of the best budget headphones that I ever slipped over my ears.

They might not be built like the AirPods Max, but they pump out some of the best sound that you’ll find in a pair of headphones that cost under $150. They are comfortable, stylish, and the hard case that comes included in the box is a seriously impressive addition that makes them a more compelling option than even some of the more expensive options. This deal brings them down to the lowest price they’ve ever been, so there’s really been no better time to get some of iMore’s favorite budget cans. The black and grey version would be my color preference, although they are also available in a silver and grey combo.

eufyCam S220 4 pack

eufyCam 2C

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If you’re looking for a way to start getting some of the best HomeKit security cameras in your house, then this option from eufy is going to be a great purchase over the Spring Sale. There’s over $200 off the full price for a start, so you’ll get a full set of outdoor security cameras for only $319. We’ve reviewed eufy’s eufyCam before, and we gave it four stars, citing the non-removable batteries and the slightly confusing setup process as things to watch out for when picking one up.

This set of cameras includes four camera units and a eufy hub so that you get them all connected up and use them with HomeKit Secure video. They’re one of those things that you didn’t know you’d use so much until you actually use them, and see how they can help you secure your house beyond just locking the door. They act as a deterrent for one, and they let you see recordings from around your house should something untoward happen. They do require some fitting around the house and you’ll have to charge them every four months or so if you don’t wire them in, but they’re a great way to add some peace of mind to your home.

Soundcore Motion X600

Motion X600

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More audio gear in the Spring Sale, and this time it’s my favorite portable Spatial Audio speaker from Soundcore, the Motion X600. It’s a slick piece of retro design that packs in some great features for a lower price than the competition — and it's a price that’s even lower at the moment. There’s a $50 saving at the moment, making the usually $200 speaker now only $150. For that price, you’re not only getting a very solidly built device, but one with some impressive sound quality with the added bonus of Spatial Audio.

Now, while that Spatial Audio might not be as good as that found on the likes of the HomePod 2 or the Sonos Era 300, it’s a welcome addition that really stretches the soundstage to make it a more engaging listen. There’s loads of bass on offer as well, and crisp highs that make the speaker a lovely thing to port about. It’s not light, however, so you might want to look elsewhere if you’re after something you can take hiking or on long walks. You know who’d love one, in fact? Your Dad.

Your Dad would love one for his garage workshop.

Sony WH-1000XM4

Noise canceling showdown

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My opinion about Sony’s exemplary range of noise-canceling headphones is, I have recently learned, a controversial one. As much as the latest and more expensive WH-1000XM5 headphones are excellent, you shouldn’t buy them. No, instead, you should save your money and get the very almost as good but far cheaper Sony WH-1000XM4. They are more comfortable, the case is better, the noise canceling is still excellent, and the sound is pretty much on par with the newer version.

I’ve had a pair of the WH-1000XM4 for years now, and they are about as battered and bruised as a pair of headphones that get tossed in a bag could be. They’ve been to university, to music festivals, on the train, in a car, on the bus, almost lost on the London Tube — and they still don’t miss a beat. They’re $200 cheaper than the more expensive and much newer WH-1000XM5 at the moment, and they are by far and away the better bet if you’re looking for some new headphones. You can buy a pair for $248 instead of $349 at the moment.

Samsung 49-inch odyssey

Samsung Odyssey

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So I like to have as much screen as possible available to use at my desk — I currently have a combined 80” of display sat at my desk (that’s spread over three different monitors, not just one big TV screen inches from my face). I love the idea of having all the space wrapped up in one, ultrawide screen, and Samsung's frankly terrifying 49-inch Ultrawide monster seems to be exactly what I’m looking for. 

For $899, you’re getting one of the biggest monitors diagonally that has been produced so far. It’s like having two normal-sized ultra wides stacked next to each other, only you’ll need one cable plugged into your MacBook Pro instead of two. Or three. Or however many screens you normally have plugged in, you crazy cat. If you want to go even crazier then you could always plug in another 49-inch alongside this one. Or another one. Or maybe even four! Now I’m getting ideas… Ideas that likely aren’t going to fit on my desk, or slide past the payment protection systems on my bank. The one that says I don’t have almost $4000 for monitors.

