Yes, you read that right. Facebook has released an iPhone app dedicated to their most useless feature -- poke. Stop rolling your eyes! They've improved upon it! With Facebook Poke now you can attach a message, photo, or video to your pokes and choose how long the recipient can see it for (max of 10 seconds). And if the recipient takes a screenshot of your poke, Facebook Poke will notify you with a special icon next to the person's name. This app is just screaming "use me for sexting!" Now you can roll your eyes.

To send and receive pokes, both the sender and recipient must use the Facebook Poke app. The Facebook app will give you a notification when you have a poke waiting for you that will send you to Facebook Poke to receive it.

Since each poke has a time limit of 1, 3, 5, or 10 seconds, you must press and hold any pokes that are sent to you to ensure that you're actually ready to see the poke. Once your time is up, the message, photo, or video is disappears for good.

When sending photos, Facebook Poke includes the ability to add a banner of text or draw on it. Also, videos must be recorded in portrait orientation. If you record in landscape, it will be displayed sideways for your recipient.

I seriously don't see this purpose of Facebook Poke aside from sexting with the mandatory time limits and screenshot notifications. Personally, I'd be concerned if my teen had this app installed on their phone, but that could just be me. What do you think?

And I guess this explains why the mobile team didn't have time to add iPhone 5 support to Facebook Camera.