Apple adds a Tones store to iOS 5 iTunes app

With the release of iOS 5, Apple has added the ability to buy custom alert tones from the iTunes app on your device. If you open iTunes and click on Genres, you will see a new entry called Tones.

The iTunes Store on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch now includes the Tone Store — an incredible spectrum of music ringtones and alert tones that can be assigned to any alert setting on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.

We already knew about Ringtones but these alerts are a completely new feature. Some of the Star Wars alerts are particularly impressive and comprehensive too. Alerts will cost $0.99 whilst Ringtones still cost $1.29. You can also access the Ringtones and Alerts directly from the Sounds tab within the settings app.


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Reader comments

Apple adds a Tones store to iOS 5 iTunes app


As in having the ability to change the email tones? now really shock me and tell me each email account can have its own tone!

I'm not sure if I did this correctly, but it has been working. I basically turned the clips I used as tones on a Android device, into ringtones for the iPhone. So when I change my alert tones, the ones I added show up as available. Did a few text messages last night and it DID work. But I dont know if the tones are supposed to have a different extension altogether (m4r for example)

Why are you people grumbling, want to make own tone, save money - go ahead.
You are not forced to buy tones, this is simply Apple being customer friendly and giving folks a choice.

thats great and all, but i want to be able to add my own message tones. not ones that apple sells me.

well i wouldn't pay for a ringtone, but i know plenty of ppl who hv no idea how to make one, and would pay for one

I"ve been making my own ring tones since iPhone 3G however I've not been able to make my own custom txt alerts. What's the trick for that? Different extension than m4r?