Twelfth Mystery App Revealed, it's YouTube


Remember that mysterious unrevealed application that pushed the eleven default apps down into a nice even number, that caused such controversy? Well along with today's announcement from Apple, the company has posted a new video demo which reveals said application. It's YouTube.


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Reader comments

Twelfth Mystery App Revealed, it's YouTube


Something should be still missing ;)
YouTube over EDGE ( not 3G )...Well, no thanks...

While everyone agrees the iphone is cool and has some cutting edge technology, it leave a lot to be desired.
It has EDGE and not 3G.
It does not support MMS--just about every camera phone in the world does.
Its browser does not support flash or java.
AT&T will not offer an extended warranty but Apple will for something like $250/yr.
So does one buy this US version now or wait a few months for the European version, which will certainly address some of these issues?

True, it doesn't support Flash or Java, but then again what mobile browser does? Despite a lacking Flash client you will still be able to access YouTube content, and that alone is a critical feature that I believe could spark demand for mobile video content, which so far hasn't taken off.

I don't belive YouTube is at current stage ''critical feature''. It is sort of joke. Streaming or downloading with EDGE network ?
Have you ever done this. Well, we in Europe did.
It's not the experience Apple tries to sell :)
Something is still left. This is distraction.

Via EDGE is not desirable, but thankfully WiFi gives you the ability to download at high speed wherever hotspots are available.