Enter now to win the iPhone, iPad, or iPod of your dreams from iMore!

Win the iPhone, iPad, or iPad of your dreams from iMore!

Have you been dreaming of a new iPhone 5 for Christmas? An iPad or iPad mini for Hanukkah? An iPod touch for Festivas?

Well you're in luck! Every week for the next four (4) week we're going to be giving you a chance to win the iOS device of your dreams! (Technically four (4) $350 U.S. Apple Store gift certificate for you to buy (or put towards) whichever Apple device or devices you wish!)

You can enter each contest, each week, for a total of 4 chances to win! And entering this week couldn't be simpler:

  • Just leave a comment below telling us which iOS device you want and why!

We'll announce winners each week when we announce the next way to enter. That's it. That's all.

Enter NOW!

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Enter now to win the iPhone, iPad, or iPod of your dreams from iMore!



I would like to win an ipad. It's been my uncles wish to have one for quite a while and i would love to give one to him these holidays.

I would like to win an ipod touch 64GB because my family dosent earn much money and i really want some thing special for my birthday.It is 12/25 honestly , and that would be the greatest gift ever !

I want the iPad! First, I can't afford it and it's a really great gadget ever made! :) Hopefully this is open to Philippine residents. Merry Christmas everyone & a Happy New Year :)

I would love and iPhone 5 because we do not have any money at home and I would love to give this to my mom who is always spending her hard earned money on me and my 2 brothers and nothing ever on herself and I want to get her something for Christmas for once without her buying it

i would love an ipod 5 please, everyday i go to apple.com and stare at it, because that's all i can do cant afford one right now, too busy with college. And finding a job is not easy. :D thankyou.

I would love to have an ipod touch for my wife. she loves music and has an old ipod that is slowly dieing. I cant afford a new ipod touch so a sweepstakes is the only way to go.

I would love to recieve iphone 5 cause it's the most amazing iphone yet,as apple says and i too agree with them.It's a standardised device with most amazing applications and what to talk of it's smartness.Simple,sleek,thin,tall and more mentally skilled it's most amazing and i want to be amazed by it.That's why i would love to have iphone 5

I want a apple Ipad Mini, because i never win a price in my life and i want this for Xmas. :D Thanks. Merry Xmas!

I really bad want an iPod so i can stay in touch with my cousions in seattle WA, I want to be able to text my cousin with Autisum and does not talk! Please choose me!

I'd like the new iPad, because I use my iPad 2 to read a lot of classical texts, and the retina display would be easier on my eyes.

Well... why I would like to have an IPAD3 3G? Because, it's more useful than the majority people thinks.... I don't have a job and I don't have money to buy it.... And I realize that most of people use it to organize their life! I would like to have it to take notes when I'm attending a meeting, conventions, and more. I'd be very fast to do some things that usually take me a lot of time!

I want an iPhone never experience any apple products it would make my Christmas Merrier if you could give me one and let me experience its magic :)

ed an ipad mini so bad because i dont have a computer so every day i have to do homework on a library computer and the library is 3 blocks away

I would like the iPad 4, why? Because im always on the go and i get tired of carrying my laptop around everywhere i go. The iPad would be perfect for me to do my school work on, stay in touch with my friends, play games while im riding the subway in NYC and keep my niece busy when im babysitting her.

i want iphone 5 because i have never use touchscreen phone but i know that the iphone is one of the best touchscreen phone.....:)..

Please, please, please can I have an iPhone 5 because i really, really want a new phone and to show an iPhone 5 to my friends

"We'll announce winners each week when we announce the next way to enter. That's it. That's all."

Hm, people are entering their comments since Dec 3 and still no winners announced.... Only one word to say: scam!

I really want an iphone 5 because I always wanted one since the first one came out. I never really had the money. This all I want for Christmas.

Dec 22nd, and its my birthday :)
never had an 'apple' before, cost me a fortune just to think of having 1 of it,
iPad? iPhone? if only I can have any..
good luck for all!

some might call the iphone 5 a 5*2 rectangular box. but i under stand its value and if i get i would make sure to make best use of the thinnest,lightest....(there's a long list of iphone 5 s features).and also christmas and new years coming and i'd be glad to show it off to my friends. guys please i want it...................................................................................................................................................................

i really want an iphone 4s, so i can communicate better to my relatives. an i also want it because it is user-friendly!!thanks :)

I would like an ipod touch please and if i dont get one i can always try again but i hope i do im one of the kids in my school that dont have an electronic that you can get on the internet with.

