AirPods ads will have you dancing on the walls... and cars!

After a great introduction, a delayed launch, a mad holiday rush, and supplies finally starting to pick up, Apple is starting the full-on marketing push for AirPods. There's three ads in the first set, one on set up, one on Siri, and one on music. All feature the song "Down" by Marian Hill.

Update: Apple's uploaded a fourth video, "Stroll", which is longer and combines the first two shorter videos.

Just flip open the case and they're paired. AirPods on iPhone 7.

Double-tap and Siri is there. AirPods on iPhone 7.

Feel the magic of AirPods on iPhone 7.

I like the first two. They're fun and they highlight the killer features of AirPods, namely how easy they are to pair, how much better Siri works with beam forming mics of its own. The anti-gravity FX also ties into the "practically magic" tagline Apple's been using.

The third ad didn't do much for me, though. I'd have rather seen more of the same AirPods-in-action than animated musical notes. But what do you think?

Rene Ritchie

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