Dave Limp of Amazon

What you need to know

  • Amazon announced the Echo Buds yesterday.
  • Amazon SVP for devices Dave Limp was on Bloomberg to promote Amazon's wares.
  • But nobody thought that him wearing AirPods might be a bit strange.

UPDATE: As Carolina Milanesi points out, the AirPods were Bloomberg's, not Dave Limp's. Still, it's a PR nightmare waiting to happen and we're surprised nobody at Amazon put their foot down and requested an alternative solution. Original article below.

Amazon spent yesterday showing off a whole raft of new products and at least one of them caught our attention. The Echo Buds are Amazon's first attempt at truly wireless earbuds, and they look pretty interesting. But Amazon Amazon SVP for devices Dave Limp wasn't confident enough to use them during a call with Bloomberg.

As John Paczkowski noted, Limp did the interview while wearing AirPods, the earbuds that Amazon presumably has in its sights with the Echo Buds.

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We're familiar with celebrities being paid to promote Android phones via Twitter only for people to notice the tweets are from an iPhone. But this is an all-new level of oversight and one that we're surprised anyone at Amazon allowed to happen. It isn't the end of the world and it probably won't influence anyone's buying decision, but it isn't a good look when your executive is caught trying to promote your new products while using the competition.

It's just bad form, Dave.

Amazon announced the Echo Buds alongside other Echo-filled products yesterday. Be sure to check out everything Amazon announced for the full rundown. Including the Amazon Smart Oven!