Record quarter for Apple's retail stores on back of strong iPhone, iPad and Mac sales

As part of the Q1 2014 earnings call, Apple CFO Peter Oppenheimer has broken out some key details for the company's retail stores. On the whole, it's good news, with a record quarter reported with 9% growth. Here's some of the other key points:

  • Total revenue for the quarter was $7 billion, a record figure with 9% growth on the previous quarter.
  • Strong iPhone, iPad and Mac sales through retail stores
  • 6 existing stores were remodelled in the quarter, with a further 4 new stores opened. Apple now has 420 retail stores with 166 outside the United States.
  • Average revenue per store of $16.7 million, up $400,000 on the same quarter in the previous year
  • Average visitors per store per week at 21,000
  • iBeacons rolled out across retail stores to enhance the customer experience

Apple retail stores offer a pretty unique shopping experience, and it's great to see that folks are still piling through the doors. With deals on Apple products having been available at big box retailers like Best Buy during the quarter, good numbers from Apple's own stores highlights the strength of the brand and the shopping experience.

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Record quarter for Apple's retail stores on back of strong iPhone, iPad and Mac sales


How scary would Apple Stores be if Apple developed a way to sell iPhones & iPads for $100 less than they do now.

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Hmm.. I can't remember if iMore did a follow up article about the actual application of what Apple did with iBeacon on their retail stores.