iPad 2, Will it blend? [video]

Tired of all the recent iPad 2 coverage? Well the guys over a Blendtec have just released a video for the iPad 2 version of Will it blend?

If you haven’t seen these videos before, they basically involve a guy in a lab coat sticking an expensive item of tech in a blender. This one is hard to watch, especially if your still waiting to get your hands on an iPad 2, it’s such a waste!

This video is based around the iPad 2 Apple keynote, but still has the usual outcome. Check out the video after the break.



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smchrist2 says:

I love these, despite the fact that they're wasting an iPad....

Macboy74 says:

I was wondering when this was coming. These are getting pretty stupid now. This guy should put his hand in there let's see that blend. That would be funny.

slalomskie says:

It will blend, I know cause I blended my finger.

Greg Foster says:

these videos are so stupid. i really dont get it...

Drifter says:

Yeah these vids were funny like 5 years ago....ummm on second thought, no they weren't.

ermax says:

It's called marketing. People go on YouTube and search for iPad 2 and his video pops up. People click the link and say, "wow that is one hell of a blender". Then they look into the blender and find out it is $600. I would have never known about this blender had he not made all these videos. So.... his marketing worked for someone. :)

SteveW928 says:

If you have a need to blend iPads, then this is the tool. If you're a chef, get a Vitamix!

Bluecanary says:

You being born was a waste :)

Chris says:

Fuk you as5 hole. Quit being a dumb bich. Go suck a dick and die mother fuker

myPhone says:

Yes, Blue's comment was tasteless, but is yours any better? Is anyone at TiPb reviewing these comments?

Thomas Yang says:

Wow a little worked up there huh Chris

Rodney King says:

Can't we all just get along?

andsoitgoes says:

Can't we all just get a bong?

Strosnider says:

WOW!!! Millions of people waiting in line to use a great tool. And this A-Hole goes and breaks it. Wait of time!!!

OrionAntares#CB says:

Partly right. Just replace "tool" with "toy" and you've got it 100%.

myPhone says:

How about saving that $500+ you wasted on senselessly destroying something and donating it to a charity like the Red Cross for Japan? This waste makes me sick.

TK says:

You do know they get paid for blending this stuff right? So spending $500+ on the iPad to blend it, results in thousands of dollars from ad revenue, which can go to the Red Cross in Japan.

Jap says:

I thought these videos were made by the company who builds those blenders to promote their product.

RRP Video says:

Giving $500 would not have folks talking about it like this is.
Blending the iPad is not the best. I would prefer to see it ran over and then shot like skeet. That would be cool.
PS - When you buy your iPad, you can do with it what you want. If you want to trash it, fine. If you want to use it, fine. Do not get upset because someone does with theirs what you would not do with yours.

OrionAntares#CB says:

Just don't burn it. That's bad for the environment. Make sure it's recyclable after it's broken!

slalomskie says:

Why doesn't everyone stop wasting their money on soda's and junk food and give that money to the red cross? $500.00 at once or 1.50 at a time. Same difference.

TK says:

I want one of these blenders

Thomas Yang says:

Hmmm I am not sure if it is possible to blend a website, that is a good question.

There's 2m55s I will never get back!!! says:

What an absolute waste of my time, you're time and an iPad. I was going to reply to MacBoy 15, but then saw Strosnider, myphone and GregFosters posts and they have equally good posts. Completely pointless! TK do you really think it makes a difference if they get paid? As if they would donate the money to red cross, highly unlikely. They should stop these videos now, there are so UNFUNNY!!! What would be funny is if he put his head in one of those blenders!!!

Dave says:

Surely you wasted your own time? After all, no-one's forcing you to watch it. In fact, that goes for any internet video, you have a choice.

There's 2m55s I will never get back!!! says:

I did, I said that at the beginning. I regret viewing it hence my name!!! Still a waste of time and money. A bit over the top but that could have gone to a school who would use it in eduacation, a valuable use. Who cares if it blends? Of course it would. What do we gain from that? Some schools cannot afford them and that to me outlines why it is a waste of so much, regardless if I wasted my time watching it. I will NEVER watch one of theirs again!!!
F A C T !!!!!!!

sohail says:

School's don't need iPad's they need books and good teachers.

There's 2m55s I will never get back!!! says:

Schools is just an example but you cannot deny that they can help. iPads and other tablets are going to replace books eventually. Theres not much anyone can do about that!

afiles says:

ummm.. your comment wasted my time..
people make videos, deal with it.
I'm guessing that you never buy unnecessary things like extra food or something,
you would clearly give that to japan or charity or something.
One ipad bought by a company has no impact on schools or whatever you think they could use that ipad for.
And on a side note,why do you think they wouldn't donate money to red cross?
all companies do that and they dont do it to get in the media or anything, theyre just nice.

dloveprod says:

I'm not watching it, giving him more views will only fuel this foolishness.

HungWell says:

Yeah, because you not watching it will stop them from blending iPhone 5.

Drifter says:

'I’m not watching it, giving him more views will only fuel this foolishness."
Yeah, and I'm not buying anymore products made in China. I think we both know that's darn near impossible.

There's 2m55s I will never get back!!! says:

I fail to see the relevance in this comment?

