Apple launches 2013 Back to School promotions, get $100 back on the Mac, $50 on iPhone and iPad!

Apple has today launched their Back to School promotion for 2013, offering free iTunes Store gift cards with the purchase of qualifying items by education customers. Buying a Mac will net you a $100 gift card, and an iPhone or iPad purchase will net you $50.

We've verified that the promotion is now live in the U.S. and the UK, but is sure to expand beyond. The programme actually went live in Australia back in January. To qualify you need to be a college/university student currently, an accepted college/university student, a parent of a qualifying student or a staff/faculty member. And, of course, being an education customer also nets you some great savings on Apple products too.

The promotion runs until September 6, but before heading out to buy do please be sure to check the terms and conditions on first. And, if you're in a country we didn't mention and you see this promotion, let us know so we build up a more global picture!

Source: Apple

Richard Devine

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