Where's the Monday Brief? Or: 4K is hard!

Where's the Monday Brief? Or: 4K is hard!

It began, as many things do with an idea -- we had our Monday Brief host, Ashley Esqueda in NYC for #TM13, along with all our site editors, Kevin Michaluk, Phil Nickinson, and Daniel Rubino, yours truly, and Georgia, and we had Martin Reisch and his RED Scarlet 4K camera. So, we figured "why not shoot the Monday Brief in 4K!". And therein began the longest Odyssey in Monday Brief history.

If you're not familiar with 4K, it's what they're calling Ultra HD, but is really just 2160p, or double again 1080p resolution. Picture four 1080p TVs in a square, and that's 4K.

The shooting itself went pretty well, with Ashley and Georgia kicking things off, and Kevin doing his best to finish the show with a bang. Then things started getting complicated. Turns out it takes a long, long, long time edit and render 4K video, and a really long time to upload it.

The first attempt needed some fixing, so now we're on attempt two, and it's taking even longer.

Maybe it was hubris to even try, and this is our wings melting off, and our tumble back to earth. But we like being audacious at times. We like trying new technology and new workflows. And we like bring you along for the ride with us.

You should see the results later today -- fingers very firmly crossed -- and we can talk about the pros and cons, how far along 4K is, and how close to a reality 4K programming is.

We'll absolutely get you your MoNa MoBr fix just as soon as possible! Apologies for the delay, but... SCIENCE!

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Rene Ritchie

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Reader comments

Where's the Monday Brief? Or: 4K is hard!


Thanks for the update, Rene! I was wondering what happened. I love how you guys are always willing to try new stuff. Keep it up!

I'm curious as to how much bigger the filesize is than regular HD. You'd think 4x as much but I wasn't sure how much compression enters into the equation. That is increased bandwidth needed on the client side. Bad for data caps, bad for the amount of time to buffer before watching the video (maybe), good for resolution.

Any chance you can stick a higher quality copy of the Monday Brief on a file-sharing site? YouTube compresses "4K" video so much, it's disappointing to even refer to it as that.

I wish the UHDTV format was called "2K" instead of "4K".
HDTV is 1920x1080, UHDTV is 3840x2160.
UHDTV should have been "2K," in line with its vertical resolution.

I do video production in advertising - my first time shooting and editing 4k was a round of seven videos in six languages for a Southern California electric company, that had to be done in 30 days. Let's just say editing them took many, many years off my life.