I want an Iphone 5 or Ipod touch
\ I've been using the Nokia lumia 610 for 3 months now and i'm completely dissatisfied with windows phone and nokia. It just damn sucks. There are absolutely no apps that run on it,its very laggy,no video download like itunes,marketplace is very small,no good games,it just suck.I'm sick windows phone.
While the Iphone is awesome. Ios is the best.Its just one awesome phone
Ipod is the best entertainment device in the world.

I would really like to win an iphone 5 because i've never had a good working and fancy phone before and it would be a really nice christmas gift.

It almost Christmas and I would an iPhone 5. My boss bought me an iPhone 4 two weeks before upgrading the rest of the office to iPhone 5's. My co-workers point and laugh at me. Please grant my Christmas wish! God bless us, every one!

I would love to win an Ipad because with this I can communicate with my relatives, friends and my dad abroad. And I think receiving an Ipad for Christmas from you WILL BE THE BESTEST GIFT EVEEEEER!

I'd really like any one of the apple products for my sister....she's currently electronicless and has wanted one for a long time.

An iPad mini would fill in the gap between my iPhone 5 and new iPad.
And Happy Holidays to the fine people at iMore.com and their families!

hey i would absolutely love an IPhone is would be amazing im 16 and i still dont have my own phone and two of my best friends live in melbourne and others plus my grandparents live 7 hours away so i only get to see them maybe once a year so face time would be awesome to chat to everyone i know thaty im one in 3803 people entering this but i never have won any competitions ever so this may be my chance thanks

I'm going to sound hideously materialistic, which is definitely not the look I'm going for. But I've always had to put up with (I know, people have it a lot worse than this) phones that do nothing but the bare minimum. So I find myself constantly rushing around, checking emails, setting alarms, writing in calendar dates. When it would all be so much easier if I had all that in one place. So because of that, and iPhone of any description would be a lifesaver.

Hello! I'm Katrina. I'm so much inlove and addicted to the gadgets that apple has. I've been dreaming of an iphone since the day that the iphone 4-4s was released, unluckily I couldn't buy because It's expensive and I don't have a money and. I would love to have the iPhone 5! :( I like it because, it's so cool! It has a wider screen(perfect for my fingers), to cool to use, especially the applications you can download from the apple store, i love it. I like it also because, the device or the iOS device thing, works fast, it doesn't crashes, and it doesn't hang. One thing also, is that you can always sync your photos, music and everything..,everytime you accidentally deleted your files from the computer. So pleasee, i want an iphone 5 the color black one :(( im so jealous everytime i see people holding an iphone 5. :((( iphone (iphone5) is on my wish list for how many years and i've been waiting for it :(( I will be the happiest girl in the world ever if I will win this contest cos like in my entire year, ive been thinking what it feels like to have an iphone!! By the way, I'm loving the ipod touch 5th gen! :) You're so cool apple!! Apple forever!! Thanks!

i want the new iphone 5 (white) because i live in damascus syria and here the iphone 5 is so expensive and we only have it contract free and my parents don't have that much money to bye me one and i never had an iphone or an ipod or any apple product so please let me win it

I dont have a smartphone, i just use a samsung gt s 3115. Would be Awesome if i get iPhone 5/ iPad mini or any of the apple product

IPad mini!! Just broke my old iPad :( :( Fortunately, I can borrow my little sister's iPad now and then, but I really miss it when I'm taking notes at the university :( :(

i would love to win the iphone 5, simply because they are rare in Jamaica and very expensive.I cannot afford to buy one here and so i would love to win one. I dream day and night about this superb phone and would love to get my hands on one, Thank you

u just try to give me anyone from ipad iphone or ipod becuase still i didn't have any single mobile and my all friends have tablets in their hand...i feel jelious and shame .....:)

i want ipad mini, because my daddy didn't have a lot of money to buy me an ipad mini. I really really want this, please. thank you so much

Since its CHRISTMAS I'd love to give an iPad mini to a family member. And getting gifts this time of year is heard cause of lots of hospital bills coming up and making it hard to pay them and getting gifts are hard so getting an iPad mini would be great!

i would really appreciate an iPhone 5 as im really in love with the features it provides !! and im sure the features,the style and the sleekness is the best if compared to all the other phones , so i would really like to have one myself :D

I'd love iPod Touch . It's because I've have been longing to have an iPod touch from its third generation and its fifth has already come out . I don't want to live always without iPod Touch before my 50s , I want it in my teenage :D

I would definitely have to say the iPhone 5! My mother got me one for Christmas on Craigslist (trying her best to get me what I wanted..) and it turned out to be a fake phone. Completely heartbreaking! and not to mention a waste of $500. I was so close to getting this gift, so actually winning it would be incredible..

