iPad Simulator Settings Reveal HTML5 YouTube, File Sharing, Lock Screen Media Controls

iPhone 3.2 Beta 2 SDK iPad Simulator Settings File Sharing

9to5mac continues to dive into the iPhone 3.2 Beta 2 SDK and its iPad simulator, this time showing off HTML5 YouTube, file sharing, lock screen media controls, and more.

HTML5 H.264 YouTube video is shown playing right in the iPad Safari browser, just as it does on Mac or Windows. It looks good enough for 9to5mac to wonder if the YouTube app is still needed!

File sharing has an on/off toggle, and TiPb's really excited about this one. The text reads "File sharing allows you to transfer application files to and from your iPad and computer", and there's a (currently empty) header that reads "Applications".

We've already asked for a file repository, sort of like the Camera Roll does now for images, and some apps have gotten in trouble for using the DCIM folder to do just that. And official place to load, share, and save documents and other files would fill a huge functionality gap for iPad and iPhone both.

Lock Screen media controls are interesting, as we saw Apple demonstrate the iPad lock screen woking as a digital photo frame, but it does make sense for watching movies as well.

There are a few more finds, including some new things like built-in Google suggestions in iPad Safari, and some things we've already seen in the iPhone like percentage battery readout and Chinese character handwriting input.

If anyone else is digging around in the simulator and comes across anything more, let us know!

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iPad Simulator Settings Reveal HTML5 YouTube, File Sharing, Lock Screen Media Controls


I would like to know how the conditional CSS that allows the iPhone to have a dedicated style sheet interacts with the iPad Safari.
example: "only screen and (max-device-width: 480px)". Mobile Safari can ONLY use "screen" css and has a max width of 480 pixels. Obviously the iPad will also only be able to do screen (unless they figure out how to natively handle printing), but the max width will be different.

I don't why HTML5 YouTube is news. That's exactly what was demonstrated at the Intro. Jobs did not exit to a dedicated player for the videos. They played within the YouTube page itself.

A shared folder for files sounds good, but doesn't this open up security exploits, or at least allow any app to wipe or modify any other file in that folder? Would apps have R+W access to their own files, but only read-only for those generated by other apps? How are folders handled?

Nothing really notable here, but its good that people are discovering more and more about the new OS. I think the major huge "A+" changes are coming with Iphone 4.0. With Windows Phone 7 and other updates by other people, this 4.0 update has to be REALLY major if Apple expects to keep its fan-base where it is now.

@neil: Break.com doesn't seem to have any problems getting their video content onto the iPhone without Flash, nor does YouTube.
...but no FORTRAN. Whomp-whomp

I was very disappointed when this was device was finally revealed. Then it started to grow on me, and seemed like something that might be cool to have. Now, I'm getting extremely bored with it and it's not even out yet...
:| ... sigh...

@Fastlane: I run a small motel in my town (12 rooms, nothing huge) and have been working on, in my free time, a web app that allows me to handle the rental of rooms. With the iPad I could leverage HTML5's Cache Manifest and Local Database support as well as the larger touch screen AND the credit card processing service that Square is offering (which includes a credit card reader that connects to the iPhone/iPod Touch headphone jack). If the card reader and app work fine on the iPad, it could be a fun little business addition.
it will also help with showing maps to different locations in my town. Currently I show people Google Maps on the Lobby iMac, but I hate having to turn the thing around so they can get a good look. With the iPad, I can just lay it down flat.

how can you be bored of a product you have yet to ever hold physically in your hand. Also, wait to see what the final specs will be. I was in Barns and Nible this evening and played with their Nook device. I can't believe someone would drop cash on a device that such crappy performance and function. When you hit the side button to turn the page it does flicker and the e-ink then changes to the next page. Abrasive and annoying is all I have to say. The ipad will be increadibly successful because people will appreciate the attention to detail apple gives their user experience.
As for a file transfer feature, and some sort of central sandbox storage , that would be great.


how can you be bored of a product you have yet to ever hold physically in your hand.

The fact that I haven't held one in my hand yet is exactly why I'm bored.

Also, wait to see what the final specs will be.

I have been... again, that's why I'm bored. ;)

Since I've already decided that I'm not investing in an iPad, I can't really say I'm bored with the device itself (the coverage, on the other hand...). But I still can't see what has people excited about it. As far as I can tell, there's nothing truly innovative about it.

Hi. There. Apple. Ipad. May. Come. With. HTML. 5. Video. Player. What. About. The. Compution. Useing. Flash. They. May. Need. The. HTML. 5. Video. Player. Over. The. Ipad

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