FLskydiver says:

He (or she) means that one-person boycotts are pretty pointless and completely ineffective in accomplishing the boycotter's goals. And as for living a life "not buying products made in China" it's almost impossible. A very large percentage of products on store shelves these days were either assembled there, or had component parts assembled there, or contain raw materials sourced from there, or had some other affect on the Chinese economy (such as being sourced or produced elsewhere by a company or companies with ties to China). Also, Chinese people need jobs too.

Thomas Yang says:

Yeah Dionte you are just such an important person that your rebellious attitude will have large magnitude of influence on tech blending. What a tool.

Chris102192 says:

Hahahahaha this was hilarious! Lol
They guy playing Steve jobs needed "new balance" shoes tho!
And bill gates calling at the end... #priceless.. Lol
To everyone complaining about yourselves not getting an iPad 2 after waiting in line, you should have gotten there earlier lol.
They're promoting their product at the expense of someone elses, nothing wrong with that!

Tweger01 says:

"To everyone complaining about yourselves not getting an iPad 2 after waiting in line, you should have gotten there earlier"
Agree 100%. The only people to blame is themselves. However, they can't, so they get mad at a man blending an iPad...

Frostbyte says:

I can see the value in a site like iFixit where they take something apart in the intreats of examining it. But this is just senseless destruction. They're the "jack Ass" of tech ( and that's not a compliment)
Take the money and use it towards the releif efforts in Japan... Or sponsor a child in a developing country... Donate it to a local charity... why waste for the sake of waste?

Frostbyte says:

I've read articles and seen videos of bloggers and writers testing devices in real work scenarios; like dropping, or accidentally getting toss in a washer or dryer ( and even that gave me mixed emotions). But it's not like I'm going accidentally drop my iPad or anywhere device for that matter into my blender accidentally while I make a protein shake.
Seriously, if there is no value in the exercise...then it's all for attention.
I say again, sad.

rj5570 says:

grrrrrrr, this is ridiculous! I think its pretty stupid of them to post this on the web when there are so many people waiting for one. Me being one of them.

Ant C says:

Now I know why they are sold out everywhere....

sisirak says:

I think these stupid are evils.
Apple had done needed testing in the design phase. I can not understand the motive of this kind of work. I saved for six months to buy my iPad.

ermax says:

The voice at the end of the video sounded more like Ballmer then Gates. :)

BrianTufo says:

Guys/Gals it's only an iPad they are blending. Not a small child. Calm down a little bit. :)

Jhoove09 says:

Wow. You guys complain a lot. It's marketing for a blender. That money was going to be used making a commercial or Internet ads anyway. There is no reason to be mad at the company or this website for posting the video. Besides, for all we know, they have donated to the relief effort. Give it a rest. Yes, the video was stupid but who cares what they do to the iPad. If you want one, you'll get it eventually.

9thWonder says:

exactly a the blenders cost more then that ipad. And a post on the web means they'll probably sell hundreds of blenders.

NaNo says:

What's idiotic about this, is a "serious" forum like tipb posting this video, and feeding the stupidity of these people. And I know that they're not forcing us to watch the damn thing, which by the way I did not, but then why waste our precious time with this crap.

p2kart says:

I personally think this ad campaign is brilliant, there is sooo much discussion every time he puts out one of these videos.
If he just blended fruit, who would watch it?? Everyone knows now these blenders are badas$... I see them all over the place(commercial)... If I could afford one I'd get one for home.
His blending of the iphone4, got over 9 million views. So $500 iphone4 translated to 9 million views and a whole lot of discussion...
What is stupid is paying millions for a superbowl commercial.

Glenn#IM says:

Since the last time you posted many videos of people destroying iPhones, and ipads, and finally stopped showing them, I never thought you would sink to that low again. I was wrong. So TiPb to quote Bill E "Here's your sign".

SteveW928 says:

It's certainly a crazy publicity stunt. However, if you want a really good blender to use for what blenders SHOULD be used for, I'd recommend a VitaMix. This blender, while it can obviously obliterate tech equipment looks like garbage for actual kitchen use. And yes, these expensive blenders are really worth it if you cook a lot.

Glenn#IM says:

I cook also, and nothing will beat the VitaMix. They are worth the investment. Sorry to be off subject, but will all the great cooking apps in the app store, had to agree on the VitaMix

jack says:

You people ,really don't like comedy...

Bren says:

I honestly do NOT get why they spend TONS of money just to see if something blends. OBVIOUSLY, it will eventually!

Attreides says:

And this discussion is exactly why they do it. The coments below the video were even more funny: One guy said MURDERER, another wanted to smith the blended iPad. WTF?
Why don't they blend some Droid or a Windows Phone? People wouldn't take it that personal as we apple lovers do. Saw the video yesterday, it was funny, allthough it's a waste of ressources. And he blended one Google Nexus Laptop in another vid right before.
After all it's a good ad campaign for the iPad2 and for Blendtec. People talk about these vids, they even get posted to hater sites.
I would love to see Windows7 or Vista blended though. We all know what the better opperating system is, right?
Sent from my iMac

Iphone5 says:

That is wonderful and best ipad for everyone

OmariJames says:

" who is this ? " ... " it's bill ! " lmaoo