Belkin Boostcharge Pro

Belkin BoostCharge Pro

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While the battery in my iPhone 15 Pro Max is generally plenty to get me through the day, I sometimes find that longer trips need more juice to keep me going. Maybe the hotel I’m staying at doesn’t have plugs because it’s a relic from the 1970s, maybe I’ve gone camping, or maybe I left my plug adapter at home —  either way, I need some battery power. I keep my Belkin BoostCharge charger in my bag at all times, charging it up to make sure it’s topped up for my trips. That way I can be sure that no matter where I go, I am sure to have just the right amount of battery power.

This battery bank from Belkin is more than just a great way of getting some more juice in your phone, as it has a built-in charging pad for your Apple Watch as well. It might not be the biggest battery in the world, but it’s enough to charge them both at least once. I love mine, and its small size means that I can even slip it into my pocket when I know I’m going to be using loads of battery power. The Belkin BoostCharge is $20 off in the Spring Sale at the moment, where you’ll find it for $79.

Anker MagGo MagSafe 3-in-1 stand

Anker MagGo Wireless Charging Station (Foldable 3-in-1) used to charge iPhone, Apple Watch and AirPods

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You know what really does my head in? Cables on my nightstand. I like to keep things fairly minimal next to my bed. Space for my devices to charge, a light, space for my book, and room for a glass of water should I wake up in the middle of the night with the need for some liquid. It feels like charging cables are a necessary evil when you want to charge your devices, and so I must live with the cable mess when I go to bed. Thankfully, however, that’s not the case: And this Anker MagSafe charging stand is evidence to the fact.

There’s a MagSafe charging puck for your iPhone 15, a wireless charging pad for your AirPods Pro 2, and an Apple Watch puck so that you can keep your Apple Watch Ultra topped up. It’s all powered by one cable, and keeps all your devices localized to a single space, keeping that clutter down. Ever since I got myself a MagSafe charging stand for my nightstand it’s looked and felt better to look at — and with $37 off this Anker one at Amazon, you can clear your mess too.

Bose Revolve+ Series 2

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It’s been a while since we’ve seen an audio device on the list hasn’t it? Well, three entries, at least. This one is another portable speaker, only this time it's from the audio wizards at Bose. Known for making some seriously impressive speakers and headphones as well as high-end car stereos, Bose devices are good-looking, and even better sounding. This, the Soundlink Revolve, is Bose’s portable WiFi speaker bringing epic sound quality and some extra goodies wherever you might want to take it.

This is the Series II version of the speaker, and you can currently save $60 off one at Amazon for a price of $159. That’s a great price on a Bose speaker, and it’s well worth putting one in the basket if you’re looking for a portable speaker. There’s 360-degree sound on board so that you can hear the music no matter where you’re standing around the speaker, and its 13-hour battery life will be plenty to get you through a pool party or a picnic in the countryside. There’s only one downside to the Soundlink Revolve a micro USB port. Come on Bose, it's 2024!

Tile Pro 4 Pack

Tile Pro

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Last on the list is something that will make it easier to track your stuff. The AirTag might be the Apple way to track your things, but there are loads of excellent AirTag alternatives — and the Tile Pro is one of the best. They’re bigger than the AirTags, but they are cheaper and they feature built-in keychain connectors so that you can carry them around with your keys. They connect to your phone and they work as an item locator with a range of 400ft of range. If they go over that, they connect to the Tile network so that you can accurately track them with the Tile app.

A pack of four is currently $20 off at Amazon, making them $79 instead of $99. That’s a decent saving, and nets you enough to attach to all your most treasured possessions. I love my trackers, although I’ve just sellotaped it to the back of the TV remote. Game changer, I tell you. Never lost it since.

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