Facebook for iOS will soon let you edit posts and erase those embarrassing mistakes

Post editing is something us regular Google+ users take for granted, but finally Facebook is getting on board with it too. Rolling out initially on the web and in the Android application, Facebook users can now begin to edit their posts once they've shared them, offering the chance to erase those – potentially embarrassing – mistakes. Support for iOS is on the way soon according to TechCrunch:

Soon you’ll be able to edit all posts and comments from the web, Android, or iOS. To edit posts, you’ll be able to click the down arrow in the top right of one of your posts and select ‘Edit Post’ to change the text, then click “Done Editing”

No-one really knows why it's taken Facebook so long to get around to this, but then, it's not as if the to-do list down in Palo Alto will ever be particularly small. Perhaps the strangest part to Facebook's post editing is that the original post and any other revisions will still be visible should your friends check your posts edit history. Which some could suggest negates the feature in the first place.

We'll take a better look when iOS support comes our way, but if this scratches a particular Facebook itch you had, let us know in the comments.

Source: TechCrunch

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Reader comments

Facebook for iOS will soon let you edit posts and erase those embarrassing mistakes


This is awesome. As someone who suffers from brain-to-finger communication errors, I am constantly noticing little errors in posts I make from my iPhone and it drives me nuts that I can't edit them right after. This is not a huge update, but it's a significant one and should have happened a long time ago.

i kinda wish they would focus on the issue of Facebook Message not receiving notifications from the the Facebook app itself, i dont like having both the Facebook and Messaging app installed to just get the notifications when someone messages me.

I remember reading somewhere (long time ago) that Facebook didn't offer post editing because there were huge concerns regarding "bait 'n switch" situations: post one thing, get responses/likes, then edit the post to say something completely different. More than likely not a positive change, I'm guessing.

That may also explain why original posts are still available for viewing, even after editing.

Useful for the occasional brain fart; the "your/you're, to/two/too, than/then, there/their/they're" idiots won't even bother.

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This reason doesn't make sense. If I made a mistake that I needed to correct on mobile, I could always do it on desktop.

Not accurate; the ability to edit a published post (not a comment) wasn't always available, mobile or desktop... There was a long period where you had to just delete the entire post and redo it if there were errors.

if you need to make a change in the iOS app before this update happens, you can already copy the comment you just posted, delete it, then paste it back again and edit it.

Just don't do what I did 10 minutes ago, and paste it back into the wrong comment thread!