How to easily stream videos from your Mac to Xbox One

Have a lot of movies or TV episodes stored in your computer and want to watch them on your big screen TV? Here are the steps on how to easily stream those videos from your Mac to the Xbox One using this handy app from the Mac App Store called SofaPlay ($4.99 - Download now). It's so easy and convenient, that I want to slap myself for not knowing about it earlier. We've got a full on guide available for you at our sibling site, Windows Phone Central. So head on over and check it out!

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Adam Zeis

Mobile Nations Content Strategist

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How to easily stream videos from your Mac to Xbox One


Thank you for this! It makes it so much better than what I had been doing! I had my Apple TV plugged to the back of the xbox and would use the tv function. Now I can hook my actual satellite box back to the xbox and stream my movies with this new way!

This might be a good option as I have an Xbox One and Apple TV but somehow my late 2013 Retina MPB is still clunky about always streaming audio over AirPlay to my ATV =P