Apple posts new Mac Pro cinema teaser, eyes melt, brains explode

Rene Ritchie

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ProWingz89 says:

The ad didnt really do anything for me. Sorry.

Show me Miss Turkey from those Carl's Jr. Ads, however...

Orealy YouThink says:

Steve would have liked it.
Gave me a tingle.

mangoldm says:

Isn't this the same video from WWDC?

theromz says:

Yeah was thinking that too, hardly new lol.

steviet02 says:

It's all a tease until they show the price. I suspect the amount of people left standing in line to get one will dwindle rapidly once that happens.


dawggg63 says:

Trying to figure out how to justify it. Probably won't be able to.

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dawggg63 says:

Trying to figure out how to justify it. Probably won't be able to.

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snowbound says:

eyes melt? brains explode? hold on to your butts?

This sounds like an anatomical nightmare. Are you saying they're going to attack my head with a suppository? Yikes!

Kaiju says:

and -- other than select professionals, who can afford --- or want to plop down the money -- for this beautiful piece of computing dropping in at a base-price of $4,000 (considering the far less beautiful and equipped current-gen starts at $2,500)?

claustin says:

Where are you getting that number? I haven't seen any price points released. There's no way it's more than the current generation. Considering it's only expandable externally it wouldn't even surprise me if the base price was lower than current gen. Not to mention the case requires less materials and is a cheaper plastic instead of pricier aluminum. I have to think they learned their lesson with the Cube (which I owned and loved). If this thing is as overpriced as the Cube was, it'll die a quick death. I have no practical use for the horsepower, but I'm considering it as an upgrade to my mini. The thing is friggin' gorgeous.

Howie Isaacks says:

I don't think it will be significantly expensive either, but the new Mac Pro will not be made of plastic. The Mac Pro page at Apple's website describes the new enclosure this way: "Refined impact extrusion technologies are more material-efficient and give the polished aluminum enclosure its incredible shape and finish".

khobia2 says:

Enjoyed the clips. I'm not counting Microsoft out yet. Have a lot of work ahead of them though. Please don't get a Meg Whitman kind of CEO. Slow and steady is not the right play now.

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khobia2 says:

Sorry guys commented on he wrong article.

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Becjr says:

I am surprised Apple didn't use their usual "pop-culture" music [that usually induces uncontrollable vomiting in my ears].

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Nathan Bael says:

I liked the ad overall. I even like the product overall, just not the fact that it is plastic.

Some will disagree but I like the potential for a modular computer with components hooked in via thunderbolt 2 ports. Want to add a new video card? Route it through a thunderbolt 2 port, etc. This makes it easier for the less-savvy to add new components without voiding a warranty.

aaa_rroon says:

The apple website says the case is made out of polished, anodised aluminium.
Although I do admit, the case does look somewhat like plastic

Ask SUAPP says:

Well lets hope it's nothing like the shiny edges on the iPhone 5, it scratches way too easily and reveals a silver color beneath it

Orealy YouThink says:

I really don't think anyone will be carrying that around in their pocket with keys...

graigsmith says:

they should make black accessories for it. a black magic mouse. and a black anodized wireless keyboard.

MySecretBunker says:

I wish I could still justify something with the much horsepower, but little I do today is in the way of requiring massive graphics and CPU horsepower like back in the late 90s. I do want one, though.

Considering the choice of venue for the ad, it is difficult to believe the price will be stratospheric like some suggest, even if it is made in the USA.

Orealy YouThink says:

I think you nailed one thing here that maybe being over looked...
Can a Prosumer, high power gun like that be integrated into a home network will all your other stuff?
Think about the computing power there...

Tech heads are following what I am saying.

rkevwill says:

My first thought when I saw it for the first time.....DejaVu. The Cube. Not sure I like to have most (all) of the expansions external. It was nice having everything within that big aluminum case. On the other hand, if/when Apple comes out with a 30 inch Retina Display, I just might have to have one of these. I agree with Bunker though, what would I use it for?

johncblandii says:

I really don't get it. I thought the whole 'innovate my ---' was a joke. It's a smaller case.

Don't get me wrong...I want one but drooling? Meh.

Howie Isaacks says:

I like the video, but I don't care for how we don't get to see much detail, and the actual specs are still unreleased. The visual presentation reminds me of some high-end luxury car websites where they zoom in on specific features of the car, and it's hard to find a photo of the whole car.

Orealy YouThink says:

dude, google it. there are plenty of picture of the WHOLE device...