Apple releases update for Remote for iPhone and iPad

In addition to releasing iTunes 11, Apple has also released Remote 3.0 for iPhone and iPad in the iOS App Store to be in perfect sync with the new iTunes. Remote is now simply and easier to use with the addition of Up Next and new ways to browse your library. The iPad version of Remote will also show all the songs in an album with the new Expanded view. The search feature is also more powerful and delivers results as you type.

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Apple releases update for Remote for iPhone and iPad


Connections are MUCH quicker, and you can hop in and out of the Remote app without it needing to "reconnect" libraries/devices. I assume it's running in the background or something. This is MAJOR; the experience on an iDevice is completely different now.

After updating the Remote app in my iPhone to version 3.0 it stopped working with my jailbroken Apple TV 2.
Every time I open the app, it tries to connect to the aTV2, and the aTV2 restarts and keeps restarting for as long as the remote app is open on my iPhone. The same thing happens when using Remote app 3.0 on my iPad.
Is someone else having this problem?

It seems to run Remote App Version: 3.0 with your Apple TV, you have to update Apple TV software to 5.1.1 . The problem is that no jailbrak for 5.1.1, or you can try another application for example
Rowmote Pro: Remote Control for Mac and Apple TV 1G/2G