Update: Apple Store Back Up with New Final Cut Pro, Logic Studio

iPhone Out of Stock

UPDATE: Apple has released new versions of their pro apps, Final Cut Pro and Logic Studio. Not much for iPhone users, unless you count all the more/better iPhone-friendly movies, music, and other media that'll get made with these tools...

ORIGINAL: The Apple Store is down. Chances are it isn't anything too related to TiPb, since iTablets, third generation iPod touches, and the like usually necessitate their own special events filled with pomp and circumstance. But Apple being Apple, we never can tell.

Could be an internal system upgrade. Could be a minor memory or processor overhaul to some Mac. Could be a new color or storage bump to an iPod. Could be the fabled iUnicorn tears.

We'll update soon as it comes back online. In the meantime, speculate away!

[Thanks to everyone who sent this in!]

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Update: Apple Store Back Up with New Final Cut Pro, Logic Studio


Looks like it was Final Cut Pro and Final Cut Studio updated today. Dang it, was looking forward to the iUnicorn Tears!

What exactly are the new features here? I watched the videos and they didn't talk about anything that interests me. They just kept saying Pro-Res. WTF is that.