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What you need to know

  • Despite all the Go Beyond excitement, Niantic still has events for Pokémon Go this December.
  • Lapras and Unovan Darumaka will be in the Research Breakthrough Rewards.
  • Spotlight hours will include Seel, Swinub, Snowrunt, Snover, and a surprise Pokémon.
  • Tagging and new search terms will be implemented to help Trainers organize their Pokémon

Niantic has announced the events for December in Pokémon Go. First, December's Research Breakthrough Reward will be either Lapras or Unovan Darumaka with bonus XP. Both Legendary Raids and Mega Raids will see new battles with Kyurem returning to Five Star Raids and Mega Abomosnow making its Pokémon Go debut, while Mega Blastoise takes a break.

The five Spotlight Hours for December will include:

  • Tuesday, December 1 will feature Seel with double Evolution XP.
  • Tuesday, December 8 will feature Swinub with double Catch Stardust.
  • Tuesday, December 15 will feature a surprise Pokémon with double Catch Candy.
  • Tuesday, December 22 will feature Snorunt with double Transfer Candy.
  • Tuesday, December 29 will feature Snover with double Evolution XP.

As previously announced, December will have double Catch XP all month to help as many Trainers reach level 40 as possible. The Pokémon box will also see a big update to include new search terms and Pokémon Tagging - a new system of Pokémon organization which allows you to sort your Pokémon with colored tags.

Looks like December will be quite full for Pokémon Go players. Which update are you most excited to see? Will you be making a last minute dash for level 40? Let us know in the comments below and be sure to check out our Best Pokémon Go Accessories so you can be fully equipped for your Pokémon Journey!

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