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If there's any brand that goes perfectly with Lego, it's Star Wars. All of those futuristic spacecraft and droids look super sharp when constructed out of Lego bricks. The company recognizes the perfection of this union and so has released hundreds of Star Wars Lego sets, each one cooler than the last. It took a lot of research, but we sifted through the possibilities and these are the best of Lego + Star Wars, depending on your skill level and preferences.

Lego Star Wars Death Star

Cool factor: Lego Star Wars Death Star

Staff Pick

One of the most complete sets we've seen, this elaborate version of the Death Star includes multiple movie scenes and an array of moving parts, as well as characters and accessories from Episodes IV and VI on its multiple decks. Among these features you'll find the Death Star control room, rotating turbolaser turrets, hangar bay with TIE Advanced starfighter, tractor beam controls, Emperor's throne room, detention block, firing laser cannon, and much more!

$669 at Amazon
Lego Star Wars Microfighters

Best value: Lego Star Wars Snow Speeder

You'll remember this Snow Speeder from the snow planet Hoth. This small and simple set from the Microfighter series is a fun, easy build for kids. It will also go nicely with larger sets from Episode V.

$17 at Amazon
Lego Star Wars Viii Bb

Character play: Lego Star Wars VIII BB-8

If droids and robots are your favorite Star Wars characters, you'll want to try some of LEGO's detailed droid builds, like this model of BB-8. The fun droid comes with a wheel-activated rotating head and opening hatch with a non-functioning welding torch.

$145 at Amazon
Lego Star Wars Clone Turbo Tank

Wheels that roll: Lego Star Wars Clone Turbo Tank

For anyone who loves things that go on wheels, this is the Lego set for you. The Clone Turbo Tank comes with 10 large fully-functioning wheels on the main vehicle, as well as a mini AT-RT Walker, Luminara Unduli, Quinlan Vos, Clone Commander Gree, an Elite Corps Clone Trooper, plus two Battle Droids.

$310 at Amazon
Lego Star Wars Ultimate Millennium Falcon

For serious collectors: Lego Star Wars Ultimate Millennium Falcon

Now, this absolute unit of a Lego set is not for kids. It's a gigantic 7,541-piece Millenium Falcon model that will stand at 33-by-22 inches once built. The incredibly detailed set includes Han Solo, Chewbacca, Princess Leia, and C-3PO characters; while the actual ship features an engine room with hyperdrive and console, escape Pod hatches, lowering boarding ramp, concealed blaster cannon, and a four-Minifigure cockpit with detachable canopy.

$991 at Amazon
Lego Star Wars Yoda Jedi Starfighter

Lego Yoda included: Lego Star Wars Yoda's Jedi Starfighter

Yoda fans rejoice! Here is Yoda's Jedi Starfighter featuring folding wings, a front-and-top-opening mini figure cockpit, space for R2-D2 behind, as well as two laser cannons and spring-loaded shooters. The best part? The R2-D2 and Yoda mini-figures are included.

$64 at Amazon
Lego Star Wars Millennium Falcon Microfighter

Simple build: LEGO Star Wars Millennium Falcon Microfighter

If you'd like a small and simple Star Wars Lego to build, this micro fighter edition of the Millenium Falcon is quick and easy to put together. It's a cute mini version of the famous Millenium Falcon and comes with a mini-figure of Chewbacca.

$35 at Amazon
Lego Star Wars  The Phantom Menace Anakins Podracer

Best for kids: Lego Star Wars: Anakin's Podracer

Star Wars Episode I is a favorite among the kiddos, mostly because of young Anakin and the podracing. That's why kids will love Anakin's Podracer set, featuring the original podracer from the famous Episode 1 race. The set includes a mini-figure of Padmé and, of course, young Anakin himself.

$24 at Amazon

The Force of the Lego

Are you ready to start building? It's not easy to decide on a Lego Star Wars set when all of them are so neat, but we love the Death Star Lego the most. It's a realistic representation of the infamous battle station with so many details, movie scene sets, and it includes over 15 mini-figures of favorite characters.

If that one's a little too intense for your taste, try a simpler set like Yoda's Starfighter or the mini Millenium Falcon. Serious Lego Star Wars enthusiasts, on the other hand, may prefer a huge, ultra-detailed build like the Ultimate Millennium Falcon. Really, any of these very cool sets will be a great addition to your Star Wars collection. Happy shopping, and may the Force be with you.

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