FaceTime for Mac beta now available for download

As promised by Steve Jobs during Apple's Back to the Mac event, FaceTime for Mac beta is now up on Apple.com and available for download:

FaceTime for Mac makes it possible to talk, smile, wave, and laugh with anyone on an iPhone 4, iPod touch, or Mac from your Mac over Wi-Fi. So you can catch up, hang out, joke around, and stay in touch with just a click. Sure, it’s great to hear a voice. But it’s even better to see the face that goes with it.

Grab it at http://www.apple.com/mac/facetime/ We're downloading now and testing it out, and when you do let us know how it works for you!

[apple.com, thanks pinhodaniel]

Rene Ritchie

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dloveprod says:

If you keep clicking the link a couple times it'll give you the facetime app.

Laelipoo says:

Downloaded! Going to try it out now.

CycloneFW says:

Fun part is registering your Apple ID right now. I presume tons of people are trying this out!

Travis says:

now I just have to wait until somehow Facetime come to my pc.................................. oh well now I can at least Facetime with other Mac people with my iPhone 4 =D

Lloyd says:

Thanks for the tip. It worked. U have to click on the link multiple times.

Beanboy says:

So what happened to iWeb?

freebiejeebies says:

I clicked it a load of times but no luck :( Not really interested in it tbh but i guess it's worth a try isn't it :)

Al says:

It works great for me. I only wonder if I can get incoming calls when the app is closed. It seems kind of silly to leave the app open all the time (which leaves the camera active and thus wastes battery when mobile) just in case I get a call. Interesting...

Al says:

I still wonder why this wasn't rolled into iTunes or iChat, it's so one dimensional as a stand-alone app.

zero credibility says:

downloaded , but can't get it working - never had a facetime working for that matter. anyone having any luck ? is there a way to put a facetime email address on your ip4 ?

CycloneFW says:

Testing between some iPhones, an iMac, and a MacBook Pro, it does autoload the app and ask to accept or decline even when the app isn't open, like iChat does when your signed in, get an incoming IM, but the app isn't running.

mcdoobie says:

Need Snow Leopard for it. I'm out of luck.

csullivan1980 says:

where is it on the site? i am having trouble locating it, do i have to be a developer to get it?

BrianTufo says:

Click on the apple.com link at the end of the article.

Hookem99 says:

Downloaded and working fantastically!

JD says:

Looks good but no support for people behind a corporate firewall/proxy. This is very limiting.

Neurobit says:

Can't get it to sign in (stuck in "Signing in..." )
Looks like their servers are getting overwhelmed.

corym says:

I can get the Verify Now email, but clicking the link gives a Can't Open This Page-type error.

Joel says:

tried FaceTime on mac to friend with iphone 4 said ""friend" needs to update to the latest version of FaceTime."

JD says:

BTW: lets remember this is beta... no doubt Apple will iron stuff out.

Amine says:

verification service down?

Joel says:

just checked with friend he is on 4.0 i guess you have to be on iOS 4.1

Amine says:

can you please stop trying to verify your address? let me do it :)

Neurobit says:

Figured out the login issue.
If you're in a corporate setting, you need to open up TCP port 5223 (if you block outbound traffic).
Once you do this, you'll be able to log in.

zack says:

do you have be be on ios 4.1 for the facetime between iphone n mac to work?? getting message “”friend” needs to update to the latest version of FaceTime.”

devonair says:

Pretty impressed that I can receive call notifications even when the app isn't running. But like most people, I still wish this was built-in to iChat. Apple needs to hurry up and open their "standard" to the other apps (like they promised they would).

mdntblu says:

I did facetime between my own iPhone and my Mac. The app wasn't even running on my Macbook and it still started bouncing on my dock.
Pretty cool. Also tested it out between a bunch of friends.

Joel says:

it uses my email on the mac and my number on the phone.
what if i have to laptop and desktop, both on, and i call from my phone, does it call both?

Amine says:

works great !
You don't need to verify your email if you use your apple ID

parabel says:

One question to the iPhone 4 users: How does the iPhone behave if you're not on a Wifi network but get an incoming FaceTime call? Does it notify you at all? Thanks!

Stanley says:

Doesnt work on Leopard. Very lame. I dont see the need to spend in upwards of 1200+ for a new mac when my G5 2.3 dual works amazingly. Seems very unfair Apple. An iPhone and iPod can do Facetime, why not my G5? Pretty weak Apple.

Kyle Hill says:

Now I have FaceTime, but no one to FaceTime with! kyle@coderedcpr.com

Joel says:

The apple page answer a bunch of our questions.
You have to have an apple id and an email. it will ring on every (email) device. you must dial number to get to iphone.

