10 amazing tributes to 3 years of Mac!

30 years of Mac isn't just a big deal for Apple, it's a big deal for anyone passionate about personal computing, anyone who experienced the punch cards and tape decks, the command lines and mismatched components that came before. And for anyone who, thanks in part to the Mac, never had to experience them. Whether you use a Mac today or not, personal computing as it currently exists right now simply wouldn't be the same without the contributions of the people at Apple and on the Mac team. We've been writing about it all week — everyone has been writing about it — and now it's here. The candles are lit. The song is being sung. The party is about to begin. And what a party it is! Here are 8 amazing tributes to the original all-in one, the 1984 Mac that had us all at "Hello!".

  1. There are new displays at Apple Retail Stores featuring the 3 treatment and ever-changing light patterns in the 6 rainbow colors of the original logo.
  2. Apple Retail Store employees have new black shirts with the 3 treatment, and new badges with "Hello" written in the 1984 Mac style.
  3. Apple.com has a new section all about the 3 year anniversary, asking you to share your first Mac.
  4. Apple HQ in Cupertino has posters up on display at IL1 with the 3 treatment made out of the names of every Apple employee, in their badge order. There's also a giant Mac poster, a beer bash, a t-shirts, a speech from Tim Cook, and a performance by OneRepublic
  5. Apple's CEO, Tim Cook, along with Phil Schiller and Craig Federighi, will be on ABC News tonight to talk about what 3 years of Mac means to him, and to the company.
  6. Phil Schiller, Craig Federighi, and Bud Tribble have given interviews about the past, present, and future of the Mac to Macworld and Wall Street Journal.
  7. Original Mac team members will be at the Mac 30th Celebration tomorrow night for panel discussions and giant community party.
  8. Peter Cohen has put together a retrospective here at iMore on the Mac's remarkable 30 year journey.

Just over 30 years ago I went to my father's new office, saw a Lisa sitting on the desk, touched a mouse for the first time, and smiled in delight as I dragged every graphical icon on the desktop to the miraculous trashcan. I wasn't allowed to touch the Lisa again, but I did eventually get a Mac, and it's safe to say my life has never been the same.

We're leaving the comments wide open. Please do take a moment and let us know how, if at all, the Mac has influenced your life. What has the Mac meant to you?

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