I would love to have the iPhone 4s (white - 32 GB). Right now I use a not-smart phone, and it doesn't serve me for a lot of things. I have wanted to get the iPhone for two years now, but i couldn't save enough money, but I would really love to have one!
Thank you iMore!

Ipad. As a youth leader I would like to take on trips to download all the pictures that the kids take on their phones so that we can put them all together.

I Would Like An Ipad 2 For My Neice That I Have Been Raising. She Is Only 4 And I Would Love It If I Got One :') It Would Mean The World To Me And My Neice!!! She Wanted One For Christmas And I Couldnt Get It Becuase I Dont Have Enough Money. So Please!! I Would Want To Have An Ipad 2!!!! PLEASE! :(

Hey I would love an iPhone 5 as I have been entering competitions all over the internet and not won a single one! :( plz pick me!

i would like to win the iphone 5 because my friends always want to invite be places but i dont have a phone and im hardly ever at home so they call th house phone and they get angry at me i just wan to solve this problem

i'd like the iphone5 please. i think iphone is pricey but the quality is superb fantastic. but if i can only win some then i don't have to spend more bucks. it's all in one phone, intenet, social media everythings great so i want one

Happy New Year!
I would love to own an iPhone 5 because................
Back in time, I was a bright student but then I got addicted to internet giveaways! I wasted my time but still couldn't win any prize!
That year , I failed and I ruined my whole life!
That is why, I want to prove to my parents that internet giveaways aren't fake!
I have to win this iPhone 5 anyway!

I would like an iPad because I could just chill on the couch and playing some cool games that I see on imore.com :) Please pick me! I hope this contest is still open.

I would LOVE to win an Iphone 5 because I am the only person out of my friends and family who doesn't have a smart phone. I am always out of the loop and constantly being told to upgrade, but I just can't afford it! Please help me!

Now why would I like an ipad? hmm, where do i begin? well, I know for certain that my 4 year old niece who lives with my and my mum would get a real thrill using it. I'd be able to read books to her, she could play games on it, she'd be able to look at her photos of her mum and dad who are overseas for 2 months, I'd be able to watch movies, listen to music, listen to podcasts, play games and lots of other exciting things I can't really imagine at the moment. I have heard so much about them, I think it would be really cool to explore everything the ipad has to offer. so, fingers crossed.

I'd love to win an free ipod touch or iphone considering i got no gifts for the holidays. it would really mean alot if i won this and even if i dont thanks for giving me the opportunity to even win it. and good luck to all the other people trying to win.

Sorry I'm very late but I'd love an iPhone 5 because of all the great stuff you can do on it & it can help you will many things.
Thank you & happy new year :) xx

I Want The IPhone Because My Mom Can't Afored It and all my friends even have it i beg you
Please Please I Want One So Bad I Told My Mom I Wanted To,Enter And See If I win Please please let it be me please

The iPhone 5 because first of all,.. All I do is give and expect nothng in return and I think it's time for me to get something for myself

i would love to have an iphone 5..i'm from the philippines and people here are going crazy over iphone....it's stylish, and very useful in everyday life....being student what i do is i transfer my pdf files, which are my reviewers, into my iphone and read them at school..it's fun and handy in that sense..

Hello. To be honest with you, I really really want an iPad mini. Eversince I never liked gadgets that much. I never asked my parents to buy me the latest cellphone, laptop, etc. But when I saw the iPad mini, it caught me. I instantly liked it. I never owned an ipod, iphone or whatsoever high-tech gadget because I thought I don't need it. But when I saw the iPad mini, I realized it could offer so much more. The features are amazing and I believe I need one. The design is perfect, the connections are ultra-fast and the iPad mini is truly incredible. I know I can't afford it myself right now and I don't want to ask money from my parents. Hoping I could get one for myself. Nothing is truly impossible! God bless! Happy New Year and keep giving people happiness!
- Rachel, the iPad mini lover :)

iPhone 5 please! The phone i have now if cracked and water damaged, and I can't upgrade until July. I also need it for on-the-go school needs.

I would like to get a Ipod Touch 5th Generation (Red 32GB) Please and Thank You, even know it is after Christmas

It would be nice if I could with an Ipod touch 4th generation because I can't afford to pay bills for anything else. Odds are against me but it would be nice to win once in awhile.

