AT&T may be further expanding FaceTime over cellular

AT&T may be further relaxing its restrictions on FaceTime over cellular, allowing anyone with access to the feature to use it. AT&T had previously announced that all iPhone 5 customers, including those on individual plans, would be able to use the feature. Anyone with an iPhone 4S or a grandfathered unlimited data plan on AT&T was left out in the cold. However, it now appears that several customers previously unable to use FaceTime over cellular have been able to activate it. MacRumors reports that some of their users are seeing FaceTime enabled on their grandfathered unlimited data plans with the iPhone 5, with some users reporting that their 4S has recieved the feature as well:

This finding has been confirmed by a number of users in this discussion thread -- though some users have been unable to activate it so it may still be rolling out to some areas. AT&T had said the original rollout for tiered plans could take 8-10 weeks. Most of the positive responses have been those with the iPhone 5 and grandfathered unlimited data, but the original poster also had luck with an iPhone 4S.

Right now, AT&T has not confirmed that this is. Not everyone is seeing this, so it’s possible that this is an accidental activation that occured as AT&T was flipping the switch on the original expansion plan for FaceTime over cellular.

To check if FaceTime over cellular has been enabled on your device, go to Settings, FaceTime, and scroll to the bottom to see if Use Cellular Data is set to ‘On’. You may need to restart your phone before you see it.

Are you an AT&T iPhone 5 user with unlimited data or an iPhone 4S user? Are you seeing this? Let us know below in the comments.

Source: MacRumors

Joseph Keller

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There are 44 comments. Add yours.

scwida says:

with Straight Talk I've been using FaceTime over 3G for a long time.

iArnie says:

Not working for me. I have an iPhone 4S with a grandfathered AT&T unlimited data plan. I'm in Los Angeles.

bdegrande says:

DId not work on my iPad 3, got the usual message saying I had to change from my unlimited plan or use WiFi.

drknight says:

Works for me on the iPhone 5 with AT&T unlimited data! I'm in SF California!

jshaver05 says:

its working for me here in denver co im on iphone 5 att and unlimited grandfathered data

thommie343 says:

I was able to use FaceTime on my iPhone 5 but not my personal hotspot and AT&T had to reset my my network. Consequently my hotspot works now and FaceTime does not work over cellular now.

wadebot says:

This isn't working for me on a grandfathered unlimited plan with iPhone 5 in Minneapolis on AT&T LTE.

No1hotpapi says:

Unlimited data plan on my iPhone 5 and FaceTime is working

gOLdEn_gOd says:

Works on my iPhone 5 with grandfathered unlimited data plan. Just restart the device and the switch for "Use Cellular Data" under FaceTime settings should be automatically turned on.

sivabalans says:

iPhone 5 + Unlimited data+ Facetime = Working Now!!!!

Rainman76 says:

Working on my iPhone 5 and my wife's iPhone 5 both with unlimited data here in Connecticut.

taustin5#IM says:

Where abouts in Connecticut, and what did you do to get it to work?

JaxBearsFan says:

iPhone 5 + Unlimited Data + FaceTime over AT&T LTE = *NOT WORKING*

After two reboots, still not available. I get the popover message to call AT&T if I want it to work.

This is in the Chicago, IL area.

wadebot says:

Mine started working just now here in Minneapolis. Nice!

adidas26usa says:

Not working for me yet on an iPhone 5 grandfathered plan or on my iPad (third-generation) in 3G/faux 4G area of southern Wisconsin.

jshaver05 says:

its working for me on iphone 5 denver colorado att unlimited grandfathered data plan

mrsnork says:

Not working in Washington DC area, iPhone 5 on grandfathered unlimited data plan.

dawggg63 says:

Not working on iPhone 4s, grandfathered in Charlotte, NC

bergman says:

iPhone5 with unlimited data. No Facetime over cellular even after a reboot. i get the expected popover message. Now I am operating via my microcell so I will try again when connected directly via cellular.

kmichalec says:

No luck here in Detroit, MI. iPhone5 + Grandfathered Unlimited. Rebooted phone twice so far. Will try again tomorrow. Maybe it'll be a Thanksgiving miracle (AT&T finally coming to their senses)?

Keith Yohn says:

Not working for me. Rebooted and at first it said it was on. Then it turned back to off and every time I try to switch it back on it gives me the popover message.

iphone 5 with grandfathered unlimited data plan in Little Rock, AR

gravityron says:

I am sure that this has been stated many times by others and I am also sure that there are many reading this that simply don't care - but, the spelling mistakes and typos at iMore are simply inexcusable. It's everyday and almost every article. And, it's the simplest of things too, like "recieved." As I typed this word incorrectly, I can see the red underline right now that is below the word that tells me that this is spelled incorrectly.

Edward Heinrich says:

Iphone 5, facetime just switched on, unlimited plan, Philadelphia PA.....

gvndeb60 says:

Here are two sites better suited for your grammar nazi ways:

Who cares if they misspell a few words as long as I get my Apple related news quickly and accurately?
To put it simply, if it bothers you, do not read it. Your post was of no benefit to anyone reading this article. Try putting a positive spin on things once in a while. Ex: Wow, I can now get Face Time over cellular!
Have a good day!

gvndeb60 says:

iPhone 5, grandfathered unlimited, and it is working for me now.

Now if they would only allow tethering!!!!

chippy19977 says:

iPhone 5 on AT&T unlimited plan and NOT working.

Joey Snaps5 says:

Have an iPhone 5 unlimited plan, in the baltimore area, seems to be working for me. My wife also has the same phone and same plan but it's not working for her....weird..

kchanth says:

not work for me, im in chicago. iphone 5 grandfathered unlimited

macuzr says:

No luck with iPhone 4s At&T New Hampshire

dcjose48 says:

In riverside, ca with an iPhone 5 with unlimited data and doesn't work, but its no big deal to me if it does or doesn't.

taustin5 says:

iPhone 5, unlimited plan, Central Connecticut: not working

deadmanwwe says:

iPhone 5, unlimited plan Miami Florida working !!!! :)

RagedUSMC says:

Massachusetts- iPhone 5, Grandfathered Unlimited- Not Working!

hanksmall says:

Grandfathered unlimited AT&T on a iPhone 4S in central New Jersey: "requires an eligible data plan".

CMeyer2001 says:

iPhone 5, unlimited data, not working in Vermont.

joesbrat67 says:

Works for me here in Seacoast NH region. FaceTime over 4G w/grandfathered unlimited data plan.

No1hotpapi says:

Is it working on your iPhone 4S or iPhone 5

Rainman76 says:

I had mine working on my iPhone 5 with unlimited data at about 9:30 AM in Connecticut. It's now 11:00 PM and it has now stopped working. :( I think someone at AT&T may have wised up unfortunately.

monhall says:

Dallas, Texas. iPhone 5 unlimited. Not working.

Thenk83 says:

I reset my network settings and it flipped on after the reboot. I'm on a 3gb tiered plan, iPhone 5, and in the Los Angeles area.

Daspoo says:

No joy in Birmingham, AL with an iPhone 4S, Unlimited. Hard-reset the phone, went into Settings - FaceTime afterwards, "Use Cellular Data" toggle was on for all of 1 second, then back off. Switching it back on revealed the lovely HateT&T-specific message.

psiclne says:

Been trying this since I saw the MacRumor story - and still no luck on my 4s in Los Angeles

exMachina says:

It's working for me. - Crestview, FL (near Pensacola, Fort Walton Beach, and Destin) iPhone 5 w/ grandfathered unlimited data.

marcos bicalho says:

Not working for me. I'm in Boston .