Dear President Obama, ask not how you can dial an iPhone, ask how iMore can help you dial!

Dear President Obama, ask not how you can dial an iPhone, ask how iMore can help you dial!

U.S. President Obama seems to have had some problems using an iPhone -- the most usable phone in the world -- this week. He'd borrowed it to make some thank you calls, but couldn't get it to dial. Years of living with BlackBerry had apparently hard-coded hard keyboards into his muscle memory, and made capacitive touch a challenge. Dave Boyer from The Washington Times reports:

"It's not clear he knows how to dial on an iPhone," the reporter wrote in a pool report. Finally, Mr. Obama said, "Oh, I got to dial it in. Hold on, hold on. I can do this. See, I still have a BlackBerry."

Anyone who listens to the iMore show knows that I use the dialer almost exclusively to making calls and it works fantastically well. Clearly, all President Obama needs is an iPhone of his own, and a little time on iMore, particularly our iPhone help and how-to section and our iPhone help and discussion forums. They're friendly, fast-paced, fun, and guaranteed to get anyone from the chief executive of the United States to the chief media officer of Mobile Nations familiar with all the features of modern, mobile touchscreen computing in no time.

Source: The Washington Times

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Reader comments

Dear President Obama, ask not how you can dial an iPhone, ask how iMore can help you dial!


I used a BackBerry from 2006 to 2011 and never had any problems making a phone call with my iPhone when I got it.  It was the easiest phone I have ever owned. What an idiot. Hahahah. This explains why we have more dept then ever, and why the echonamy is STILL in a recession. 

Judging by the way you spell, (see "dept" and "echonamy"), you clearly have no idea what you are talking about. The US has been sinking in debt since the Great Depression. Go take a history lesson and English 101. But aside from that, this is a tech site. It's sad that Mr. President has been deprived of good technology. Hopefully he'll see the light and get himself an iPhone soon.

Thanks dublex.
Philbert , if you would pay more attention in school maybe just maybe you'd know more about what is really going on in the world.
This article was not meant for political discussion but of course we can always expect people like philbert to chime in and making a fool out of themselves.

Stop embarrassing yourself.

On a side note it still amazes me that people do not have a spell checker add-on installed on their web-browser.

There is a difference between going into debt and the rate at which you do so. The US is in debt 16T$. 6 of that is from Obama in 3.5 years. You do the math!

Instead of telling others to take an "English 101" class, maybe you should watch the news and stop staring at the fading Obama "Hope and Change" poster in your basement bedroom.

Besides that, we all know that Obama uses a BB for security reasons. It's a custom and encrypted phone. I'm assuming that the features needed are not available for the iPhone. Not sure...

Obama should've used Siri!

Even better, someone should've captured it in video!

Anyways, just goes to show that presidents don't pass through a membrane from another reality. They are just as smart and dumb as the regular person.

Blackberry's ad slogan is, "It's how business get done." So I guess it is safe to say Obama is not using a Blackberry anymore because he isn't getting anything done.

You people are taking the author and the report too seriously. It's not like he had any major trouble with the iPhone, he just hadn't used the phone app before.

The guy has an iPad he carries with him all day, every day. Of course he knows how to use computers, iOS etc.

Washington Times is a Right-Wing rag owned by a religious cult. The least respected paper in America. They depend on private 'support' and can hardly give copies away.

Cut the poor man some slack. I'm sure that he was just confused that there was no spinning hourglass to wait for.