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Formula 1 racing returns to the Mac with F1 2013, coming in December

Feral Interactive announced Wednesday plans to release a Mac version of F1 2013 in December. F1 2013 is the latest installment of the Formula 1 racing game originally developed by Codemasters and released for consoles and Windows last month.

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The Humble Store debuts; deals on games 24/7

The Humble Bundle is a long-standing effort to offer great games for cheap and give money to charity - you name your price and determine how much of what you're paying goes to non-profit organizations that benefit from The Humble Bundle's largesse. But you have to act quickly, because the bundles are gone in a matter of days. Now they're taking the concept one step further with the Humble Store, a permanent fixture that will be available 24/7, with steep discounts for games.

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Doxie Flip portable scanner runs on batteries, has transparent window

Doxie's latest portable scanner has an interesting ability: it flips over and lets you scan anything. Sure, you can use it to scan photos or paper, but if you turn it over you can scan small objects and notebooks too. What's more, the computer is optional. The new Doxie Flip costs $149, and works independently of a computer.

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GarageBand for Mac updated with bug fixes and stability improvements

Apple on Wednesday released a minor update to GarageBand for Mac. The new release, 10.0.1, is available for download from the Mac App Store.

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Mac sales falling, but falling less than PCs

For Apple's fourth quarter for its fiscal year 2013, Mac sales were down year over year, but Apple CFO Peter Oppenheimer says that the Mac is still doing better than - and gaining marketshare against - the PC. Mac sales saw a 7 percent drop year over year, but market research firm IDC reports that the PC market overall saw a 10 percent decline.

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Apple's new Mac iWork apps: A big step back in workflow automation

On Tuesday evening Apple posted updates to its iWork apps for Mac - Pages, Keynote and Numbers. Featured during Apple's iPad and Mac event in San Francisco, the new versions of iWork apps sport new features, more thorough iCloud integration and an a unified file format compatible with their iOS counterparts. But there are some important pieces missing for users interested workflow automation, according to Clark Goble, who maintains Clark's Tech Blog. (Goble's post has been widely linked, so you can find a cached copy at if the original doesn't load for you.)

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Apple slipstreams Mavericks GM with new build number

If you're a developer already using the Golden Master release of Mavericks, you won't notice it either from the Mac App Store or the Software Update mechanism, but Apple appears to have replaced the GM build with a new version. The build number has changed, according to 9to5Mac.

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Sony to shut down EverQuest for Mac once and for all

It shouldn't come as any surprise to the few Mac gamers still playing, but Sony Online Entertainment (SOE) reaffirmed yesterday that it is shutting down the Mac version of EverQuest.

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Intel pushes back Broadwell release - what's it mean for Mac users?

In its most recent earnings call, Intel indicated that it has pushed back production of its new Broadwell microprocessor from later this year to the first quarter of 2014. Will the impact the release of new Mac systems? In all likelihood, no.

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Avadon 2 old school-style RPG set for Oct. 30 release

Spiderweb Software has announced the official release date for its new role playing game for Mac and Windows, Avadon 2: The Corruption. It's coming on October 30th, and will be available directly from Spiderweb and other online stores.

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