I would love to win an Iphone 5, it doesnt even matter which iphone generation it is! I've never had a phone, because my parents cant exactly afford it. And at times when i need to call them, i cant! I've been trying to save up money to buy a phone, but its gonna take a longgg time! I would really appreciate it if i could win an iphone! Thanks! :D

I would like to win an Iphone 5 because having the phone will help me connect to my family and friends. I will be able to get into touch when I need them.:) I need one...

I want an iphone 5
ever since the first iphone launched i wanted to have it but couldn't,
the only time i could use a smartphone is when me n my friends sit together and develop apps ( my friend has iphone 4 )

IPad Mini please! I currently have an ipod and the screen is horribly cracked and it would be nice to have a bigger screen! Thank you! :D

I would love to win a new Iphone 5 because i've had he same lg rumour plus for 5 years and i would love to win a new snazzy iphone! Cheers :)

I would like an iphone5 white please. I want to give this for my mum for her birthday please.. She always wanted one of the iPhone.
Thank you Imore.

IPhone 4 s
There very nice phones! I could never afford one myself. And having a iphone would be great and would help me a lot! Thankyou i hope you read this! :)

THANK YOU in advance for my new iphone ! I love Apple products and will be so happy and grateful when I receive it ! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you ! :)

I want to win an iphone5, because I don't have any apple gadgets. I can't afford them. I want to experience having one ♥

i want an iphone 5..its my dream to have..only apple products serves the best and still number one in our hearts.......

because all my friends have iphones ipads i am not that much rich so thats why i am taking part in this contest i pray please i need it

It would be cool to win an iPhone 5. I'm a high school student and hopefully getting accepted to university. I'm trying to put my money aside for that so I cant afford an iPhone 5. Any who congratulations to who wins and good luck to those who have entered!!
Happy Christmas and Happy Holidays!!

i want an blue ipod touch 5 please because it has 4 inches and has retina display and good for racing games and i hope i win

I would love to own an iPhone since my mobile phone is more than four years old so I don't even have an internet connection. I want finally be able to use some applications I desire.

I Would Like A Iphone 5 Because I Have No Othef Way To Communicate With Family Or Friends. OR A Ipad For School Bur I Would Be GrateFull For Any One Cause I Didnt Get Any Thing For Christmas
Thank u If Yu Took Your Time To Read This :)

I would greatly appriciate an Ipad, my mom just left for korea, for a year, and I have no way of keeping in contact with her, and I would like to be able to talk to her. Thank you.

can i please win an ipad mini. all of my friends have all these new cool things but my latest technology is a gameboy advance sp. if i win it would be great. thank you.

i not going to beg but i would like and iphone bad cause i didnt get on for christmas look for me on fb Ac'him Morgan thanks

hi imore i know im late on posting this but i just got my computer fixed and i wanted to know if i could get a iphone 4s. I have never had a phone and my birthday is coming up in a few days and i dreamed of haveing a phone. I also would really like this because it will help me be able to contact my mom while im at school and or if i need to call her a emergency. So if you could please help me out this will be wonderful! Thank you for taking your time to read this letter and please pick me!

Cool initiative guys!
Obviously I would find it really cool to win an iPhone 5, the iOS device is would really like. I have been playing around with developing for iOS devices, and had a 3 year old iPod touch. However, it has just broken down, and with no remainable warranty, and no money from an insurance, this leaves me without an iOS device. Therefore it would be really cool to be able to win an iPhone 5, as money is unfortunately as issue stopping me from getting one at the moment. Good going guys! Cheers, Bart

well all my life i have always wanted something like a i pod i know i cant have a phone cuz the bill is to high to pay for so an i pod please its easy to take around and i can still contact my mom if needed

Would love an iPhone 5. Because I have iPhone 2(broken but a bit functional still), it's a pity to have an iPhone but cannot use applications from iTunes cause it's too old. Plus I would like to feel the difference of technology improvement myself.

