Apple Updates Mac and Windows Safari Web Browser to 4.0.3

Desktop Safari, predecessor and big brother to the iPhone's Mobile Safari web browser, has just received an update chock a block full of the usual security and compatibility fixed, and stability improvements. Mac users (and Windows users?!) can get it via Apple's Software Update or directly from the web via (opens in new tab).

Under the theory that where goes desktop Safari, so goes the iPhone and iPod touch's Mobile Safari, it's not hard to imagine any and all applicable fixes getting rolled into the iPhone 3.1 firmware which should ship by Apple's next iTunes and iPod music event, typically held in September (and given the rapidity of exploit discovery, and the media-darling status of the iPhone, can't come too soon).

Rene Ritchie

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  • First?
  • Completely off the subject or I'd it my imagination that my iPhone 3G has slowed down a bit since installing 3.01? Especially when it comes to the keyboard and opening the Messaging App? What could the reason be?
  • I still have a 3G on 3.0.1 and I haven't noticed that Andre. Maybe something flukey happened with yours.
  • I see some keyboard slowness as well.
    Power off cycle the phone seems to fix it up.
  • My 3g is crawling since 3.01 I swear mobile safari comes to stand still everytime I try to click a link where it opens in another page. I also notice some sites where the keyboard lags like crazy and also if I go to a message board where people have alot of animated gifs in their sigs scrolling the page also comes to a stand still.
  • I still prefer firefox. : )
  • What is Safari 4.0.3?
    I just updated my Mac and my version is 10.5.8. Is there any difference if your Mac is in a different country?
    This is all very puzzling and I would appreciate anyone coming up with an explanation.
  • Belfast bobby, thats the OS version you refer to! Just click the apple in the top left corner and click software update and everything will update to the latess version.