Apple 2010: Buh-Bye Macworld, Hello CES?!

Apple Insider is reporting that Apple is packing up the graceful booths and elegant displays, and taking Steve's winnebago to CES next year:

Sources close to the company have indicated to AppleInsider that the move is a done deal, a remarkable turn of events given that CES has long been dominated by Microsoft's product announcements issued in keynotes delivered by Bill Gates and now by CEO Steve Ballmer.

TiPb has long felt that Apple has long felt it was too aloof for the tacky lights and hollow glitz of Vegan and CES, but could the times really be a changing that much? And if Apple does go to CES 2010, which Steve will give the Keynote, Ballmer or... Jobs?

Rene Ritchie

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  • That would be hillarious!
  • It's Apple Inc. now so the reason to go to CES is likely to pitch somebod the other legs in the stool as well as their 1 hobby with maybe more hobbies that they've cooked up.