AirPodsSource: iMore

At WWDC, Apple just announced some big features coming to AirPods and AirPods Pro starting with Automatic Switching. With automatic switching, You will be able to switch from one device to another ... you guessed it ... automatically. If you're listening to music on your iPhone, and decide to start watching a movie on your Mac, you can automatically switch. If you're working on your iPad and get a phone call, you can automatically switch your AirPods to your iPhone.

AirPods Pro is getting a special update with spatial audio. With spatial audio, you'll be able to listen to movies in AirPods Pro with a true surround sound experience. We're not just talking about hearing a car move from the left to the right side, but AirPods Pro will even recognize which position your head moves, so if you turn to the left or the right, the audio will adjust to this new movement. Spatial audio uses the accelerometer to remap the sound field around you. It adjusts to your head position and your device movement.

We're updating the details on new features coming to AirPods live. More to come!