Mac Pro

If you have a late-2013 Mac Pro that's been experiencing problems with its graphics cards, there may be some good news coming your way. Apple is reportedly about to start a Repair Extension Program to fix the issues!

According to an internal Apple memo sent to MacRumors:

Apple has determined that graphics cards in some late 2013 Mac Pros, manufactured between February 8, 2015 and April 11, 2015, may cause distorted video, no video, system instability, freezing, restarts, shut downs, or may prevent system start up.

Apple or an Apple Authorized Service Provider will repair eligible Mac Pro models affected by the video issues free of charge. Customers can book an appointment with the Genius Bar at an Apple Store or visit an Apple Authorized Service Provider to determine if their Mac Pro is eligible for coverage.

The report adds that this new repair program does not appear on Apple's support site, but that some owners of the Mac Pro may be contacted directly to enter this new Repair Extension Program.

If you have a late-2013 Mac Pro and are contacted about the Repair Extension Program, let us know!