Anything would do!!! But if I really have to choose it would be the Ipod Touch 5th generation for my sister's birthday. Me and my family don't have the money to get her anything this year. :(

Yep! A iPhone 5,It’s spectacularly thin and light,it's beautiful like most Apple products and that larger display is such a welcome improvement,It’s powerful, and noticeably faster.I will choose the white and silver model and I think it’s the prettiest gadget I like to ever own.

ipad please!!1, would love to give a ipad to my mom, idont have the money right i just got done paying her air playing tickle for see could go to state side to visit the family, im current and the navy.

dear imore/apple
i am in desperate need of an ipad 4 .the reason why i need this device is that my family really cant afford that type of merchandise and i always wanted an ipad since it ever came out and ever year since that day i always asked my mom for one. Every time i asked her i got this same answer "sorry josh i don't know where you think im get money for this thing your asking for "and every time i go through a process with me ending up explaining to her what it does and what i will do to work for it. And every time when the holidays come i hope one of my gifts to be an apple ipad ,but i really grateful for the ipod touch she got me .i have had it for awhile now and its sorta worn down but i will never get rid of it because its speical to me because it was my first apple product EVER !!.Another reason why i need an ipad is because i moved frequently back to Michigan and left my high school friends behind and would love to see them and really the only way i can see them clearly is on that big retina display because most of them have iphones, i can face time them.another reason why i need an ipad is for my gaming craves(times when there's nothing i mean nothing to in the house and it raining or something)also i love gaming.Another reason why i need this ipad is that i think it will get me into reading more because i have been away from reading for a while and i would love to read from an ipad rather than a book.another reason why i need this ipad is because it will make me smile through all the work i just put into this comment...pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee i neeeeedddd iiiiittttt .....just noticed

I have No iphone ,No ipad, No,Ipad 4 Nothing If in Case i win i Like to have an iPHONE ........................I Thought that my price will be not mine ,,,,........ So pls !!!!!!!!!! MERRY !!! MERRY !!!MERRY !!!MERRY !!!MERRY !!!MERRY !!!MERRY !!! Christmas ..... May God Bless you .... And Me also,,............. Thanq..........

Hy everybody I would like to fine an iphone 5 form my work, I'm a computer programmer sudent and i wold this iphone to developep app for iphone and try it in thhe iphone that you will give .

Thank you !!

I would just love the ipod! <3 I am a musician and I believe the new ipod is the best device to carry tons of music with you and make your daily routine like a movie... along with the right soundtrack! ;)
Thank you very much!!!

I would really love to have iPhone 5. Why? Simply because I really do admire this phone but can't afford. :/

I would like an iPhone 5 please because my phone just wont hold any battery and don't have enough money to by a new phone so this would be an amazing thing for me to win

Have only dreamt of owning an apple device and it's still a dream!!Don't have the resources to buy an ipod even. But i know once i stand on strong ground then won't be filling this up again!!..i just want an ipod to listen to music...and especially while jogging in order to lose weight!! :)

A true treat and help for me would be the iPad mini. I am currently a stay-at-home-mom who is always running to service my three children. I need the mini so I can write, read, and study for the GRE as I am wanting to go back to school.

i would love iphone 5 i have always wanted a good phone i have 18 years old and till now i use nokia 3310 mobile that even you dont remeber i wish to win iphone 5

I would love the iPad mini in white! I am a college student and use the internet a lot to do research, if I had the iPad mini I could do my papers and study anywhere! Please! Thank You!

I would like to have the new iPod touch because it looks very light.. I would imagine holding it in my hand. It looks really cool.... Blue is my favorite!!!!!

An ipad or an ipad Mini black OR white. because we could have the whole family use it. I can use it for my blogging and cooking websites, my husband could use it for Home Depot tool reviews, watching movies at night when I'm trying to sleep (the TV doesn't have earphones), and whatever else he does. My 12 kids could use it to play games, and do homework. We NEED one of these, they've (my husband and kids) been asking for one forever, and they've come up with some pretty cool things they'll use it for.

I would like to win the new ipad, i'm a student and need a laptop and think this would be perfect, its exactly what i need for class being light weight and easy to use.

I want it because i am not that financially sound to owe on to be frank but yes it is the most durable and blend of the best hardware and software

I would like to have the iphone 5 ( black ), im madly want it to be mine, i hope and my wish is to have phone 5, hopefully my wish will come true, ahhh i want it soo badly!

I want the iPhone 5 please !! Just because it's the best out there. There is no other phone that can replace it !!

Well they all look nice and I would choose the itouch because I don't have anything apple its small and I think it would be really cool and a dream to own one

I would love a mini. I gave Touches to four people for Christmas hoping one of the would get me the mini, and no luck. Hopefully this may be the trick!

I would like a iphone 5, because i have a phone a ipod, its gets annoying having to carry both around, and the battery life on my current phone is horrible.

i would like an iphone please since it would be my first cellphone is i would win :) good luck to all! happy trails!