Christian says:

Verification service down... "can't establish a secure connection to the server id.apple.com"

Dieter Bohn says:

wow. that's the still you chose, eh? Ouchy.

Anonymous says:

One neat thing is that I was able to test it with myself.
I only have one Apple ID. Upon trying to call myself initially, via the Mac FaceTime, it failed, but then I called myself on my iPhone 4, and it rang my Mac FaceTime.
After that initial process, I was able to call myself starting the FaceTime call from my Mac, and it rang through successfully to my iPhone.
The only two things they need to do now is allow us to make FaceTime calls on 3G instead of just WiFi, and also bring out a Windows client.

Smalls says:

You can buy an upgrade disc for Snow Leopard.
Are those glasses pink?

HRS says:

I've got the FaceTime beta downloaded, but it won't install on my Macbook Pro, running OS X 10.5.8.
Error: "Missing critical security patch. 2010-005."
However, I have updated with this security patch. All software is actually up to date. Still no luck installing FaceTime.
Any ideas?

zack says:

can someone tell me if i need to be on iOS 4.1 for facetime between mac n iphone to work??

Josel says:

I (You) becomes pixelized when FaceTime is in progress, much like the new YM Video Chat or Knocking Video app. But it works really well. I don't have to have Skype--I want everything native to Mac or authored by Apple so they integrate and work seamlessly and efficiently to Snow Leopard.
Your contact needs to be in the Address Book to work. I hope I can simply type in the numbers.

Josel says:

@devonair Yes, I second the motion. This should have been part of iChat.

Joel says:

HRS you need Snow Leopard OS X 10.6.4

Raygan says:

I'm having a pretty weird issue. I installed and launched FaceTime with no issues, but it never presented me with the login screen. It just went straight to the video window, which has no buttons on it. I can't see a contacts list or anything, just a picture of myself. There's not even a preferences option.
Anybody else see this issue? Any ideas what I might try to get it working?

Joel says:

Zack read above
I think you do need 4.1. I called a friend who is on 4.0 and it said he was on an old version.

Raygan says:

Upon further investigation, FaceTime works perfectly when logged in to a blank test account on my Mac. I'm going to continue digging to figure out what might be gumming up the works. If anyone else figures something out please let me know.

Kalle says:

Do you have to be developer or something? I can't find the download link anywhere... :(

Mitchell says:

Can you switch to the camera on the back of the mac?

Terry W says:

Raygan - I initially had a similar issue - I installed Face Time beta and launched it but got no application window; I can open the application window but it has no content or buttons or anything.
I eventually figured out that it was trying to use the wrong video source - so maybe thats your problem. Try the Video menu item and make sure builtin isight is checked.
But, when I try to activate it I can signin with my mac id but whenever I enter my email address it keeps responding that this email address is being used and so won't use it.

Martin says:

Do you need to be a developer, or can anyone download the beta?

piratemonkey says:

Will this work on a macpro and a 3rd party camera and display or does the camera/display need to be native apple?

Boots says:

Thanks Rene for not posting any of my things on the live blog...

frog says:

They need facetime for Windows now, the it'll really take off!

Maestr034 says:

Is there anyway to tell who on your contact list has the capability to use FaceTime. After using Tango that is something that is really missing from FaceTime.

Tom says:

The picture at the top of this post is very disturbing to me for some reason

Oliverf says:

Tested between my Mac and iphone4 running 4.1.
Works really well. Had some audio interference on the Mac but likely cause I was teamviewing in to test it. ;)
Sigh in with your apple ID. Then what I did is create an entry on in my iPhone contacts called Home Facetime and only added my apple ID email address.
Very cool but yeah, Beta.

jt says:

So how does one connect with an ip user?

jt says:

Another q, how does one connect to an itouch user from an ip?!

Mdpatsfan says:

It will not sign in. It just keeps thinking for hours, help any ideas?

Lloyd says:

It connects to the email address registered to your apple Id for iTunes.

Terminator2396 says:

after i dowloaded the facetime beta from the apple website and installing the beta, whenever i try to open it the program wants me to keep installing it over and over again. What should i do?

Nyanza says:

I have a problem with the overall premise of your article but I still think its really informative. I really like your other posts. Keep up the great work. If you can add more video and pictures can be much better. Because they help much clear understanding. :) thanks Nyanza.

Whitley Toadvine says:

I remember that Cydia had a paid app that removed the 20MB 3G restriction, so I always figured it was Apple. But if you guys can all download it, is it possible that it's 20MB for Verizon but say, 50 for AT&T? I don't know, but I have an unlimited data plan, White iPhone 4 (16GB), Verizon Wireless, and here is a pic of what I'm getting: