DODOcase BookBack for iPhone and iPad

I deeply, truly love the story and spirit behind DODOcase -- hand-bound, artisanal cases for the iPad that wrap the latest in aluminum and glass and computer innovation, with the wood and cloth craftsmanship that stretch back to antiquity. You can place your iPad into a DODOcase, snap the elastic closed, slip it under your arm, and stroll down any boulevard or into any coffee shop and be indistinguishable from academics or hipsters alike, until you unsnap the band, fold back the cover, and start tapping away.

There's something wonderfully balanced and almost poignant about something as shiny and new as the iPad held in something as timeless and nostalgic as hand-bound book.

That it's not for everyone, that a DODOcase can't be used with other new bits of technology like Apple's SmartCover, that even a smaller DODOcase wouldn't be as practical for an iPhone as it is for an iPad hasn't been lost on DODOcase either -- they also make the BOOKback skin.

We'll take a look at both after the break.

The original DODOcase debuted shortly after the original iPad and I ordered one almost immediately. My mother instilled in me a deep and abiding love for book binding from a young age and DODO had me at first glance. They didn't disappointment then and they certainly don't with the DODOCase for iPad 2. It's everything that impressed about the first subtly redesigned to fit the latest form factor from Apple. Only better -- they've since added a variety of colors for the inside.

The gist is similar, you have two solid covers, lavished the previously mentioned Moroccan cloth, but DODO has gone with a new bamboo tray design. It seems to fit better than the original. As before, all the ports and buttons are exposed but you will now have to remove your iPad 2 to use the rear-facing camera. (If you use the rear facing camera).

I ordered both the Limited Edition and the Classic to try out. The differences are cosmetic but last year my sister stole was given 2 of my first edition DODOcases so I knew I needed to stock up this time. (True enough, she left Easter Weekend, the Classic now adorned around her new iPad 2...) When I want to leave the house but don't want to take a laptop or a bag with me, I just slide my iPad 2 into the DODOcase and off I go. For meetings, for working at the coffee shop, for heading out to family and friends, it's a great, lightweight, inimitably beautiful solution.

(Note: I dropped the one seen in the pictures here but some carpenter's glue and some pressure fixed it up fine. Had I dropped my iPad without the case for protection, it would likely have have suffered significant damage.)

Overall, DODOcase is a great accessory for iPad, but like I said at the beginning the same thing for iPhone would be impractical, at least for me. That's where the BOOKback comes in.

An adhesive skin, hot-foil stamped with the DODO logo, you simply stick the BOOKback on the back of your iPhone and it gives you that same great Moroccan cloth look and feel with almost zero added bulk. (Georgia shows you how in the video up top.) You get protection from scratches and just a touch of the old world to go along with all that glass and stainless steel. BOOKback is also re-usable if you're careful, so you can take it off if you need to and replace it later.

DODO also makes a BOOKback for the iPad 2, which you can use if you want a similar lack of bulk. It leaves the rear-facing camera exposed and also plays very nicely with Apple's SmartCover.

DODO sent me one of each, iPhone and iPad to try out. Both look terrific, blending into the blackness of the original iPhone 4 while contrasting nicely with the stainless steel, aluminum, or the white iPhone 4.

The BOOKback start at $8.95, the DODOcase at $59.95.


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DODOcase BookBack for iPhone and iPad


A case like that kinda defeats the purpose of getting a White iPhone, doesn't it?
But I'm not much of a case person, I've got a bumper, but that's more so I don't drop the slippery thing, more that to protect it....

"Hey, I got the white iPhone 4! So now I'm going to put it in a case and forget that it's white...?"

Honestly I loved the concepts of the Dodo case, however I didn't want something that was mass produced. I ordered an actual book that has been converted into an iPad case from Etsy. The makers are Rook Case check it out... It an older book, with Ll the benefits of the Dodo case, just no one else will have ig

I love my DODO case for my iPad 2. I actually get more compliments on the case than on the iPad. I actually wish they made a small version for the iPhone. Looking at the limited edition version almost makes me want to order another one. I like that they are a quality made in the USA product.

No magnets, that is honestly the only thing lacking on this case to me. I think some similar cases from Rook Case on have the magnets and they are cheaper. Wish I would have found the rook case first.

Thanks! I found a good cover by Portenzo and Treegloo that both have the magnets and awesome color choices.

Will the iPad fall out of that case if tilted to far while the case is opened? How is it secured? I really like the look of these.
I ended up with a brown leather one from Knomo for my original iPad and want to buy something just as nice for the new one.