Mac Multitouch Trackpad 11-Point Demo


11-point multitouch tracking might sound nifty in a theoretical spec throwaway, but what does it mean to an end-user? Likely still not much, but thanks to FingerMgmt we can at least see it in action now -- on a MacBook glass trackpad at least.

Apple may have debuted their modern multitouch in the iPhone, but they've quickly spread the technology out to their MacBook glass trackpads and now Magic Mouse for desktops. Ultimately that's good for all of Apple's products, as innovation in each one can benefit the others on their next revision as well. Now, 11 points might be overkill for any practical need on a display this small, but when we start dreaming of unicorns and larger form-factor iTablets... Oh the games they could make (never mind the obvious jokes about just what constitutes that 11th finger...)

[Lericsson via Reddit via Gizmodo]

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Mac Multitouch Trackpad 11-Point Demo


"spelt" is British for spelled. It IS their language after all.
Advice for the GNs and SNs, if it looks unfamiliar, "Google" it first, okay?

i tried this app with my magic mouse it seems to support up to five fingers, although five fingers is really hard to do with the mouse

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